Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Night~It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Last night we had a great family night. First, we went to the YMCA for their Fall Festival. We've done this for the past few years, and the kids really enjoy it. They drew on pumpkins, each won something in the cake walk, and had lots of food! Overall, they had a great time. After that, we went downtown to China Garden to have the best egg rolls ever. This part of the night was for me and Squirt! The kids were all in great, silly moods which made for a great night.

Once home, the kids hurried to get ready to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Even though it was way past the baby's bedtime, (really it was past all but Squirt's bedtime), we let him stay up too. Kobra was the cutest thing last night. He was loving all over his brothers and just so happy. It was hard to put him down last night!

It would be so nice if every day was like last night!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Alone

Goose has a conduct report daily. If he is good, he gets a smiley face. If he doesn't follow the rules, we get numbers according to which rules he failed to follow. I have been pretty worried because after the first few weeks of school, he has yet to have one straight week of smiley faces. There have been a few weeks with more notes than smiley faces.

This might not seem like a big deal, but since Goose has never been outside the house, I don't know how to gage his behavior. The teacher is more than willing to talk about Goose and his work and behavior, but I don't want to have to micromanage every second he is away from me.

I went to volunteer yesterday morning and sat with two moms who commented about things seeming a bit strict. I was all ears, ready to join in about the lack of smiley faces. Turns out these moms have daughters who always get smiley faces! What were they complaining about??? As soon as I was done, I called Lance to complain. He just said, "there's a difference between boys and girls."

Maybe he's right because today two other moms told me that their sons rarely get smiley faces. One kid went over a week without a smiley face. I guess I feel better knowing that Goose isn't alone is failing to follow directions!

He has made a 100 on every spelling test so far!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I Love My YMCA

Goose is five and has been going to the YMCA kid center off and on for his entire life. If I was working out, he was at the kid center. I trust the ladies who take of my kids. I have to, these kids are my life, so I have to like and trust those who care for them even if it's just for an hour. As I have struggled with Goose going to school, they have listened with a kind ear. They have missed him this Fall and have been happy to see him during school holidays. These ladies know what my children like and don't like.

Just Tuesday, one of the caretakers gave me a Woodstock for Goose's Snoopy collection. I couldn't believe it! And he is so happy! Woodstock rides in the car with Snoopy now and anxiously awaits for Goose to come home each day. Thank you so much to the wonderful women who care for my children just so I can workout in peace!

What Good Kisses Get You

All pumpkins were made by Lance!

Is There Anything Better Than Cookie Dough?

Honestly, I would trade my kids for cookie dough. I have had a sweet tooth all day long and was trying my best to ignore the calling for the one thing that can satisfy it. Even the bite size Twix candy bars didn't help. Finally, I decided to make cookies. I ate so much cookie dough I can barely move. I figured the kids would be happy to have some cookies, but I forgot about them and burned the first batch. Now I only have enough dough for 8 more cookies. I guess I'll just have to make more dough.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Last week, the boys and I were finally all well enough for our long awaited trip to the zoo with the twins. We have had to cancel this outing for three straight weeks. Each week, Baby Hulk would ask about the twins and our plans. I hated telling him that once again they had been cancelled. But Friday was special, so special that I took Goose out of school early to join us. After all, last year we met with the twins every other week. I felt our group wouldn't be the same without Goose. After his behavior on Friday, I am thinking change isn't a bad thing for this group.

After a quick lunch at Niko Niko's, we headed to the zoo. The kids were so excited to see all the animals, especially the tigers and lions. And the weather was perfect! All of the animals couldn't get enough of the cool, sunny weather. How I wish Houston was like this year round. But then we'd be San Diego, and we couldn't afford to buy a house. We even found a new animal. Despite having a membership to the zoo and going at least 10 times last year, I had NEVER seen the grizzly bear. I was convinced the bear was new to the zoo until my friend pointed to the sign saying the bear arrived in 2007. My boys and I were going on and on about baby Miles, the giraffe, and were so excited to see another new baby!

Although Goose had a terrible day, (and I'm sorry, but there is just no other way to put it.), the rest of us had a blast. I love hanging with my best friend and her kids. Even though we talk daily, I love being able to sit and catch up in person and watch our kids play together. Plus, she's not offended when I yell at my kids!

Here are a few pictures from the day. We took over twenty pictures of the kids in front of this damn candy corn, and this is as good as it gets. We didn't even bother trying to get Kobra involved in the picture, we knew better.

Goose had just made a big deal about reading the sign 'No Climbing'. They listen so well.

The kids staring at a caterpillar right before two of the boys got in trouble for acting like they were going to step on it. Yes, one of those boys was Goose.

The whole gang...I really just wanted a picture of the moms, but the kids wouldn't move!

My Daybook~Rain, Rain Go Away, October 26, 2009

Outside my's been raining all day long. Supposedly, the rain stops tomorrow. It was so bad earlier, that I cancelled Super Saints. My friend told me that I just didn't want the kids messing up my clean house! It's not that, although Lance said he considered that thought. I really just didn't want families driving home in such ugly weather during rush hour.

I am thankful for...a really great Sunday. It was just me and the kids for church and late lunch and errands. And everyone was nearly perfect!!! Even me! This is so big right now. Even under the best of circumstances, the smallest things drive me crazy, (taking too long to get ready, forgetting a chore, whining, etc.), but since the start of what I now refer to as my depressive state, things are so much worse. I have no tolerance for ANYTHING. AT ALL. Everyone has noticed. (Maybe that's why people don't write or call me anymore.) But Sunday, I didn't freak about anything. And everyone had a great day. Well, except Lance who was in a rotten mood. I finally had to ask him not to ruin the day for us because the kids finally had a sane mother. Thankfully, he didn't tell me off!

I am thinking...about everything I need to do tomorrow. I have made a pretty big list, and I'm hoping to get everything accomplished.

I am workout clothes. Still. I am so embarrassed.

To be fit and happy...I'm in my normal workout routine and this should be a great week. Except I've noticed that I am always so flipping tired. I thought exercise gave you more energy. If I didn't know better, I would think I'm pregnant. And no, this is not an announcement. Although...what a great way to see if any of my friends actually read this blog.

From the kitchen...let's not even go there. Last night my kids had breakfast for dinner. It's really not that bad considering that the kids love when I make pancakes and biscuits for dinner. I am thinking about making that our regular Sunday night dinner. Have to check with Lance on that idea. As for today, Squirt got my lunch leftovers from Pappasitos, while the little ones had oatmeal. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I did see that Sonic was having a special on corn dogs Halloween night. I guess I only have four more nights to plan.

I am listening to...complete silence. It's almost scary. The little ones are sleeping and Squirt is reading.

On keeping home...I have yet to finish decorating for Halloween. I don't know how I forgot to decorate this year!

One of my favorite things...learning about new Saints. We are studying St. Martin de Porres this week. What an amazing man he was. I am so inspired by this man and all he did.

I am creating...another blog for Super Saints. I would like to keep all my Saints stuff on one blog so that I can see notes and pictures more quickly. Considering that I haven't posted an update about Super Saints in months, this might take forever. I have so much to share, so pray that I get going on this project.

I am praying...for more days like Sunday.

A few plans for the week...

  • Super Saints
  • getting haircuts for the boys
  • buying a few Christmas gifts
  • taking pumpkin patch pictures before all the pumpkins are gone
  • trick or treating
  • watching UT

A picture thought I am sharing...

My handsome boy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tonight Goose was purposefully aggravating Baby Hulk. The Hulk finally got frustrated and hit Goose. Goose told me he had to hit his brother back. I went on and on about how he didn't have to hit his brother, how he was older, more mature. And finally, I said if I saw him hit the Hulk, he would be in big trouble. His response, "what if you don't see me?"

My Chinese Speaker

Goose has been taking Chinese at school since the beginning of the year. Once a week for forty-five minutes. You can imagine how much he has learned. Every week I ask him to tell me one word, and he comes up with "ummmmmm". Not really impressive.

Last night while going over his papers for the day, I came across a sheet and asked him about it. He claimed it was for sign language, another class he can't tell me much about these days. I asked him again since it had a Chinese symbol on it. All of a sudden, this kid starts talking Chinese for me, he knew several vocabulary words and could count. It sounded good, but the thing is I have no clue if he is making up words or not. I mean, his counting sounded like "DO, RA, MI, FA, etc...." from the Sound of Music.

He has a family project coming up soon so I guess I'll be learning Chinese.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's 9:52 pm and OU STILL SUCKS



We're back from the game. We were gone exactly 24 1/2 hours and spent 650$. Was it it worth it? YES! That is college football. You spend what it takes and don't complain. It still would have been worth it had the Horns lost the game. (The win just makes the drive home bearable for Lance.) It was an ugly win, and I'm pretty frustrated with this team, but right now I'm just happy we won. I was stressed most of the game and started relying on prayer by the end of the first quarter. And yes, I think it is perfectly fine to pray for my team to win a football game.

I have to say my favorite memory of the game after winning was some loser sooner saying "congratufuckinglations" to me. And my dad telling him to "suck it". I have maybe one friend who will find this amusing because her dad would have done the same thing under similar circumstances. You have to love my dad, he tells it like it is. The loser sooner's friend thought it was pretty funny too.

Me and Dad

Me and My Uncle Steve

Me and My Baby, who wears UT clothing just for me!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Proud Mom

Last night we were showing the kids how to find the game on TV while we're gone on Saturday. Hulk was so excited and kept saying "OU sucks!" I found this endearing, Lance was a bit disturbed. Goose's favorite phrase is "beat the hell out of OU!" I guess I am teaching them bad words, but I don't see a problem. They seem to understand it's only against OU.

I was asking Hulk is he wanted to wear his "O Who?" shirt today. He thought I said OU shirt. He completed freaked out and had a meltdown because he thought that I was making him a sooner.

I hope they always act like this!

Are We Just Crappy Parents?

Tomorrow is TEXAS/OU. Although I waivered a bit earlier in the week, Lance and I will be at the game. The only reason I considered staying home was because I am still sick and don't seem to be getting better. I figured making a twenty-four hour trip to Dallas would only make me feel worse. The fact that Goose's school carnival is tomorrow during the game had NOTHING to do with it. And I am fine with that. Honestly, kind of proud of it. Goose will be watching the game while his classmates are at the carnival. He has watched every TX/OU game since birth as have the rest of the kids.

Last night one of Lance's friends said he wasn't watching the game because his kid had to attend a birthday party. Really? First, can't his wife take the kid to the party? And second...oh well. The kid is six, it's okay to miss a party at six. The guy also mentioned a soccer game. Do I need to even go into the importance of a soccer game at six? So while I just thought the guy was crazy for missing the game (on TV), Lance thought to himself that he (Lance) was a bad dad.

Then today, at the gym, a guy told me he was missing the game because it was his son's birthday party. A better present might have been taking his child to the game. Or how about scheduling the party on Sunday instead of Saturday. I just don't understand it.

So does this make me a bad parent? Are my priorities totally out of whack? I just don't think so. This is college football!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And The Winner Is

Anyone out there think that Lance and I don't rate our kids on a daily basis? Usually there is a clear winner and loser on our list. Today each one of them was working for last place. They all put up a good fight...

Baby Hulk didn't mind today at swim lessons and kept saying poo poo and pee pee. The teacher finally had to pull him out of the pool for refusing to listen. Such a proud moment.

Goose decided he didn't want to do any work today. This was even after the teacher pulled him from his work station and had him working on the floor next to her desk. Guess who will be super busy tomorrow?

As I was telling Lance about Goose's school situation, he read me an email from one of Squirt's teachers. It seems he was talking during a test. Oh, and this is the second email we have received from this teacher regarding Squirt and talking.

And my lovely little Kobra. He woke up from his nap in a foul mood and screamed nonstop for over an hour. He didn't want food, his sippy cup was tossed in fury and I had the honor of cleaning up a huge mess of milk.

Then there is Lance...I specifically called him while he was a the grocery store to ask for something sweet, something simple like a Twix bar. He came home empty handed. WTH???

Three out of four are in bed and I'm getting ready to open a bottle of wine and soak in the tub.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Daybook~ Will I EVER Feel Better

For Today~ October 12, 2009

Outside My is raining. I am waiting for some cool weather to arrive. I don't think I can deal with another week like last week. After being in Chicago with 40 degree weather, I am more than ready for at least some cool air to arrive here.

I am thankful...for my mother. Once again, she allowed me and Lance time alone for a long weekend in Chicago. She does this at least twice a year for us and never complains even though my kids tend to get sick as soon as I walk out the door. THANK YOU so much, Mom! We love you and appreciate you so much.

I am thinking...about today's homily. It was short and sweet, and asked "are you ready to allow God to help you?" This was so timely. I am really working on changing my bad attitude which has penetrated to all aspects of my life. When I try to do it alone, the results are disastrous, with God, well, the impossible happens.

I am wearing...pj's.

To be fit and happy...I went back to the gym today. FINALLY. I haven't worked out in almost two weeks due to either me or one of the kids being sick. Should I have gone? Probably not since I still feel like dirt, but I was going today unless somebody was puking or had a raging fever. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend.

From the kitchen...during lunch today, Lance and I planned a menu for the week, then I forgot to put the chicken in the oven. We made up for it by having breakfast for dinner. The kids love cornbread pancakes, so I don't think anybody missed our chicken.

I am listening workout mix. I hope it still inspires me tomorrow because I have to run.

One of my favorite things...CHICAGO. I LOVE this city...over New York, Paris, San Fransisco, Rome, Naples, Madrid. Maybe it's the company we keep once we arrive, but there is no place Lance and I would rather be than Chicago. There is so much to do, and it has the best restaurants. In a few years, we'll be taking the boys to experience the city, and I am already excited about it.

Chicago Botanical Gardens
On keeping new china cabinet arrived and we promptly had to send it back due to scratches. They delivered a new one right before we left town so we haven't had the chance to fill it up. This is my project for the week.

A few plans for the week...

  • Super Saints: we are discussing St. Teresa of Avila and St. Terese, the Little Flower
  • Swim lessons
  • mom's group at church
  • playing with my boys
  • skipping my son's school carnival for TEXAS/OU
  • hopefully, getting better
  • lunch with our friend Chris who plans my children's Halloween costumes
  • the zoo with the twins

A picture thought I am sharing...

Lance and I getting ready to celebrate Paul's Birthday


Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Room For Us

It never ceases to amaze me how rude people at church are about children. If a child makes a peep, all heads turn. I often wonder how mankind has continued all these years with people's attitudes about children. Tonight we had to attend what I refer to as the last chance Mass at 6 pm at St. Michael's Church. We were rushing because we had just returned from out of town. We managed to find a couple of seats and slipped in with the kiddos sitting on our laps. We had not been there four minutes when the couple next to us got up and moved away. My kids had not made a sound. We hadn't been there long enough for them to even get on someone's nerves. It totally pisses me off. And not to stereotype, but really, of all people, you would think that people who attend the Catholic Church would be a bit more tolerant of kids that are actually alive and attending mass.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catch Up

I haven't been blogging lately because we've been going nonstop. That and the fact that we are a house full of sick people. Sick Mom, Sick Baby, etc. etc. Lance and Squirt are the only healthy people in this house. I would not have made it this week without Lance helping me so much.

I should have known somebody would get sick because we had a vacation planned for me and Lance. It always happens: either me or the kids get sick. I felt so bad this week that I thought we would have to cancel the trip. Never mind the fact that I would be leaving sick kids behind. Thanks so much to my mom for taking care of my kids! Lance and I would never be able to do these weekends without her.

Earlier this week, I went into Goose's room to get him up for school. As I was getting him ready for the day, I noticed that a picture of me and him was turned around. This picture is one of my favorite pictures...he is just a baby and I was reading to him. Lance bought one of those cheesy glass "MOM" frames for it. I asked Goose what had happened to the picture. He told me he had turned it around on Sunday because he was mad at me. Nice. I asked if he was still mad at me and he said no. He finally realized that he should turn it around. I would like to explain why he was mad. We had run to Memorial City mall to exchange a shirt for me. They have a play area for kids, and we didn't have time to stop. He cried the entire way home. I asked him why he didn't turn around his dad's picture and he said he was mad at me because I told him to stop crying.

Kobra is getting cuter and cuter as each day passes. And what a personality. I don't know why I am surprised, but this kid has an attitude. He can't really talk yet, but boy does he let you know when he is mad. And not just by screaming, which is what Baby Hulk does. He is trying so hard to really talk. Now if only he would try harder to walk!

Ever since Squirt started school, I have rolled down the window as I drop him off for school and yelled goodbye. The little boys love that. (I don't yell anymore, just a small wave.) Now Baby Hulk shouts after his brother when we drop him for school. I love the fact that while Squirt probably doesn't think this is the coolest of moves, he still turns and waits for this to happen daily. This is just another example of how sweet this kid is. Sure, he still allows a five year old and a three year old to get under his skin more than he should. But this is also a young man who is bothered by the fact that he will soon be gone and will miss watching his brothers grow up.

Goose has learned a new trick at school...taking the crusts off his sandwich. As picky of an eater as this child is, he has always eaten his entire sandwich. So, imagine my surprise the other day when I saw him pulling off the crusts of his sandwich. When I told him that we eat our crusts, he said, "well, some people don't."

Baby Hulk has a new move when he is mad. Peeing on the floor. This kid is so lucky I don't believe in spanking.

I am so behind on blogging about Super Saints, but we have been meeting and having a blast. I promise to update as soon as I get home.

Gotta run. Lance and I are in Chicago-our favorite place in the world! Nothing like a weekend without the kids! Thanks again, Mom!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I hate change. This could be the quote that defines my life. How sad is that? What's worse is that my youngest kids seem to be following in my footsteps! Here at Casa Zierlein, we are trying to implement some new changes. No more pacifier for Baby Hulk. No more diapers for the Hulk, and Sippy Cups for Kobra. These changes are not going well so far.

Actually, I am not giving Baby Hulk credit as far as the potty training is going. Especially considering that my form of training for the Hulk is pretty much around MY schedule and not his schedule. A few accidents, but overall, I think he has done pretty well considering that we haven't stayed at home and done the "potty every twenty minutes" thing.

The pacifier is another issue. It's totally our fault that Baby Hulk is still addicted to this thing. We were lazy parents that didn't care if he used the paci. At two, I told him that he could only use the paci to sleep and sometime this summer, I told him he couldn't use it at all anymore. We went cold turkey and after almost two months, he continues to scream every time I put him down for a nap or to bed. You can imagine how easy this makes it for Kobra to sleep since they share a room. As recently as this afternoon, I caught him in Kobra's crib sucking on his paci. And yes, I am allowing Kobra to use a paci. It seems I will never learn!

And my dear my little Kobra...I have been giving him a sippy cup for several months to get him used to it without any success. Finally, this week, I decided he had to start using a sippy cup or he would be the laughing stock of Houston like Suri Cruise for still sporting a bottle at 2 years old. (Okay, maybe nobody snaps photos of me and my child at the park, but this could all change seeing as my hubby was named best sports talk show in Houston! (Again.)) Thus far, Kobra has developed an attitude I didn't know he had. As soon as he sees his sippy cup, he starts shaking his head violently and screaming. If we put it near him, he tosses it. There is no such thing as a leak proof sippy cup no matter what the label claims. I have milk spots all over the floor from his fits of fury. I am worried about dehydration because he is barely drinking at all. But most of all, I am worried about losing my cool. It drives me crazy that he won't even try to drink from any of the 5 different cups we have purchased so far. Not to mention, any of the different style cups we have borrowed from others in our attempt to get him off the bottle. Here's hoping tomorrow brings more success!