Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Daybook~ Sick Mama

Outside my's cold again! This would be great, except I feel sick. I have no desire to be outside right now. I am just hoping it doesn't dip below freezing because I don't want to bring in all the plants.

I am listening to...complete quiet. I really like this. One of the things I pride myself on is how little my children watch television. Not their choice, totally me. I don't want them to have to be entertained and have noise all the time. When I have babysitters, the first thing I tell them is no television or maybe one 30 minute show. I want my kids to be creative and silence forces that upon them. It's a little harder with people who leave on televisions all day.

I am boxer pants and a t-shirt with Snoopy slippers.

I am thankful for...a good husband who takes care of me when I am sick.

I am reading...the same as before. I swear, it takes me FOREVER to read anything these days. I do have some options for a family vacation this summer if we take one or for my 40th birthday trip!

From the kitchen...I have some great ideas for the week, but right now I feel so bad, so I'm not sure what we're going to do. Hopefully, by Tuesday, I can get on track and have some nice meals for the kiddos.

I am praying...for HOT WATER. Yes, it's 33 degrees outside and I have no freaking HOT WATER. I just had someone come for an after hours visit to tell me, "yep, it's broken and I can't fix it until tomorrow." Just what I wanted to hear as I was writing him a check for this visit. The plumber did tell me he thinks the work and parts should be under warranty, but that means another call and waiting.

I am creating...a photo book on Shutterfly. I have a free photo book offer that ends today! I figure I can at least put something together about me and my baby! Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Hopefully, I can get this together before Lance needs the computer. I hate to miss a free offer! Does this make me cheap?

Towards a real education...I am so excited about some plans I am making for Baby Hulk. I am getting super organized and I'm not sure why. I think this child is definitely going to need less organized plans. Regardless, I have some really cool plans for "theme" weeks like Dinosaur week and "truck" week. I can't wait to get started. I just have to order a Handwriting program for him. Next September, I'll start something more formal when he starts reading.

To live the liturgy...lots of plans this week, which are being messed up by the sick house. Candlemas is Tuesday, St. Blaise on Wednesday and the blessing of the throats, plus the feast of St. Agatha. I had the best plans for tomorrow at Super Saints, but we will have to postpone so that nobody else gets sick. I have been talking with a friend across the country and sharing ideas and this has been awesome. She and her son are going to start participating with us, which is such a lesson for our kids about the Universal Church.

Around the house...I want new shelves for our living room. We were supposed to go looking this weekend, but that plan got sidelined. We are also in the process of designing our garage. We're meeting with the architect tomorrow.

On keeping home...just trying to get rid of all the germs. Then do a major clean before our company arrives.

One of my favorite things...Really, two of my favorite people: Paul and Brian. They are coming in town this weekend to celebrate Lance's birthday.

The a MESS. There is literally no other word for him. He is into EVERYTHING! It is so cute, but slightly annoying. He climbs on tables, then gets mad when he falls over. He yells at the Hulk, which is really funny in my opinion. He gets into the trash, nonstop. None of the other kids were like this.

To be fit and happy...who thinks I am happy about the fact that I didn't get to work out last week? And won't be able to work out for at least two days this week because I'm sick. So not happy about this. But what can I do? I will take care of myself so that I have a great weekend. I promise.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

  • lunch at the park- cancelled
  • Super Saints- cancelled
  • swim lessons- hopefully!
  • mushroom throwdown- have a feeling Lance will be doing this alone, so not fair!
  • Paul and Brian
  • Lance's birthday dinner at REEF
  • three new restaurants over the weekend

A picture thought I am sharing...

My baby boy is turned around. Makes me sad.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick House

I had such grand plans for the week, and four cancelled play dates later, I am thinking about what could have been a great week. Goose was sick on Sunday, but it seemed like he would be at school by Monday morning. He ended up missing all but Thursday, which meant we missed our picnic in the park on Monday, a play date Tuesday and swim lessons on Wednesday. By Thursday, Baby Hulk was sick so we cancelled our date with the twins for today.

It's Friday evening and Lance is at the Rockets game, and I'm stuck at home with what is now three sick kids. One who won't fall asleep. Thankfully, Squirt has managed to stay healthy. Goose has been sleeping since 2 pm. I'm hoping this doesn't mean he will wake up in the middle of the night ready to do something. I'll admit it now, if he comes to my room wide awake, I'm giving him the remote control.

I'm a big meanie when it comes to bed times. I'm a huge believer in schedules, and my kids know it. I can't stand the stalling that occurs with Squirt and Baby Hulk at bedtime, and the subsequent crying from the Hulk when I won't stay in his room. But when the kids are sick, I'm completely different. It doesn't seem so bad to lay down until they fall asleep or let them come to my room to sleep with me. As I reflect on the small changes that occurred with Kobra this week, (turned his car seat around and his climbing on tables), I am more grateful for the chances I have with the little ones to hold them until they fall asleep and read the same stories over and over. I prayed the rosary tonight for healing, but I also prayed in thanksgiving for the opportunities God gave me this week to be a better, more loving mother that doesn't always have to follow the rules. I used to pet Squirt's hair until he fell asleep. I know all too well that these days with the little ones will be over soon enough. It's hard to appreciate these moments when we're woken up in the middle of the night, or when the kids are super whiny, but I am thankful for every opportunity to spend with my kids, especially those in which I can just love on them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Sixteen!

Happy Birthday, Jessica! I hope you had a wonderful day. You are such a special girl, and tonight was proof of how many people agree with me. I am so glad to share this milestone with you. It is a joy watching you grow into such a beautiful young lady.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

My boys playing so sweetly together. I love that Baby Hulk misses his big brothers when we drop them off at school. (I have company in my misery.) Listening to them play together is nothing short of wonderful, especially when they play pretend. It cracks me up to listen to them. They are a creative bunch.

I know Kobra has known what I've been saying for a while, but I love how he responds these days. He mostly listens to what I tell him, but there are times when he voices his displeasure very clearly. Today he tossed all of his animals out of his crib and put them all up when I told him to do so. He was probably also telling me to go eff myself at the same time.

Clementines...I buy three five pound bags a week. My kids love these things.

I love this place! And they just opened one around the corner from us! I love burgers and have tried all the hot spots in town. Miller's is probably my first choice for a burger in Houston. I have a feeling I will be here on a very regular basis.

The sweet, almost 16 year old next door. I love this girl so much. She is the reason I have unlimited texting now. You should see the way Kobra lights up when he sees her face. Goose has been sick this week, and she has checked on him each day. You always hear comments about "kids these days...". Jessica couldn't be further from the norm. She is quite the girl, and we are privileged to have her in our life. Just more day, sweetie!

Kobra will soon have a new nickname. This kid has started climbing ALL OVER THE PLACE. I continually catch him on top of the kitchen table and on the table in Goose's room. I now have something new to worry about with my little spiderman.

Big Love has to be my absolute favorite show on television. I think it's even better than Mad Men and that's saying a lot. I love, love, love each of the sister wives for various reasons and can totally relate to each of them. I'd much rather be one of these women than the dumbass chicks from Sex and the City.

Baby Hulk's love of sports. Please, God, let this kid be good at sports. I already know Squirt and Goose aren't going to be my professional sports players. And that's fine, they have other talents they can focus on and they don't seem to be too interested in playing sports anyway. The Hulk is another story. This kid loves sports, he talks sports, he already has favorite teams and he already hates teams. His first words were baseball and basketball. He just gets sports. He is signed up for spring soccer and is so excited. I just hope he lives up to the hype because honestly, nothing sucks more than a kid that doesn't know he isn't good.

Reading to the boys has to be hands down my favorite thing to do with them. Maybe this is why Goose is such a nerd. I'm kidding, he's not a nerd. I just literally catch him reading several times a day and that can only be a good thing. (But really, what would you call him?) I used to read to Squirt when he was younger, and we had our favorites, which are now Goose's favorites. Now Squirt tries to give me books to read. I'm a little behind on his current recommendations, but I enjoy that he wants to share this with me. Goose is really the best audience and will ask for several books during the day and at night and not just to avoid sleep. When he doesn't like a book, it doesn't bother me because he reads so much that he has definite opinions on what a good book should be. Baby Hulk is finally starting to be interested in listening to me read to him. It has taken almost three years for him to really like me to read, but now he can't get enough of it. I really like how he recognizes the artwork of Tomie De Paola. Of course, he probably does read at night to avoid bedtime. Kobra...well, I have to follow him around with a book to get him to listen to me. He will turn and look at the pictures, then run off. He refuses to sit down and listen to me. I think my shopping spree last fall was definitely money well spent.

My friend Stacy...She just knows me. Thank you, my dear friend for all that you do for me.

Fresh wonderful hubby had three dozen roses sent to me today. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you, Baby!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Daybook~ Back to Normal

For Today...January 24, 2010

Outside my's cool. The wind was blowing so hard today that the Hulk was yelling at it to stop. The weather this past week has been so nice, I hope it stays this way. The kids love playing outside.

I am listening to...complete silence. The little ones are sleeping and Lance and Squirt haven't returned from CCE yet. I usually listen to music while at the computer, but I need some time just to think without any distractions. Maybe I should do this more often.

I am plants and a green shirt.

I am thankful wonderful family who celebrated Lance's birthday with us on Saturday at Da Marco's. We had an incredible meal and great company. Thanks, Daddy!

I am reading...the same stuff as last week. I have come up with a list of possible summer destinations though.

To be fit and happy...My routine is pretty set at the gym. I have my favorite classes, so maybe soon I'll look exactly the way I want. Or have the energy I want. Thus far, working out five days a week has done neither for me. I have decided that I am getting a flat stomach before I turn 40. How vain is that? To reach that goal, I am doing 100 sit ups every day until my birthday. We'll see if I can finally get the abs I want. If I can't do it in six months, then I give up.

From the planned and not very excited about it all. I had planned to make three new recipes this week, then totally forgot about that plan when I went to the grocery store. The goal is to eat at home ALL. WEEK. LONG.

I am thinking...that I wish little things didn't bother me so much. It is so hard to let things just go. Days, Weeks, Years later, things will still bother me. Such wasted energy.

I am creating...plans for my little ones and Super Saints plans for the next couple of months. I am energized.

I am so excited about...the fact that I am FINALLY going to see the Old 97s in concert. Three different times, I have been screwed over...The first time, I got too drunk to make it to the concert, (my fault and many years ago). The second time, I had just given birth two weeks previously and my husband wouldn't go. (It was my birthday, and I was so pissed at him esp when he suggested a movie instead. Since it was my birthday, I stayed home and sulked.) The last time, I forgot to buy tickets and the show was sold out. But this time, I am getting tickets and I don't care what happens or who goes with me, I will be there.

To show my age...this week I heard two Judas Priest songs and was so excited. Goose held his hands over his ears and couldn't understand why I was so happy. I just turned it up louder. I love XM radio! I can go from Judas Priest to the Thermals.

To live the liturgy...still trying to make it to daily mass without my kids ruining the experience for me. They love seeing our priests, it's just getting inside the church that is the problem.

I am praying for...more vocations.

On keeping home...Tomorrow is going to be cleaning day since I blew off cleaning this weekend. At least, all the laundry is done.

One of my favorite things...watching the boys play together.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • super saints
  • the park
  • lecture series at church
  • watching out for the new driver in our neighborhood. Only three more days!!!
  • getting together with the twins
  • relaxing, I hope

A picture thought I'm sharing...

That Snoopy has been with me for 22 years!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

40 Reasons

Today is Lance's birthday. (1/21) It's the big 40. First him, then me in six more months. 40 seems much different today than it did when I was growing up. Not quite so old now, especially since we have such young children. It's often times easy to point out one's faults, and I'm no different than most people. So today, I want to make sure that Lance knows just how much I love and appreciate him. No complaining, I promise. (And believe me, he will tell me if I break this promise today!)

Lance, here are 40 reasons why I love you with my heart and soul. (I so don't usually talk like this. In fact, this entry makes up for all the cards I never give.) Marrying you was the best thing I have ever done in life. Sure having my kids is a very close second, but without you there are no children, there would honestly be no happiness, that is how happy and content I am in our life.

I love you because...
  1. you always make me feel special, and I know I come first with you.
  2. you would rather spend time with me than anyone else.
  3. you always try to surprise me, but can't hold out more than 24 hours.
  4. you bring me fresh flowers about every two weeks.
  5. you are Catholic and a practicing one at that. This was such a deal breaker for me. You want our children to have Faith. are not a GSer!!!
  6. you are such a good father.
  7. you read to the children in a British accent.
  8. you don't let me walk all over you. Although sometimes I wish you would! :)
  9. you love your parents.
  10. you love my parents.
  11. you are compassionate to those in need and are teaching our children to see the person in everyone.
  12. you are willing to travel the world with me and hold my hand at the same time.
  13. you are smarter than me.
  14. you are funny, in a smart way and not a slap stick way.
  15. you are sexy, esp while playing Golden Tee and Gallop Racer...remember when.
  16. you are willing to provide for us and sacrifice so I can stay home with our children.
  17. you do homework with Squirt because I don't have the patience.
  18. you are willing to step in when I lose my patience no matter how annoyed I might get at you.
  19. you help with Super Saints every week from making copies, to running to the store, to making a craft to allowing us to host this club at our home.
  20. you love Pop Culture.
  21. you are a top chef.
  22. you are willing to try new restaurants,
  23. but aren't too trendy to forget the best place in town...Pappasitos.
  24. you love desserts as much as I do.
  25. you are in no way a user, no matter how handy it could come in for us at times.
  26. you never hold a grudge.
  27. you are not too proud to apologize to me or our children when you are wrong or lose your temper.
  28. we mostly think alike.
  29. you love movies even more than me. I know I never watch them with you anymore, but I do love this about you.
  30. you like to window shop with me.
  31. you take good care of me when I'm sick.
  32. you give great massages.
  33. you are not afraid to tell me what you are thinking no matter how inopportune the time might be.
  34. you love Paul and Brian.
  35. you gave me four amazing children. One more, right?
  36. you miss Lola and Lila and the others and you're not afraid to tell me.
  37. I can count on you always.
  38. you think I'm pretty.
  39. you taught me how to forgive.
  40. you chose me to spend your life with and raise a family together.
  41. and one to grow pull me aside to pray with me during the day.

I feel honored to be your wife, Lance. You are the best person I know. I hope everyone feels this way about their spouses. I am certain, at times, I don't deserve you, but thankfully, you look past all of that. And for that I am grateful. I can share anything with you: my hopes and dreams, my fears, my disappointments, my faith, and my life. I am yours forever. I love you! Nicole

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Daybook~ Birthday Week~ January 20, 2010

Outside my window...The sun is shining, and it's 71 degrees! The kids loved playing outside yesterday. I hope this weather continues so that we can continue to have some outdoor fun.

I am listening to...The Getup Kids, Don't Hate Me. I was looking for something else on iTunes, but had to stop here when I saw their name.

I am workout clothes. I am changing soon, I swear!

I am thankful mom, who went to Squirt's district inspection not once, but twice (in the pouring rain) because both Lance and I forgot to tell her the correct time. Thank you, MOM!

I am reading...True Compass, a travel book so I can decide where I want to go next, and the Second City book. My nightstand is full.

From the kitchen...a full menu planned! Last week I won "mother of the block" (NOT) after realizing Baby Hulk had pizza four times in one week. SO...I planned a great menu for the entire week, including lunches and will follow through. My first temptation came today when Lance told me he had a tasting to attend. I declined! I am sticking to my menu.

I am fast times flies. It seems unreal how fast this year has gone, but that has been life for the past several years. I want it to slow down so I can savour all of it. I guess I need to work on living NOW and enjoying life as it is.

I am creating...a care package for Chelsea and invitations for a party.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty...I work best when I'm on a routine. I'm a list person and I love crossing things off my list. I think my kids work best when they are on a routine, but I'm trying to figure that out with the Baby Hulk...I am in the process of trying to get slightly serious about doing some pre-school work with him, and I need to figure out what is going to work best for his personality. Something tells me I am going to learn to be very flexible with this kid.

To live the liturgy...I am really trying to attend daily Mass, but the Hulk is making it hard. As I said recently, he thinks it is "terrible". This morning, he told me that we only go to church when the big kids are home, not when they are at school. He is pretty smart, that one.

I am praying for...a friend that is going through a hard time.

On keeping home...I love a clean house and the smell of Fabulouso!

One of my favorite things...Big Love.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

  • I've already had a busy week...playdate at the park, Super Saints, and a puzzle get together yesterday
  • workout
  • swim lessons
  • celebrating a namesake feast day
  • Lance's birthday
  • dinner with good friends
  • dinner with the family
  • possibly the zoo
  • the post office
  • baking a cake for LZ

A picture thought I am sharing...

Baby Hulk and I goofing off Friday night

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Golden Globes

I love movies. I used to watch them all the time. I'd go by myself and double bubble. Then I met Lance, who shared the same love of movies, and we would double bubble. Now, when we get a babysitter, I would just rather go somewhere nice and eat. I don't really watch movies at home much either because it's hard for me to concentrate for three hours when I could be doing something else around the house. But the Oscars are coming soon, and if I want to be able to complain about the winners, then I better start watching some movies. I am so behind.

I've learned that I have to watch Avatar. UGH. I could barely stomach Titanic, and now I am forced to watch another James Cameron movie.

Sandra Bullock just won a Golden Globe. I might puke. I am going to have to watch The Blind Side. I'm sure the movie is fine, just not my type of movie. I'm more into movies about Harlem teens getting beaten down by their family.

Did Heather Graham really just go up on stage with her freaking purse?

On a high note, the guys from Dexter won and so did Chloe Sevigny. I so love her character on BIG LOVE.

I have more details to discuss, but I have to discuss the show with my first movie partner, Paul.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

District Inspection

For the past several years, Squirt has had it in his head that he is going into the Army. He decided to join JROTC at his high school to see if he might want to participate in ROTC in college. He has worn his uniform each week with such pride. He is even teaching the younger boys some commands. This week he had district inspection during which the head guy (forgive my ignorance of the proper title) came to inspect the entire program. Each cadet had to be dressed perfectly and answer several questions. Friday was the BIG day.

On Wednesday, Squirt couldn't find his belt buckle. He freaked out and couldn't eat that night. Then after he went to bed, he couldn't find his socks either. He was a little happier on Thursday once he realized that he turned in his entire uniform to be cleaned. He had to be at school on Friday at 6:30. I dropped him off, and he didn't seem nervous at all. By the time we arrived for the ceremony, he was nervous. Not too nervous to show off his little brothers, but you could sense some anxiety.

We couldn't hear what questions were asked, but we did hear the main man say "are you sure" more than once. It didn't seem like a good sign to us, and Squirt's face was miserable. It was so sad, and he had to stand at ease, which is pretty close to attention if you ask me, for almost an hour.

Finally, the names were called. Squirt passed his inspection and received the coveted Gold Cord. Lance and I are so proud of our son. If he chooses to continue along this path, I know he'll be a great asset to the Army. We love you and are so proud of you, Squirt.

Showing off little brother

Watching big brother

Intense questioning


The Gold Cord

Colonel David helping with the Gold Cord

Kobra was even interested

Thanks for supporting me twice in one day, Mimi

Proud Parents

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Terrible

In 7 1/2 hours, Baby Hulk has basically said one thing.
  • getting dressed-terrible
  • going to mass- terrible
  • waiting for a snack- terrible
  • letting me go to the bathroom- terrible
  • going to swim lessons- terrible
  • going to Chick-fil-A for ice cream- terrible b/c he wanted McDonald's ice cream
  • drinking water- terrible
  • his baby brother- terrible

And it's not just the word terrible, it's the full blown fit with him throwing himself down on the floor that comes with it. Can anyone see why I live vicariously through my friends that spank?

Please Explain

Why is it that my baby can only be consoled by me holding him while STANDING. I know I'm not the only parent to go through this. I think this must be one of the great mysteries of life. Kobra woke up today at 5:30 (not normal for him) and would only be quiet when I was standing. I have no problem cuddling with my baby, but he doesn't seem to understand that I still need my sleep at that hour. So family, forgive me for being a cranky mom today. It's not my fault.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dishwasher

What is it about loading dishwashers that is difficult for some people? Please explain why people don't see the obvious order of loading dishes. I have three plates in a row and just opened the dishwasher to find one loan plate just randomly stuck inside. WTF?! I'm too much of a control freak to let this go.

Keeping the Enemy Close...

Here are two pictures of Chelsea before last week. As a BAMA student and part of the crazy SEC, she is celebrating this week. I hope you make it to class sometime! I still love you, Chelsea! I'm not speaking for Baby Hulk though...he might be worse than me with the grudges, plus you left town while he was sleeping! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Baby in 9 months!

Everyone knows the story by now...Colt McCoy was out by his 5th play of the game. True Freshman QB with essentially NO experience is running around trying to find his helmet so he can play. After a painful first half where the coaches didn't let Gilbert pass the ball and continued to run it up the middle, the Longhorns were behind by 18. At half time, I turned to Lance and asked him if we could win this game. I didn't really think we could, and he didn't even try and make me feel better.

Then came hope. Bama failed to move the ball in the third quarter and Gilbert finally experienced some success. With a little more than three minutes to go in the game, the score was 24-21. I knew we could win, then Gilbert was sacked, fumbled the ball and all was lost. Bama immediately scored and our chances were gone.

My friend asked me what the fans were like during the game. In the first half, I don't think the fans knew what to do. (Except for the one idiot girl who started crying. Really, crying????) They were just shocked that we got this far, to the National Championship Game, only to have McCoy go out within minutes. In the second half, most people around us came alive and we could all taste a win. Then we were just crushed.

I'm not one of those people who say..."we could have won with Colt" or that the "best team won tonight". First, I think we could have won with a freshman. If we had scored on our first drive and Bama hadn't scored right before the end of the half, we could or rather would have won. As for those who say Bama was better, well, let's be real, Bama didn't kill us until the last three minutes of the game and that was WITH the true freshman playing. They had no passing game, and no offense in the third quarter of the game. Sure, Texas hasn't looked great the entire season, but neither has Bama. They just happened to have the game of their lives against Florida. Who knows if Colt would have played better. I don't care, he wasn't playing. I just know we had a chance and lost it. That is what sucks for me.

As for Bama, well, now I have a new school to hate. Sorry Chel and Alexis! You know I love you!

I just have one last thought...what the fuck is with the SEC schools? You win a National Championship and the first thing you chant is "SEC, SEC,..." Lance tried to explain to me how the SEC works and all I could hear was there aren't any Pro teams, this is all they have except Nascar, but so what? No matter what, when my team wins their next championship, (and I will be there again,) I won't be chanting BIG 12. Nor would I EVER in my life cheer for OU to win a championship. Who does that? Why would I ever want my most hated rival and recruiting rival to win? Did Auburn really root for Bama? Did LSU fans really forgive Saban and root for BAMA? If so, I don't even want to understand it. It makes no sense. Here's a thought, you win a national championship and start chanting your own school name.

So, I'm home and not going to the Bear Bryant Awards next week. I have a Bear Bryant hat that I sometimes wear for Lance. Gone. I hold a grudge, ask any ex.

Meanwhile, I am so proud of Baby Hulk, the first thing he told me when I walked in the door Friday morning was "I hate Bama, mom." The kid is a freaking genius.

Maybe I'll have grudge sex and have a baby anyway. Oh, Lance, where are you?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Awwww....How Sweet

Lance just walked in with a card and dessert. I almost went straight for the dessert, but he made me read the card first. Turns out today is the anniversary of the first day we met! And he remembered! (I remembered too, just a few days early. But really, I have a lot on my mind right now! BCS, anyone?)

Lance had an appearance at BW3's, and I went to meet him and John. (I might add that I was so late, I almost missed him.) I had no clue what he looked like, I just knew that he loved football, movies and that he didn't really like the Longhorns. My then boyfriend introduced us, and Lance recognized my name from my emails. There weren't too many "Nicoles" writing in at that time. I had no idea, but four different girls were hitting on Lance that night. I guess I was safe since I was with someone. Regardless, I sent him an email that night about concert tickets I was hoping he could get, and he responded when he got home that night. I spent the next day analyzing every line of his email, just like any OCD girl would.

Within the week, I had broken up with my boyfriend and went on the most amazing first date: two movies, dinner, cheesecake at Copeland's and talking at the cars until midnight. It might not seem like a big deal, but this date started at 4 pm. Going on that date with Lance was the best decision I ever made.

Showing up at BW3's was a lifesaver for me. And him.

My Daybook~ The Eyes of Texas

For Today...January 5, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is shining, but it flipping cold outside. I love it! I'm not a huge fan of bringing all the plants inside, but that is a small price to pay for real winter weather. They say it will be in the 20's by Thursday.

I am listening to...Boot Scootin Boogie by Brooks and Dunn. I am not a country fan, but the old DJ from New Year's Eve played this. I can't remember the last time I heard this song and who I was dating when it came out. Usually, I can date a song that way, but I have no real memories associated with this song, which I think must be a good thing! The funny thing about this song is that Lance played it for me last night to show me that he downloaded it for me, and Jessica was all "I love this song!" Okay, on to something new...The Thermals.

I am longhorn fleece and black yoga pants.

I am thankful friend Greg. I haven't talked to Greg in a few months, but he truly is that type of friend that you just pick up where you left off. Plus, he is one of like three people who knows EVERYTHING about me, the good, the bad, the embarrassing, the stuff I wish I could forget and so on. I always say that when I die all of my friends will have to get together and share stories they know b/c none of them really know all of it. He knows it all and still loves me! Anyway, we finally had the chance to catch up this weekend and made plans for next week.

To be fit and happy...Trying to get back on track after over eating during the holidays. I'm so excited about the class schedule for the Spring. Now, if I could just get a flat tummy and stop being so tired all the time. Maybe some sleep is in order. And sit-ups.

From the plans yet, but I'm thinking soups or stews to go with this cold weather. I'd say healthy, but I can't even pretend.

I am thinking...that I hate the boys being back at school. The big boys went back this morning and Baby Hulk and I were just devastated.

To live the liturgy...We celebrated the feast of the Epiphany at church on Sunday. We continued at home with several books to highlight the feast and a coloring page. We'll start Super Saints next week. I need to make some plans for the rest of the year.

On keeping home...the Christmas decorations came down yesterday. The tree was dying and trash was coming today so everything but the nativity scenes have been put away. I am trying to convince myself to keep them out until January 6th, but am having a hard time. I figure if the church can celebrate the Epiphany early, then so can I and put everything away. I'm ready for one of my super cleans!

One of my favorite things...Snoopy and puzzles and Christmas. I bought the following puzzle last year and forgot about it. I took it out this year and left it on the desk for most of Christmas break so I wouldn't forget about it. And then, I forgot about it, again. I finally started it two days ago. It was a simple puzzle, but I wanted to finish it so that I could put it away with the Christmas stuff last night. So as soon as I finished it, I took a picture, then promptly destroyed it. Lance just shook his head at me. What can I say, I'm a bit OCD about things.

I am praying...for a National Championship!!! I'll be offering up everything this week for my plane trip and a win.

A few plans for the rest of the week...There is really just one plan and it's the National Championship Game! Nothing else matters.

A picture thought I am sharing...

Illustration of why it took us over 500 shots to get our Christmas card picture! This is just two of the six. You can imagine how bad it can get.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!


Ten years ago, I was praying for someone at midnight mass. This year at midnight, I was in the arms of that special someone. Okay, I've been in his arms for a while now, but I was reflecting on that since we're starting a new decade. I am so happy to be starting another year with Lance. Happy New Year, Baby. I love you! Thanks for a great night. I think Frank and Bryan are bad influences on us!

The men and the women behind them

The oldest DJ in town

Btw, I am so glad you got to sleep in while I got up with the kids this morning. Payback is coming soon.