Friday, January 28, 2011

I Don't Date My Patients

The nominations for the Oscars were announced Tuesday morning, and I can rest easy knowing that nobody as bad as Sandra Bullock will win an Oscar this year. It still drives me crazy knowing that she won last year. And while I'm sure she's nice, and I admit to liking her in Crash and While You Were Sleeping, she so didn't deserve an Oscar for that POS she did last year. It was almost as bad as Julia Roberts beating Ellen Burstyn years ago.

For whatever reason we STILL haven't made it to The King's Speech. I'm going to assume I'll love it and Colin Firth, and so I can safely say that my biggest problem is that Ryan Gosling wasn't nominated. He is so damn good.

Baby Z is six weeks today which meant two things for me. First, I got to see my OB on Wednesday, and second, I am back in business at the gym. I honestly don't know which one I was looking forward to more. With such high hopes for both, there had to be some disappointment and there was. On Wednesday, despite being so excited to see me, my doctor didn't take the bait when I said we should make plans to get together. I know, it was a bold move on my part, but she sounded a bit sad when she stated how we won't see each other for another year. Dinner plans only made sense to me. She even bought Baby Z a gift. How many babies do I need to have before I strike a real friendship here???

Then there was the gym, I went back today ready for Body Pump. I got sidetracked visiting Lance at Nick's Place so I decided I would catch a later class. Only they cancelled the class. Then as I was reactivating my membership, I got charged 12 bucks to cover the rest of the month. Four freaking days! Now I am annoyed that I didn't just go on Monday. Although they probably would have charged me for one day. Regardless, I managed 3.5 miles before quitting. Not bad after six weeks off, I think.

And while I have been really missing Chelsea lately, especially since she has been a baking queen, I guess it's a good thing she doesn't live close by while I'm trying to shed the rest of this baby weight. Let those 20 year old co-eds gain the weight. But for my birthday, I want something really good.

It would appear that Lance and I will be making a visit to Goose's school next week. It seems some classmate is picking on him. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this kid, he is THE KID everyone wants to be friends with and is already a jerk, if you can call a 6 year old a jerk. And I can since that kid is picking on my kid. I am hoping that Lance can take care of this before I have to go Nicki Grant on the kid.

I managed to survive Lance's trip without getting in a bad mood or yelling at the kids. Even when I got upset, I held it together. Now to behave like that all the time...I am very happy he's home though and can't wait to see what he does to thank me for letting him go out of town so soon after Baby Z was born.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jessica! As I took this picture, I reminded you that last year you were holding No David in your arms. And just like last year and the year before that, you spent a good deal of your party holding a baby in your arms. Not worried what other people might think, not letting any of the kids bother you on your special night. Your dad kept thanking us, but we were the ones honored to be with you tonight. You're a member of this family too and all of us love you so much. Happy Birthday, may all your dreams come true!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

XM Radio Sucks

A few months ago, I wrote about XM Radio and how they steal your money. I was really frustrated, but not too worried about the 305$ that they charged to our credit card without my consent. I had faith that our credit card company would deal with them, and I'd have my money back soon enough.

Isn't there something about only having faith in God? Well, I'm not sure even God could get money back from the POS known as XM Radio. Today, I received a letter from our credit card company informing me that while they will still fight for us, they have yet to resolve this matter. XM has sent in information stating that we never cancelled service in the MANY calls we made. What liars. How do they train these people. Never once did I tell them I wanted to continue service. It didn't even work in my car! In fact, I was more than clear that if using their service would save my life, I would rather die. Lance was clear. But it doesn't matter because we are still effed. (Do I really have to start curbing my cussing just because Squirt has finally figured out that I have a blog? Shouldn't he be learning in school rather than reading my blog there?!)

With Lance gone, I was sure Baby Z's constant need to be held or No David's constant need for food would do me in. Nope, it's a letter that has taken me over the edge. I have to rethink strategy. They will not get my money. And while I am at it, I will try and get anyone I can to cancel their service too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Higher Learning?

Heard in my house: "I brang a bag to school."

Me: "what?!!!"

Other person: "isn't it brung?"

Really? I was almost too embarrassed to type this, but then I wasn't the one saying it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby

There wouldn't "Life in the Men's Room" without the head of this household. And today, January 21, we celebrate the man that made it possible for me. Happy Birthday, Baby! I wish I had something as awesome as last year, minus me stumbling drunk, planned for you, but I don't. I'm sick, getting worse by the minute, and tired. The sick will pass and so will the tired, soon I hope. And while we still won't party like rock stars, for which I am sure you are grateful, I promise a great celebration. Until then, I offer you my love, my devotion, a three day trip to the Senior Bowl, a clean house and gaggle of kids. You are the love of my life, and I am so grateful you were born today.

If you aren't feeling much love though, take a look back and remember how sweet I was when I gave you 40 reasons. Then remember you are leaving me with FIVE kids while you go watch football.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Several blogs I follow have talked about embracing a word for the year rather than making resolutions. While I still have a few things I'd like to do such as watch more movies with Lance or finally move beyond episode 2 of Breaking Bad, I like the idea of embracing one word for the year. Hopefully, it will help me to become a better mother, wife, and all around person.

NOW: this is my word for the year. I have a one month old and already, I am freaking out, thinking of her getting bigger. When I think of getting rid of this damn pump in a year, (assuming I last that long!) I'm so freaking excited until I realize that means my baby, my sweet little angel, will be a year too. And let's be real, there are very slim chances of another baby.

And I am fine with that, but at the same time, I have to admit I love this state of life. I don't love getting up at night, but it's a small sacrifice to pay to hold a baby. I love the sweet baby cry that infants make. And I love when they get a bit older. I love the fact that my babies want me all the time, I love when they first give a real kiss, I love trying to decipher what they say, truly, I love it all. I don't mind not going out so much and I'm lucky that when I do need that weekend getaway, my mom takes the kids without complaint.

And so I look to the future with dread knowing that this is probably it as far as first times. I'm packing away No David's clothes and giving them to a friend. Trying not to buy too much for Baby Z so as not to be wasteful. Instead of just living in the Now and appreciating this amazing family I have, I worry about the future and not having what I have at this exact moment. I have always been this way, but I promise not to waste any more time on the future. I will live for today and appreciate all that I have today.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daybook~One Month

For Today...January 17, 2o11

Outside my's dreary outside. Still wet from yesterday's rain. At times, I hate being stuck inside, but not today with my kids home.

I am yoga pants and a black workout shirt. My workout clothes make me feel smaller than baggy clothes and at the same time remind me why the Baby Hulk keeps asking if I am still pregnant. I am also wearing Snoopy slippers and my L necklace. L is for Lance, I should have worn this last week!

I am Goose and the Baby Hulk work. It's school time, and my students are really goofing around.

I am praying...for my friend that has surgery tomorrow. Please join in with me.

I am hoping...that Lance and I are able to see a couple of movies this week. We have The King's Speech, Blue Valentine, Another Year and then I will (hopefully) have seen everyone that will be nominated for the major categories this year. Then I promise I will start watching the documentaries I am soooo very far behind on.

I am pondering...the idea of an Oscar party with some of Lance's listeners.

From the kitchen...Yikes, no menu planned yet. I have a feeling we won't have anything super great this week, which stinks, but I need to start eating better and Lance wants to eat better, so it's okay if we have grilled chicken this week. Although really, I would rather have a bowl of cereal every night than grilled chicken.

From the learning rooms...M is for Martin Luther King Jr., Maps, Monuments, Magnets, and Monopoly. We're slowing down a bit on reading as I pursue a phonics program. The Baby Hulk is actually a great reader, but as the books get harder, he forgets some of the easy short vowel words. So after going over our budget, I think I am going to sign up for Explode the Code, something I never did with Goose because I didn't know any better.

I am reading...finally! The Hunger Games. Squirt got this series for Christmas and has not put the books down at all. He gave me the first one to read and was on my case all last week. I read it over the weekend and it was awesome! Now he needs to read faster so I can read the next one!

To live the liturgy...we're back to Ordinary time in the Church. We're also celebrating a name day this week! As well as the feast of St. Agnes.

One of my favorite people...Jessica. Here she is posing for pictures before Senior Girls. Isn't she just beautiful?!

Another...favorite...Big Love. I am so flipping bummed that this is the show's final season. I LOVE all the sister wives. And while I generally relate to Barb in her no-nonsense organizing way, I also a huge fan of Nikki, and totally related to her bullying the kid that picked on her kid. Because let's be clear, anyone who messed with my kid would get the same treatment.

A few plans for the week...swim lessons, haircuts for the boys, birthdays, movies, a nice dinner

A picture thought or two...

I am so not a fashion person, but I love dressing this little girl even though we are home quite a bit. I never seem to catch good shots of Baby Z. To be honest, she is cutest when sleeping right now, but she only sleeps in our arms which prevents a lot of pictures.

The big yawn...proof that she doesn't always scream.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Baby Z

Today I caught you staring at me. Just looking so intently at my face as if you were trying to figure me out. I couldn't stop staring right back at you. I want so much not to forget any second of your sweet life. I know how it goes...I will forget lots of the details I so desperately want to hang onto because we will make new memories, you and I together. But I know I will remember how your face looked today. I wanted to capture it for everyone to see, but alas, it is only a picture imprinted on my heart. I love you, my sweet little girl. Mom

PS: you are 4 weeks old tomorrow! I still can't believe you are here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What More Can Happen

Monday a glass bottle broke as I was trying to get out the door. I stayed calm.

Tuesday, we discovered the dog was gone as we were trying to leave. We finally had to leave to get the kids the school. We last saw her in front of psycho lady's house.

This morning, some guy hit me with his Honda accord. No damage to my car, some to his. Happened a block away from school, major language problems.

Monday, January 10, 2011


For Today...January 10, 2011

Outside my's cold again. You can look outside and sense the dreariness. I actually love this weather. The only problem when it gets this cold is bringing in all the potted plants. Thankfully, I can still say I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy. Have fun boys! Speaking of boys, I swear, Squirt tried to wear shorts to school today.

I am sweats and a longhorn fleece.

I am listening to...the boys sing. Love their voices!

I am grateful...that I met my husband and had our first date on 1/9, for No David's mischievous smile, coffee and DVD's.

The most romantic thing I did...was yesterday, and it might not seem romantic to most. Lance and I saw two movies on our first date. These days, despite my love for movies, I rarely watch movies with Lance. Last night, we sat together and did nothing but watch an Oscar contender together. We used to recreate our first date, but this year we can't do that so this was just as nice.

I am thinking...about this quote: "It is above all in the home that, before ever a word is spoken, children should experience God's love in the love which surrounds them." I need to find ways to give God's love to my family each day. Period.

From the learning rooms...we're onto L week...the Lonestar State, Ladybugs, long vowels and patterns. And patience.

Around the projects for now. Soon though we'll be trying to figure out the rooms again. Who sleeps where and so on.

From the planned again. I like what I have planned, but now I think I need to add a soup since it's so cold outside. The Baby Hulk wants hotdogs and a picnic. That doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

Towards Rhythm and I had a bad day and a half, but I feel much better. We're settling into somewhat of a routine around here. Of course, that changes once we get back to the gym, but for now, we enjoy dropping the kids off at school, then snacking, then school.

No David...I must starve this kid. Yesterday he was being super cute hiding in the pantry, only I finally realized that he was eating the entire time he was being cute. There were crumbs everywhere. Friday night we caught him doing something very similar.

Happy to report...that I have seen three movies and started another. At the rate I will have seen all the Oscar hopefuls by the end of the month. YAY! Need to see True Grit, 127 Hours, The King's Speech. I am super behind on docs, but if I can at least finish the main categories soon, I will be happy.

Sad...that Chelsea left for school today. She isn't coming home for Spring break, so we won't see her until May. I think all the boys around here are going to miss her.

A few plans for the week...swim lessons, movies, napping?

One of my favorite new Gucci purse! Super excited about it except for the fact that one side kind of droops. SO I am taking it back this afternoon to exchange it. They are going to think I am crazy because it is barely noticeable, but I notice and it is killing me.

And no pictures for the sad, I have this beautiful family, but I don't have time to load pictures.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Three weeks in, and I'm finally tired. And cranky. The crankiness is made worse by people, meaning family members, asking what's wrong. My first impulse is to scream, "what the eff do you think is wrong?" Do I need to remind you know that I just had a kid, and that school started and I'm getting up for the day at 6, showering, pumping, feeding a baby who screams pretty much all the time, plus getting kids ready to school, plus coming home and teaching the Baby Hulk. Without any help at all. Side note: I hate when people assume that my 15 year old is a great help. Yes, he is a great kid, amazing kid, but helper he is not. At all.

So yes, I'm a bit cranky and sorry that the great mood I've been in since birth seems to be ending. I honestly can't wait to return to the gym. That hour of alone time working out will do wonders. I hate to sound ungrateful because I am thrilled with our new baby, but I so wish she would sleep in her crib. I have never wanted to co-sleep, and yet five kids down the line, here I am just so that I get some sleep. I don't know how people do it. Both Lance and I were commenting that while we are sleeping a bit, we have yet to really fall asleep because we worry about rolling onto her.

And I know this phase will soon come to an end, and I'll be lamenting the end of it, feeling sad that I won't have an infant in my arms, but for today, I'm tired, have no interest in pumping, listening to boys fight, No David fuss nonstop. I do feel slightly bad, I normally relish in motherhood, but for today I'm tired. And I think that is understandable. If not, there is always Xanax.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Donuts versus King Cake

Today is the actual Feast of the Epiphany. I managed to make a super simple version of a King cake. And by simple, I mean I opened a can of Cinnamon rolls and shaped them into a circle, frosted it, then put colored sugar on it. It tasted good, looked decent except the purple sugar turned out black.

I was pretty excited to share this with the kids tonight until Goose decided he wanted a donut. When I turned him down, he decided he was going to pout to get his way and when that didn't work, he didn't talk to me while driving home from the store. He told me he didn't want my cake, didn't like it, refused to remember what it was and so on. He continued sulking and proceeded to hit the Baby Hulk in the face when he dared to enter the playroom. What nerve.

He was finally able to leave the room and once he saw the King Cake, he realized that he did indeed like it and told me that he would have a piece. When I told him he wouldn't have a piece, he decided tears were in order. He gave a good effort, but in the end, he will have his piece tomorrow. I think he's over being mad at me, but I haven't checked to see if he turned his pictures of me in his room around. That's what he does to show me who is really boss.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daybook~Hello 2011

For Today...January 2, 2011

Outside my's dark and chilly outside. I love this weather, although it's a bit harder to enjoy with a two week old! I worry about it being too cold for her.

I am pants and a black shirt. I can't wait until I fit into my clothes. I am not a fashionista, but I am over wearing maternity clothes!

I am grateful for...these past two weeks. Thank goodness Baby Z arrived when the kids were out of school and they could spend some time with her! We have had the best Christmas break. The boys are in love with their new sister and have alternated between singing to her and running outside to play football.

Also grateful...that I have such an easy time after my c-sections. I have been fine since leaving the hospital less than 48 hours after surgery and am ready (I think) to get five kids up and out of the house on Tuesday. But let's say a prayer just in case I'm not ready...

I am listening to...Liz Phair.

I am thinking...we are so not the Holy Family. A resolution of sorts is to become a better family from the top down to the bottom.

Speaking of resolutions...I resolve to start watching Breaking Bad. Lance loves this show, and I have only watched two episodes. I promise to watch if only to know why Jon Hamm keeps losing the Emmy to the guy on the show. I also resolve to go see a movie with Lance at least once a month! And then there is that patience thing...I'll work on that too.

On keeping home...All of the decorations are packed away. I never take down decorations before the Epiphany, which is January 6th. I figured since the Church celebrated the feast today, I could too. So everything is packed away and in the attic. I am so glad that I didn't unpack all my stuff this year. It was much easier to put away. As it was, I still had several tubs of decorations. Now comes the deep clean again. I keep telling Lance he doesn't realize how lucky he is that his wife is so neat and clean. And that I heal from my sections so well...because let's be real, I am the one who has kept this house clean despite being told to take it easy for the past two weeks.

Towards Rhythm and there a real rhythm in the house when you have a newborn? I guess next week, we'll start with a schedule because kids have to be at school, but other than that we're at the mercy of the baby as it should be for now. The beauty is staring at me every time I hold her. I am so thankful for this baby!

I am creating...plans for Baby Hulk and No David. We'll take it easy this week, but then we'll be back in business the following week. In looking over my blog from last winter, we really had a great time celebrating the saints and I hope to make some plans for that as well.

From the planned and back to a regular diet. We finally went to the grocery store after not going for two weeks. I have no idea how we lasted that long.

One of my favorite things...Castle. My mom bought me the first season on DVD, and I have been able to catch up on everything I have missed. Normally, I wouldn't like a show like this, but I love it. Both Lance and I find ourselves laughing out loud.

The most romantic thing I did recently...danced with Lance to our wedding song. I was listening to Lenny Kravitz earlier and our wedding song, Heaven Help, came on and we both had the same idea!

A few plans for the off the baby to the ladies at the gym. (No I'm not working out, just going to show her to the caregivers.) playdate, back to swim lessons, clean and enjoy my kids.

A picture thought I am sharing...

This is the picture I used for her announcement, which has yet to arrive. I am totally annoyed because I did the combo Christmas card/birth announcement and now it will arrive possibly on the 5th, one day before Christmas ends.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010, A Year To Remember

While 2010 wasn't perfect, it did end on the most positive note ever: the birth of our first daughter. Everybody is in love with her, and while we can't imagine a life without her, there was indeed a life. So here is my "Best Of" for 2010. Happy New Year and many blessings for 2011!

Such high hopes before reality set in.

We celebrated the liturgical year so much as a family, but the Feast of St. Joseph is one of my favorites.

Proudest moment of 2010.

One of five visits with our favorite people in the world.

My favorite thing to complain about is obvious.

A love note!

The ultrasound that changed everything!

My 40th birthday.

This kid hasn't changed one bit, might be into even more now.

Best Date Night of the year.

The one football highlight of the year. Despite how low the Longhorns went this year, I still laugh at Nebraska.


My two favorite posts of the year about my kids and raising them.