Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daybook~ November!

For Today...October 31, 2010

Outside My's dark, and I think or rather hope that nobody rings my bell again. I understand wanting to get that last bit of candy, but seriously, don't ring my bell after 9 pm. Especially on a school night!

I am listening to...the Get Up Kids.

I am wearing...a blue shirt, denim capris and my new St. Gerard medal.

I am grateful for...a little boy who skips, loves football, Snoopy and reading, a husband who insists on taking me on a date, the reminder of my teen years, an eager reader, a little boy who says "mama" in the sweetest voice ever and a girl who still loves my boys enough to tolerate being thought of as a teen mom.

I am thinking...that life just passes by way too quickly. I can't believe another week has come and gone. I wish I could just stop things for a bit.

I am praying...for friends who have suffered losses, patience, and to win the lottery.

From the planned again, but somehow we really fell off the wagon once the actual meal was finished. The desserts are starting to kill me and Lance. Why do we love desserts sooo much?!

From the learning rooms...We're onto E week. We're studying electricity, and the Baby Hulk wants to make colored eggs. I have made a schedule for each week this month, and I'm really excited about what we'll be studying to supplement our time together. Dinosaurs were so awesome, esp ending with our field trip and digging for fossils with Dad today. The Baby Hulk is so proud of himself with his reading and this week we start writing a couple of letters outside of his name.

Around the house...don't hold your breath, but I think we have a paint color. At this point, I don't care, I just want the damn thing painted. That and a new garage!

On living the liturgy...Tomorrow is All Saints Day. Goose already completed his project today. We have friends coming over tomorrow to celebrate with the BH and No David. I found the coolest project for the Day of the Dead. I am hoping to make it and then Tuesday, we plan to list all our deceased family members and pray for them as a family. And of course, we have St. Martin de Porres' feast day this week too. LOVE this sweet saint.

One of my favorite things...finding old friends. I finally contacted an old friend, who I went to my very first concert with...I was laughing out loud as I read his email. Of course, all I did as far as catching up was to send him here. Really nice of me! can you let us down like this???? My son faithfully watches football now, and the first thing he asked today was "who won". He doesn't understand what losing to Baylor and Iowa State means, but he will soon.

A few plans for the week...Braces for Squirt!!! Playdates for the BH and some learning with mom.

Picture thoughts...

Goose with his ever faithful companion, also dressed up. Two streets did this to him!

This picture describes this child perfectly!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Boys

This morning I was telling Squirt about last night's mass and how awesome it was. How moms are so important that God even gave Jesus Mary for a mom rather than have him descend from heaven. Such a nice moment until a black corvette drove up next to us, and I totally lost him. I wanted to say, "dream on".

While I get giddy over Goose reading nonstop and talking about going to reading camp, Lance's proudest moment was this week when Goose wanted to watch football on the drive home Sunday and today when he wanted to watch football on TV.

Today the Baby Hulk and I were making pumpkin bread, and he told me he wanted to learn how to make it for his baby sister. Could he get any sweeter? Now if he could just stop his fits...

And No David...let's see, he hasn't hit anyone this week, made super ugly faces. Okay, really, I have a cute story. The kid LOVES pillow pets. These things are a bigger racket than silly bandz. Every kid wants one and then two, (I will admit they are super soft), and No David is no exception. I bought one for Christmas, which he found. I hid it again only to have him find it again, and Lance gave in and gave it to him.

Correction: No David has taken the time to throw all the magnets off the fridge at me for not giving him piping hot pumpkin bread. Another time for me to think how lucky these kids are that I don't believe in spanking.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Field Trip

Today was Goose's scheduled field trip at school. Since we went to the same place last year, I decided to pull him out so we could take a day together. He wanted to visit the Dinosaur museum and Chili's for lunch. The museum fit perfectly with the Baby Hulk's science for the past two weeks. We had the best day ever. After dropping Squirt off at school, who couldn't skip due to testing, we went to visit Lance at the station. We went to Chili's and Party City in search of costumes. We found something for the baby, but it will literally go into the donation pile next week because it barely fits him now.

Despite the fact that the boys have been to this museum several times, they never get tired of it. We spent a lot of time in the gift shop. So many books we could add to our library. Lance held me and Goose to one book.

The Pendulum at the museum...I have been going here for years and waiting and waiting for one of the pegs to get knocked over. Today was the day!!!

Afterwards we played in Hermann Park until it was time to pick up Squirt.

Tonight, Goose went with me to Mass for expectant moms at our parish church. It was a beautiful mass for me, and Father Troy presented all the pregs with St. Gerard medals to wear. I loved that Goose went with me tonight.

And on the way home from mass, I stopped at Party City and found his costume! Yay for him, bad mom on my part considering it was after 8 pm. But you know what, I loved every second I had with him and for today, that is all that counts.

SEC Guy Hits Oregon

Monday, October 25, 2010

Daybook~ Really???

For Today...October 25, 2010

Outside my's cloudy. According to the weather calendar the Baby Hulk has been keeping all month, there hasn't been any rain in October. It's supposed to happen this week. (It might have rained over the weekend, while we were gone.)

I am workout clothes. After spin we came home and immediately started school. It is so nice when we finish before lunch. And really, there is no reason we shouldn't finish pre-school in less than two hours, including breaks!

I am listening to...small feet running around the house.

I am grateful for...weekends away with my family. I would be miserable without them.

I am thinking...about this quote from mass: Prayer is like love, you can't live without either. So true, but how to keep the prayer going when it seems stale.

Really????Halloween is Sunday and we have one costume, sort of. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? It's not happening today, so now we have less than a week and nothing.

I am wondering...if some relationships are worth it.

I am praying...for my little baby and that my sinus infection leaves. Having a fever put a definite cramp on my weekend.

From the planned, trying to eat healthy. Of course, there will be pumpkin bread and banana bread before we even get to the candy.

From the learning rooms...last week was a great week. I am more and more convinced of the BH's brilliance! Most of the time! I'm just so happy that he is excited about reading. He isn't great, doesn't recognize words yet, but he sounds out his little books each day without an attitude. For that I am grateful. I might get this teaching thing down. I am trying to convince myself not to buy a math curriculum, but I so want to for him. I am forcing myself to stop at Costco and buy one of the pre-K books they sell. There is nothing wrong with review, right? We're still on Dinosaurs, and we'll end this week with a field trip to the Museum with Goose joining us. Goose is also "studying" Mozart this week.

Really????While every school in the city was having parent teacher conferences over the last couple of weeks, our teacher decided not to say a thing to any of us about scheduling a conference for Friday, the day that was designated for such conferences at our school. WTF??? You only get a conference if your kid isn't doing well, I guess. I have no idea, going straight to the principal on this one.

Around the house...paint color change again. Maybe one day, I'll have a new living room.

One of my favorite big or small. It doesn't matter. I love getting away. Except for the part where the kids don't fall asleep unless all the lights are off. I suppose at some point we're going to have to actually pay for a suite so we have more privacy than when throw all the kids into the shower.

Really????Texas, you lose to Iowa State, really? I hope all of the players and coaches are embarrassed. Yes, I am that kind of person, I don't feel sorry for them at all.

On living the liturgy...getting ready for the Feast of All Saints. I have a neat idea planned that I hope the boys will enjoy.

A few plans for the week...orthodontist consult today, Halloween crafts, field trip with Goose, find costumes, Mass for pregnant moms

A picture thought I am sharing...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Promise

I had Lance take at least 50 shots of me so I could post a picture of what 30 weeks looks like on me. Delete, Delete, Delete. I am all belly and boobs. 46 pounds worth to be exact. I can safely say that at least 20 pounds are in my chest. My dear little girl, I promise you this: if you inherit my chest, I will let you have a reduction the first time you ask. I won't make you wait until you are 40 plus years to get one. You can hold me to it. When I say I know the misery you are going through I will be telling you the truth and I won't make you deal with it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

For Today...October 17, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is going down. The boys are getting in their last bit of outdoor play until tomorrow afternoon. They love playing outside until the very last second.

I am wearing...a pink t-shirt, black shorts and flip-flops. The pink t-shirt has food all over it. This always happens when I'm pregnant. I am such a slob.

I am listening I really need to say it? The Old 97's.

I am grateful...for each and every one of my boys. All five of them. They each add something different to my life.

I am praying...for the rest of this pregnancy. It's gone by so fast, I have to look at a calendar when someone asks "how many weeks."

I am realizing...that I LOVE life without the phone. Who would have thought that? I cringe every time the phone rings now, and that happens before I know who is calling. I feel so free from the phone. And emails. I have people asking to send pictures through email and I think, one click and you can see all the pictures you want. The chance of me sending pictures is zero. Which sounds bitchy, but it's really just honest. I hate loading pictures and for whatever reason we have the slowest computer in the world when I am using it.

From the kitchen...a great menu planned for the week. We just finished C week, so we had cookies and carrots!

On keeping home...the purge continues, this week it was serving dishes and cookbooks. We have to clean out our garage this week, which means more to throw away. I love this feeling. I talked to someone who just moved from DC and she said she loved being a small space because you didn't have a bunch of crap. You learn to live with what you need. I think I could handle a big city like that.

From the learning rooms...I LOVE Handwriting Without Tears. The more I delve into this program, the madder I get at our school system for not adopting some kind of handwriting curriculum. It is amazing how kids are not taught anything about writing anymore. The Baby Hulk is loving his wooden letters and only writes his name four times a day. We are not moving to writing for a bit. We start D week as far as science goes which means one thing: Dinosaurs! I am pretty excited about it and have lots of fun things planned. Still completely and utterly unsatisfied with Goose's school and teacher.

The Baby Hulk this for ten minutes each day!!! I have a timer set so that both he and I don't get frustrated. We are trying this for another week then evaluating if this should continue. Honestly, he's a bit lazy when it comes to reading, but he is so, so ready. We're on book four of the second set of BOB books. Over the weekend, he tried to trick Goose and Lance into reading for him. Saying stuff like "I bet you can't read this page."

No David...continues to act the same. I try for most school work while he is asleep, but honestly, the best time for learning is in the morning. So I usually throw some letters at him and then the Baby Hulk has to make whatever letter he picks for him. I figure he will learn his letters this way. He is also coloring and so proud of it. I have a wall, (so sad) devoted to the kid's work and he always gets the tape for me to post his artwork! Too cute.

On living the liturgy...what a great week! We celebrated Our Lady of Fatima as it was the anniversary of the Day the Sun Danced. We also celebrated St. Therese of Avila and St. Gerard. Plus, we had Super Saints. This week, we'll focus on The Little Flower and St. Francis again.

To be Fit and Happy...working out. I think I am buying shoes for spin. I keep saying I'm going to wait until after the baby arrives, but I don't see myself going back to Body Combat for a while, so the shoes won't be a waste.

Around the house...I finally went to the attic and brought down Halloween decorations. Last year, Squirt made scary signs and I kept them. Lance wants to toss them, says I am "hoarding them, what about purging". He even asked Squirt if he would be mad if I threw them away. I let Squirt know he wouldn't have to be mad at me, but instead his dad. I won, they stay. The kids love holiday decorations.

One of my favorite things...Mad Men. LOVE this show. I can't wait for tonight. I have to wait until Lance comes back from Mass and CCE before watching it.

Squirt this week...I wrote a note in his lunch, not normal for him anymore. He brought it home with him and asked where he should put it. He knows this is what Goose does with all of his lunch notes. Isn't that the sweetest?!

Goose...while he continues to nerd out on a regular basis, he is also a trash talker. You should have heard him yesterday and today while the Cowboys played. And he doesn't care that I love the Cowboys.

A few plans for the, swim, the gym, OB appt, field trip, Lost Pines.

A picture thought I am sharing...

So excited to finally "beat" his father in chess!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

St. Gerard

Today is the feast of St. Gerard. He happens to be the patron of expectant mothers as well as the Baby Hulk's namesake. Considering the amount of pregnancies I've had, he has become pretty special to me. We didn't do a lot to celebrate today, but we did bring out the cheesy little statue I have as well as make Holy Cards. Goose's card was so beautiful and he asked for prayers for both his expectant mom and brother. The Baby Hulk had his father write a sweet letter to St. Gerard.

I truly believe in the intercession of the Saints. When the Baby Hulk was born six weeks early, I know St. Gerard was in heaven praying for him nonstop. In fact, considering how the Baby Hulk acts, I don't think St. Gerard has had a moment to rest since his birth. I am so thankful for the saints and their prayers for my family. St. Gerard, continue to intercede for me and my sweet little boy.

One Second


Before football season started, I was reading Sports Illustrated and they made this huge deal about Nebraska posting ONE SECOND in the locker room. It was to remind them how close they came to beating Texas last year during the Big 12 championship game. That was their inspiration during the Spring.

Guess they should have tried something different. Horns win, Nebraska loses. Sure, my team is having a bad year, but we won today against a team that is ranked in the top ten and that is leaving the Big 12. We won't play them again for many years.

On another husband was the only person from Orangebloods that predicted this win. And no, he wasn't sucking up to me. He never does that when it comes to football. I can't even get him to wear orange on Saturdays.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Perfect Night

Nothing can take the smile from my face. When the Baby Hulk spilled his yogurt all over the place this morning, I said nothing. Five minutes later, he spilled his milk everywhere. "Accidents happen." Who has ever heard that come out of my mouth on a second spill within minutes? My mood is of course from last night.


I am not exaggerating. With everyone settled, Lance and I made it downtown in time to relax before the show started. We caught up with Denise and Wally, two long-time listeners. Wally wanted to know if we were going to talk kids all night. Denise assured him that I would talk nothing but Rhett all night long!

Last night's show was incredible. The new album is great. The boys already have a favorite that I heard all last night and three times this morning on the way to school. (It's song 2.) But the best part came when they played my request. And sweet Rhett just happened to mention that this mom who showed up at Cactus with her kids made the request. And then he smiled at me. Could it get any better than that?!!! If you are 40 with four kids and another on the way, I would say no! Seriously, it's my favorite song by the Old 97's, and I loved hearing it live.

I probably sent Chel about twenty messages yesterday about Rhett. I knew she would appreciate my day/night. Maybe one day we'll go see them together.

I bought two albums yesterday, one for Denise and one for me. When Rhett signed mine to Nicole and the boys, he just signed his name. For Denise, he drew a heart before his name. WTH? I guess four plus kids isn't that appealing to most men. Thankfully it is to Lance!

Have I mentioned that last night was PERFECT?!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does Rhett Want Five More Kids?

After realizing that the Old 97's were sold out for tonight, I had one other chance to see them. They were playing at Cactus Music at 5:30, but I had to get to the store and buy a CD. Lance was gone, No David was napping and I had to pick up Goose by 3 so we could make it to Super Saints by 3:30. It was 2:10 pm. What did I do? What any good mother would do: woke up my napping child to trek him back into town to pick up the CD and wristband.


I managed to get back to Cactus Music by 5:35 with the boys, and thankfully, the band wasn't there. I noticed a Snoopy lunchbox and went to show Goose. That's where we were when the band arrived. And noticed my sweet little boy known as No David. He had orange marker all over his face and his normal nasty look. Rhett talked to him, while I lamented how I always forget to buy tickets and never get to see them.

And now, I'm on the list for the show tonight. Their personal list!!! I love Rhett Miller. Have I mentioned if this baby is a boy, Rhett is on the short list of names? (Not just because of him, I happen to love the name, but now even more!) Lance was you're coming home now. NOT. A. CHANCE. I stayed till the end, got my CD signed and took the following pictures. How I wish I didn't look so pregnant in the face, how I wish I didn't stink like I had just been onstage with them, but who cares! I got to chat them up, make a request for tonight, and introduce the boys to the band. Life is so good sometimes!!!

Old 97's

Once again, I failed to buy tickets in time to see the Old 97's for tonight. I made plans to meet a friend and her husband since the show doesn't start until late. They have their tickets, I have nothing. And they are SOLD OUT. I am faced with buying their album at Cactus Records in hopes of getting a wristband so I can leave Super Saints to drive back into town by 5:15 WITH THE BOYS so I can see the Old 97's. WHY, WHY, WHY do I do this every. freaking. time???? Taking a bunch of little kids is one way to get them to notice me, right?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Don't you wish you had the attitude that the miners trapped in Chili have? Don't you just feel like the biggest LOSER when you think of how hard your life is when these men are trapped for days on end with the best attitude ever? I know things are relative, and we all have it hard in different ways. My rough times are not lessened because they aren't catastrophic in nature, but the reality is that so many people have it so much harder than we do here in the United States. How I wish we, myself at the top of the list, could stop the whining and just praise God for the gifts we have. Be thankful for our life instead of finding something to bitch about on a daily basis. I don't know how these men kept their spirits up, but they did and hopefully, we can all learn something from them. I want to sing praises to God for the gift these men have shown us, because truly they are a gift of hope to us all. I pray they are all returned safely to their families as soon as possible. Last check, half were up!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That Time of Year

For the first time today, I had a second to myself. A second to browse through some blogs and the thing that interested me the most was some lady talking about her holiday planner. I am the biggest geek. Of course, I already have a holiday binder that I keep yearly. It covers who I buy gifts for, what was purchased and the cost of purchases. I also have recipes for holiday treats and menus from Christmas's past. Her planner was decorated. I may have to do the same. Maybe give the Baby Hulk a cutting exercise so we can decorate the cover.

Thinking about a holiday planner makes me realize that I have done almost nothing for the holidays this year. Most years I have purchased everything by the end of October, with the exception of a couple of difficult people on the list. This year, as with most people, I am scaling down on gifts. It might mean gifts just for the kids, only one big gift, I'm just not sure. I do know that I want meaningful gifts and not just a bunch of crap. I am not busting my ass getting rid of toys right now just to add more to the house. I hate to sound like the Grinch, but I just want things to be meaningful. I want them to see the wonder of having a new baby in time for Christmas. Besides gifts, the day in general will just be more low key. I'll have a new baby and that means our only outing will be Mass that day. We're not having a big dinner, and Lance has already said that Trulucks probably won't happen on Christmas Eve. It's such a pain to work around a gimpy wife who has to pump every few hours. (Things would be so much easier if I actually just breastfed the baby. But since I'm about what I want to do on that front, I can live without Trulucks or big functions this year.)

I am psyched about getting my lists going for this year. If there is one thing I love it's a good list. Right now, I have three people crossed off my list. I don't expect to be finished shopping anytime soon, but I hope to have a meaningful list by the end of the week.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Need for Prayer

Is it bad when the priest offers prayers for you after you leave Mass a couple of minutes early with a screaming child?

I used to go to daily Mass Monday through Friday. Then the Baby Hulk came and let me know that this wasn't going to work with his schedule. He just wasn't quiet ever. I figured he'd grow out of it. He hasn't really. Instead of crying during Mass, he falls to the floor when the priest he likes isn't there. "I don't like this priest!" I told a friend about that, and he said he sometimes feels the same way. And I suppose I do as well. No David is the worst of all. For me to attend Mass at all, I almost have to go into the cry room because he is so loud in general then starts shouting NO if you take a church missal away from him. I try to start in the main chapel, then move to the cry room if the boys get noisy. (And because the Baby Hulk is so vocal about his dislike for daily Mass and certain priests, I have cut my week to just two Masses. That isn't asking a lot considering the grace all of us gain. Like maybe a mom who doesn't scream all day when she has the chance to start her day like that.)

Yesterday was a Mass day. And it was so bad. No David screamed from the start. It was so loud that I had to cover his mouth while getting to the cry room and the priest noticeably started talking louder. Usually he will stop crying in the cry room and start wandering around, something that drives me crazy about cry rooms, but not yesterday. He cried the ENTIRE time we were in there so that I heard nothing at all. The Baby Hulk sat in his pew like an angel waiting for us to get a blessing. No David stopped crying long enough for his blessing, but then as soon as we returned to the pew for what I thought would be three more minutes of Mass, he started screaming again. I just left. I had had it with him and couldn't even wait for the final blessing. I was so flipping mad. Mass is supposed to help not make my day worse. I was so angry at my kid, I couldn't even look at him.

This morning at the gym, I ran into a lady who told me she saw me yesterday at Mass. She then told me how Father had everyone pray for mothers, esp mothers who have four boys and are pregnant that try to go to daily Mass.

Monday, October 4, 2010

On The Feast of St. Francis

It would appear that the more children I have the less I care about dogs. In fact, at this point in my life, I would be so happy without a dog. There, I said it. I feel horrible about it. I used to fly home with my Casey from law school. She was my carry-on bag and sat under the seat in front of me. Of course, she had to stay with whoever I was staying with during my visit.

What was I thinking? First, anyone who plans to come see me: NEVER bring your dog to my house. While I realize that people put up with me and my dog, I promise, I won't put up with your dog. And if you come with a dog, plan on it staying outside. It doesn't matter how big, small, trained or perfect your dog is, it's NOT coming in my house. Here is my belated "I'M SORRY" to everyone who I forced my sweet, perfect Casey on. (Although really, she was such a sweetie and she was oh so perfect.)

I would like to think that Casey dying had such an effect on me that I can never really love another dog like that again, but that would be a lie. The reality is that I have four kids and a husband who all need a lot of attention and I don't have any leftover attention for pets anymore. Maybe that's bad, I call it honest.

I try to play with Lola (and this weather has made it much easier to do so) and won't get rid of her for two reasons: I don't give pets away and I can't stand kids that are p****** around dogs. If I have a dog, I figure my kids won't be the annoying ones. I do love that No David seems to love Lola as does the Baby Hulk.

In honor of St. Francis, I have made a vet appointment for Lola. I hope she appreciates this. Does this make me a better pet owner?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Music To My Ears

Goose- "I'm just going to call the Sooners losers." and this one-"I think the Sooners are close to the devil."

And my personal favorite from the Baby Hulk..."OU Sucks."

Yes, me dear son, they do indeed suck. They won, and I swear, my phone rang within five minutes of the game ending. Why, I ask, why? If there is any good from today, it is the fact that my kids sat through most of the game and hate OU as much as I do. And while Lance gets all weird about them saying OU sucks, I couldn't be more proud of them. The other day, the Baby Hulk wanted to know who we would cheer for if OU were playing Alabama. While it kills me to say it, obviously, we would root for Bama. I don't think the boys quite understand that yet, but I am sure they will one day.

It's 8:21 pm and OU still sucks.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just One More

Why do they do this to me? I have such a love/hate relationship with Amazon. This offer arrived in my email this morning. This book has three Tomie stories, two of which I already own, and the third which I can only find used for 40 bucks. $16.86 seems like a deal to me for a book we will love through the Christmas season. Right? I wonder if Lance will think so.