Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nerds Gone Wild

For the past two nights, Goose has gone to sleep with a book. It's a reasonable sized book, not a true chapter book like we read together, but a book that would take two to three nights to read aloud. This morning, I caught him with the book and a flashlight. I didn't start that until I was in my teens. Is this a good thing or not?!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Daybook ~ Towards Rhythm

For Today...August 30, 2010

Outside my window...it's raining. Baby Hulk started his weather calendar today, so drawing rain was a nice change, I suppose. The yard guys are cutting some trees and Baby Hulk is very concerned.

I am listening...to Motion City Soundtrack, The Future Freaks Me Out. Over. And. Over. And. Over. I get loving a song, but this has been a current favorite of both Snax and the BH for quite some time. I am OVER it!

I am wearing...longhorn workout shorts and a black top. I am waiting for the baby to nap so I can grab a quick shower.

I am loving...my time with BH and Snax. Mostly. I miss my other boys, but we have had a good week alone. We're getting into a routine and Baby Hulk astounds me with his smarts!

From the kitchen...I continue to thrill myself with how organized my kitchen has been. I have used supplies from the freezer, pantry and kept to a menu. Hopefully, we'll stay on track this week. I would like to try a new dessert and send some cookies to Paul and Brian.

I am so excited...that football is back!!! I LOVE college football. In my opinion, no sport compares so it's been a long winter and summer without my sport. Lance and I are taking the kids to the game on Saturday. The shower curtain comes out this week!

One of my favorite things...our new pencil sharpener. We just bought an electric pencil sharpener. Why did it take us so long? Poor Squirt having to use that tiny sharpener all these years.

I am grateful...that Goose seems to miss me as much as I miss him. He knows just what to say to make my heart melt.

I am thinking about...my breakfast in bed this past weekend. Thanks, Baby!

From the learning rooms...today we had music and the boys were so cute. By music, I mean we played instruments and sang songs over and over. I've already decided that BH is a math genius. Maybe not a genius, but he seems to be pretty smart. I cheated and started school last week while waiting for some books to come from the library. I just wish Goose were with us!

I am praying...for my friend's daughter.

Kobra...talks nonstop about snacks during daily mass. It is so loud too. I am promising him anything just to get him to be quiet.

Remembering when...Squirt used to build things. A few years ago, I decided to make each child a scrapbook, (I only finished two), and went through tons of old pictures of Squirt. There were so many pictures I had taken of his creations, similar to below. He loved building things, just like the boys do now.

A few plans for the week...swimming, ice cream with friends, play dates, LONGHORN GAME, lunch with Goose, maybe Lance and I can fit a date in there this weekend!

At recess, if you look closely, you can see his missing tooth.

A picture thought I am sharing...

My little Longhorn and his sidekick

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something Missing

Another milestone was hit today in Casa Zierlein. And it wasn't Goose screaming and crying in the dentist's office. The ladies kept trying to explain away his tears, but I just didn't care. I wasn't embarrassed, (slightly annoyed, but not embarrassed). There are few things my kids can do to shame me. Did I want him to look like a big cry baby? Not really. It's one of the few things little kids do that really grate on my nerves. But there we were, him screaming before they even got near him. Finally, they had to take him to the back for his X-rays. And the things is I just don't understand his fear. Why? Because at age 40, I've never had a cavity! Hopefully, this kid has my teeth.

ANYWAY...the point of this post wasn't about my poor guy hating the dentist, although he did finally calm down. My baby boy lost his first tooth!!! And he wants a tiny rocket ship under his pillow. Lance said tough, he gets money. I am fighting the urge to run out and buy a tiny rocket ship because I don't want him sad in the morning. Lance also says that he only gets four quarters. I got at least four quarters thirty-four years ago. Marivi just told me they gave her son five bucks. I'm somewhere in between, but of course, I have no cash. I may be calling Jessica for help tonight! Congratulations my sweet boy on losing your first tooth!

For those that don't read the comments: Lance came through with a five for Goose! I would hate for anyone to think he is cheap because he isn't. I am the cheap one on most things.

Monday, August 23, 2010

And They're Off!

School started today. And we made it. So far. We got up and ready in record time, I even managed to get my hair done on time. We left the house without rushing and were inside with ten minutes to spare. And then Goose decided he didn't want me to leave. He didn't talk to any of his friends from last year and looked just miserable. Despite being told to leave the kids in the teacher's hands, I walked with Goose to his new classroom. He finally smiled upon seeing his locker. (A locker in first grade! WTH!) I hope his day improves, and he likes his new teacher and classmates. Unfortunately, most of his friends are in the other first grade class. To make up for the time I spent inside, I brought the rest of the boys donuts from the parent coffee. Squirt was so relaxed on the way to school, much different than last year. He wasn't interested in taking a good-bye picture though.

I hope this year is a wonderful year for my boys and that they excel in all they do. I want them to enjoy learning and go beyond what is required of them in school. I want real learning, not memorization and hopefully they have teachers, especially Squirt that will inspire this type of learning. May God, the Saints, Angels and Mary watch over you every day that I am not with you, Squirt and Goose. I love you both so much and already miss you. The Baby
Hulk and I will be making cookies for you guys today.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Daybook~ Back To School

For Today...Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outside my window...it's dark and quiet. Summer is still going strong here in Houston, but school looms in the air. Tomorrow we wake up early and I can't remember if it will be light or not, it's been a long time since we woke up before 7 am.

I am listening to...an old mix. Songs my boys like that, of course, I have encouraged.

I am wearing...longhorn shorts and a longhorn t-shirt. Funny thing, or maybe not, but I changed everyone at the pool tonight before dinner and then forgot to change myself. So there I was in my bathing suit at the table and Goose pointed out that everyone was dressed but me.

I am thinking...that we had a great summer. I truly don't understand the whole "I'm ready for them to go back" mentality. And I know some of it's just talk, but still...my heart is already aching about tomorrow. The boys were great and Goose and the Baby Hulk played so well all summer long, like best buddies. I asked Squirt if there was anything else he wanted this summer about a week ago and he said he was really happy with his summer, which made me happy.

I am grateful for...my family. We had a great last week of summer and enjoyed every last second of it. Lance was super busy, but still managed to join us most of the time.

I am excited...that Lance is going to be writing for Orangebloods now! He'll be writing about the NFL and draft. It was fun reading the comments on the boards, which were mostly positive.

From the kitchen...So excited, I made a menu last week and kept it the entire week. We only went out to eat once and that was a planned back to school lunch for the kids! We tried some new recipes and everyone was happy with the food. I have already planned the menu for the week. Love when I am organized!

On keeping home...Now that I'll have some free time, I will be working on the house. I want to organize things more, get rid of stuff, go through the garage before it's torn down, etc. Basically, I want all my nesting done now rather than in November.

From the learning room...Since I lose my star pupil tomorrow, which really means my easiest pupil, I start with the Baby Hulk. I have specific goals in mind for this year, but need to go over them with Lance first. I have books to order from the library so I don't get in trouble for buying more books. I am excited to start some preschool work with him and to see if he's ready to read like I think he is. I've learned so much about homeschooling since Goose, but he and the BH are very different so I have a lot more to learn about how each kid ticks. Regardless, next week we start a very loose, non curriculum based homeschool for the BH.

To live the liturgy...Lance and I are deciding whether or not we want to "teach" Squirt his confirmation class at home or send him to the church. To be honest it partly has to do with convenience. Going to the church twice a week for catechism will be pretty difficult for us. I have found some really good sources for Squirt which would be great for the three of us. (And quite honestly, it would be better than what I got when I was 15, which was partly due to me and partly due to the teacher.) Then there is Goose...who I think we'll definitely teach at home since we are preparing for First Communion in a year and a half.

One of my favorite things...soaking in the tub. I love it!!!

Kobra this week...today, he looked at me and said, "I love you mom." Then did the same to Lance. Does it get any better than this?!

The Baby Hulk...is not happy about his big brothers going to school tomorrow.

I predict these two will be best friends soon!

I am praying...that Squirt's next surgery goes well. He will be having his third nasal surgery. The doctor assured me that we will stop polyps from growing again, but I'm a bit weary that we'll be in this same position again since we've been doing all the things he talked about for the past five years with the same crummy results.

A few plans for the week...getting to school on time! settling into a new routine at home with just two around (for now!), swim lessons, pool over the weekend, a couple of play dates, enjoying the family.

I am also grateful...for the third year anniversary of the little station that could! Congrats to 1560 and my awesome husband. You are the funniest and smartest person on the air in Houston, (and I'm sure everywhere else). I love hearing stories of "how funny your husband is". I will never tire of being Mrs. Lance Zierlein. Your listeners are awesome and I'm glad you are smart enough to recognize how important and great they are! I am so proud of you, Lance, and this station.

A picture thought I am sharing...

my entire crew~after their back to school lunch. Good luck tomorrow, Jessica, Squirt and Goose! Love you guys so much!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Don't you hate when people upload all their photos from an event, including the really sucky ones of you and then tag you? Thankfully, that hasn't happened to me in a long time, but I was just FB stalking and saw the worst pictures of people and all I could think was that these people have really shitty friends to do something like that. 99% of the time, the pictures I post of me, the family or friends are good. Of course, there are those pictures that you post of big groups when there is no way everyone is going to look good or pictures you post because they mean something special or are funny, but not really great pictures, (none of the ones I saw tonight were those type). I always filter my photos before loading them to shutterfly, sending discs or onto FB. Why don't other people do the same thing?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby News

I forgot the most important update for the week: I can feel the baby!! It always seems like I feel my babies super late in my pregnancies despite how many children I have had. So twenty weeks seems really early to me for feeling some movement. The boys were so sweet trying to "feel" the baby. I have a feeling they will have to wait a bit longer. I am just enjoying this little sweetness myself. One of the things I hope I never forget.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Hits

Thank God for my baby! Lance has managed to get Snax back in the crib after two weeks of sleeping on a pallet. It was kind of cute how he would sleep on a pallet until he was walking the halls two hours past his bedtime. He also kept his brothers up during the night with all of his goofing around. Lance has been putting him to bed, but today I managed to get him down for a nap without any fuss.

Is it bad that I can eat a huge watermelon by myself in less than three days?

A friend I haven't seen all summer stopped by the other night. She finally had to ask if there was something I needed to tell her. I had totally forgotten to tell her our baby news. I hope I haven't left anyone else out.

I totally screwed myself by waiting until the last minute to buy Squirt's school shirts. Instead of spending 80 at the school, I got charged extra plus tax for each shirt at the uniform store. I hate when I do things like that and I hate that the lady tried to tell me the price was basically the same. A 16 dollar difference is not the same price.

The Baby Hulk is walking around with underwear on his head. This is the kid who laughs at farts and tries to kiss the babysitter nonstop. And he's only three. What am I going to do when he is older?!

Squirt gave me the nicest compliment the other day when he told me that he could only tell me his problems, not Lance. It's weird because he is definitely a dad's boy, but there is something to be said about telling mom your heartaches.

Goose has five chapters left in his last book before school starts. I hate to admit, but this was the worst "last" book for our summer reading. It's a bit difficult and I think he senses that this is it for summertime fun. He would rather play than read two chapters! Thus, he is stalling on and on. Totally stinks because I have a short project once he finishes the book.

Who knew braces were so expensive? Not me! And of course, we're not even sure that our insurance covers any of it. More than likely it doesn't. Between Lance's shoulder, my pregnancy, the birth and Squirt's nose, we are screwed this year. No extras at all. Sometimes I wish I believed in credit cards.

I bought my favorite preggo purchase so far! My longhorn shirt for the games. I hate when girls chach out and dress up for games. I hated it during college and now it's just laughable, but still annoying. Anyway, I found the perfect shirt to wear this season. Can't wait for the first game with all my Longhorn boys!

Only three more days until school. So sad!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One More Lesson

School starts in one week and one day. I can't believe how fast the summer flew. I am not ready for the boys to go to school. Squirt might be, but Goose isn't at all. I'm trying to get in a little bit of mom school before he goes back, but there doesn't seem to be enough time. Sigh. I usually say I don't regret any decisions in life from school choices to ex boyfriends, but I can safely say I will always regret not homeschooling Goose. Does this mean I'm about to lose it for another year, I hope not, but I do regret it and I am sure this means Lance will hear about it for the next couple of weeks. Thankfully for him, football has started so he can disappear whenever he wants. We have one last book to finish before school starts, then all Goose has to worry about at home is the stupid homework public schools feel is necessary for 6 year olds. (But that's another blog post.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Waiting Rooms

Please explain how a doctor's office has no problem making you wait for more than an hour without even an apology. I had to take Goose to the eye doctor yesterday for a recommended second opinion. I took him to TCH's ophthalmology department having skipped them as my first choice when his eye was initially screwed up in June due to the ER doctor on call at TCH giving him the WRONG does of medicine which resulted in him getting worse. My pediatrician and I weren't satisfied with our regular ophthalmologist's plans for the future so he thought I should see someone else. What a freaking waste of time. My appointment was at 7:50 am, and I was there on time. We were there for over two hours and saw the actual doctor for a total of six minutes. Six minutes during which he asked why I even wanted a second opinion. We also saw a tech for about eight minutes, which still didn't make the two hours worth my time. Goose's eyes were dilated even though they didn't need to be dilated because he was a first time patient. When I complained about this to the office manager, I was told it was standard procedure to dilate eyes on a first visit. I asked why that happen when it wasn't necessary, and of course, she had no response. The only thing I could do to show my frustration without looking like a total bitch was to take a REALLY LONG time getting out of her office as well as the entire office with Kobra screaming and crying. I did nothing to console him telling everyone who asked that he was only upset with being there for more than two hours. TCH's ophthalmology department sucks.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Daybook~ One Last Celebration

For Today...August 9, 2010

Outside my window...this was my view last week. How I wish I was still waking up to the sounds of the water hitting the rocks and seeing this view every evening. Instead, it's so very hot and humid at home.

I am listening to...Top Chef. We have been without television for what seems like a long time so we have some catching up to do. I am so ready to watch Mad Men. Even though Draper seems to be getting slightly pathetic right now, I love him even more than ever.

I am wearing...black longhorn shorts and a t-shirt. Clothes are not my friends during pregnancy. Why can't I be a cute preg who barely gains any weight????

I am grateful for...forever friends, an amazing husband, sunsets, nature, desserts, campfires, vacations, my mom, my boys, this pregnancy and so many wonderful memories from last week.

My Cake that Brian made just for me!

Our Lady of Lourdes Lladro

Can you imagine how peaceful this place was?

Ready for the night's campfire

My favorite men!!

My handsome baby!

I am reading...I am almost done with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And yes, I read the ending and then some early on and have decided that I don't really like the book. I guess if you're into women getting raped a bunch, this is the book for you. The fact that the main character is a bad ass hacker doesn't take away from the violence for me. I don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series. I will be buying another copy for my friend Stacy though. Her copy got wet, and Lance tossed it into the ashes from our fires. Nice.

I am thinking...or rather trying to avoid the thought of the kids going back to school in less than two weeks. Where did the summer go? We have plans with the twins this week and a goodbye for some friends leaving town, but other than that, the kids are all mine. No sharing at all. I want to spend every last second with them before they are gone for the majority of their day. Interesting that someone asked me today if I got bored with them around all day. It couldn't be farther from the truth. I hope we enjoy every last minute.

On keeping home...I came home to a very clean house. Thanks, Mom! I just need to keep going through closets and assessing what we really need to keep. I so wish we could get rid of the kiddie games, but we still have Kobra and the new one before those can leave our closets. I can't wait until I have my shelves. I have two ideas running through my head right now, I just need to make a decision and commit.

From the kitchen...did you see my cake? I ate most of it myself. Plus, scones and tons of other great food all week long. Lance wants to eat healthy this week so we're going to try and get a menu going that will support that goal. I need to make a grocery run and a Costco run for some berries!

To be fit and happy...I am fit, if not skinny. And I know I'm not supposed to be skinny right now, but the weight just keeps piling on. I am almost afraid to see if I gained quite this fast on my other pregnancies. At this rate I am going to beat my record for gaining weight. That is so not my goal!

I am creating...plans for the new year and Super Saints. The boys have made it clear they want their club back and I'm all for it. Goose was looking at a book list from another blog today and noted that we needed several books for our Saints collection!

I am pondering...my relationship with God. While flying I always pray the rosary. I usually add in some extra one liners in between the Hail Marys. For my last few flights it's been "I believe in You, I love You, I trust in You, I adore You." It becomes a sort of chant. Once we safely landed and I was in the beauty that was our vacation spot, I had time to think about it. Do I really believe and trust? Do I live like I do? Do I show my love for Him? Probably not. This means, I really need to work on that. Brian asked me what I would do if the kids left the church. I admitted that I would be devastated. Period. I think people assume that I just want them to be happy and make their own decisions and blah, blah, blah. And yes, I want them to be smart and question things including the existence of God, but let's be clear, I want them Catholic. If they don't see that love of God, love of faith at home, where else will they see it?

Not the fires of hell, but rather the fire from the fish boil.

My favorite people!!!

Because I can't get enough of me and him.

One of my favorite things...vacations with my husband. We are so lucky to have my mom take care of the kids.

Plans for the week...the gym, swim lessons, dr's appts, school shopping (yikes!), the zoo, loving each other!

My last picture thought...

The airport shot

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Is there anything better than hugs and smiles from your children? I don't think so. We're home after my 40th birthday trip, adults only. The boys were so excited to see us. I know they had fun without us, but I think they were ready for mom and dad to come home. I know I was ready to hold them in my arms again. They are sleeping on pallets on the floor in our bedroom, Lance's idea! I am so excited about tomorrow and the rest of the week we have planned together.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have a major fear of flying that is silly, but very real to me. Even with Xanax, I get all freaked out before, during and after a flight. And I take a lot of Xanax, an amount that can't be good for me. We leave early tomorrow and I'm already starting to freak about the flight. What if something happens and so on. And now, when I am in flight mode, is when Lance rushes around the house saying "I need our routing number so they can set up our life insurance before we leave." NOW? He picked now to say something like that! WTF! So now I am left to wonder if he has a bad feeling about this or what. Who is going to watch my kids if I die? And no offense to family members, but I'm not sure who I want to take care of my kids if something ever happens to us. The feeling must be mutual with regards to us at least because nobody has asked us to be anyone's guardians. UGH. Even more stressed now! Thanks, honey!

The Name Game

The biggest question since last week is now "have you thought of any names". The answer is no. First, Lance hates this game more than any other what-if type of game. The bargaining I have to do to get him to play is out of control! Someone yesterday told me the baby would be here before I knew it. Maybe so, but we won't be playing that game until probably November. And here is the thing, we won't be telling anyone our thoughts on the name anyway. Sure, there are about two friends I might tell, but usually, I just give names I know we won't use if really pressed. I am sure most can guess how I feel about people's opinions on a potential name for my baby. Right, I don't care. And mainly, I have no desire to hear a negative opinion about a name I like. Generally, if you wait to announce a name at the baby's birth even the rudest people keep their mouths shut. I can say that Mary Helena is out. I so want to name a baby after the Virgin Mary and St. Helena is one of my favorite saints. Lance just laughed and said no. So mom, when you don't have a baby named after you, it's Lance's fault! He says being named after the Virgin Mary is too much pressure. Whatever, but he does get to choose too, I suppose.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Hits

I am finally reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think it's as good as the rest of the world does. The only problem: I am only 105 pages in and I have already started reading ahead. There is no chance I make it to the last 100 pages without reading the end first.

How much fun do you think I had shopping for bras with five boys? In this case, Lance counts as a BOY. As I was shopping, all I could think was "why did I want another baby". My chest is just getting bigger and bigger and will be for a year after the birth of this child. I so hate this part. God willing, this child will NOT inherit her mom's boobs. I can promise it completely and utterly sucks.

The Baby Hulk got in trouble the other day and told me that his animals didn't like me anymore. I didn't much like them or him either.

Goose is showing over and over that he will be a perfect surgeon and that is not a compliment.

Squirt leaves tomorrow to visit my in-laws. I asked if he was excited, and he said yes, but a little nervous about the flight. I have tried so hard not to instill my fear of flying in my kids, but he is old enough to know how I feel. The sad part is that I could barely come up with something to calm his nerves other than "flying is safer than driving."

Chelsea left for school last Saturday. We are going to miss her quite a bit. The boys really liked seeing her and it was so cute that her and the boys like the same music! There is still that Alabama problem though...

Please pray for my sweet Jessica's grandmother. She is not doing well. She has been more than a grandmother to Jessica and I am saddened by her condition. Prayers to her and her dad as well as the rest of her family.

Kobra has a new nickname: Snax. The kid is such a bully when it comes to food and it is so annoying. He also hates his crib now. Lance and I have kept our kids in cribs until they were almost four each. It's pretty sad, but they never climbed out of the cribs so we never felt the need to move them. Snax has other ideas. He has decided he hates his crib and won't sleep there. He has slept with Squirt, on a chair, in my bed, and has now finally settled on a pallet on the floor. When we come home from our trip, I'll be buying another bed.

The worst thing I have done lately is allow one of my good friends to hear about my pregnancy via my blog. I had this thing that I wanted to tell everyone in person. And it worked, mostly. While I was able to tell most of my friends in person, I didn't get to tell my family in Austin because of Goose's eye problem and by the time I did have the chance, someone else had already told them. The one chance I had to tell this friend was at her birthday party. I didn't want to make it about me. So instead, I never told her and she found out the worst way. I promise it wasn't because I was mad at you, Shea. At least, I didn't text you the news. I realize it's different for the younger generation, ie. Chelsea, Squirt, Jessica, but you don't text certain things: thank you's, birthday wishes, important news like I'm pregnant. Well, you can text it, but it must be followed up if you are a grown-up, which I guess means 40.

Since I'm pregnant I can't take Xanax on my flight Wednesday. I feel sorry for Lance who thinks he will be sleeping during the flight. Ha! I have problems with easy flights, much less bumpy ones.

Lance had the great idea to pack early for this trip. We leave Wed morning and it's now Tuesday morning. We've yet to pack a thing.

Happy Birthday Whataburger. I'll be there tonight!!!