Friday, May 22, 2009

Puppy Shirts

Goose and Baby Hulk each have a favorite shirt. Goose's favorite shirt is a hand me down red shirt with a goofy blue and white dog on it. When I saw the shirt, I placed it in a bag to donate, but somehow Goose saw it and immediately decided he had to wear it. That was a year ago. He wears this shirt every week no matter how much I discourage it. I can't stand this shirt. When we were on vacation I had visions of perfect pictures in the mountains. I had the outfits picked out, but Goose wanted the dog shirt. Baby Hulk seems to have better taste, although I am getting a bit sick of this puppy shirt from Gymboree too.

It's good that the boys are so independent, right? I think we are going to lose both of these shirts very soon. There is no way I can handle seeing these shirts another summer or on another kid in a year, esp the red one.

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