Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Clothes Exchange

Does getting boxed clothes out of the attic count towards my Lenten cleaning? The only job I hate more than this is mopping the floors. I will do anything, make up any excuse not to mop the floors. I've tried everything and the only way to clean all the spots my family leaves behind is on my hands and knees. And while we don't have a huge house, it feels like a mansion when I am cleaning the floors.

It's nice having all boys because I can save tons of money by passing down clothes. Of course, some outfits get used so much, I get tired of them and give them to another family to enjoy, but mostly, I keep all the boys' clothing. Note to LZ: your wife is super thrifty and deserves a reward for all the money she saves you. I have a list in my planner, it ranges from $20 to $200.

So...I hate the change of seasons. Apparently, I hate it so much that I decided not to venture into the attic this fall for BH and he missed out on some really cool shirts. Since I haven't bought pants for Easter Sunday, I had to make the trek to the attic tonight. While up there, I got all the Easter decorations and two boxes for Kobra. The bad part is that I have to return the boxes with clean, packed clothes tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes being cheap is a pain in the ass.

Second Chances

Since I posted such a negative review about Pappasitos on Hillcroft, I thought I owed it to them to post a good review as well. I know I said I'd never go back, but corporate sent me a gift card after the last fiasco, and while I wanted to use it for a steak at Pappas Bros, Lance refused. He said they would know we didn't use it at Pappasitos. Who cares, I thought, what are they going to do? Hunt me down, force me to eat and deal with bad service? Lance finally convinced me that we needed to use the gift card at Pappasitos, and we went yesterday. We even took the kids, who had already had lunch. This was a huge gamble considering how Kobra can act at the dinner table. Except for Lance having to ask for water, the service and food were great. I don't think they knew who we were until we paid with the color coded gift card that must alert management of the problem customer. I am happy that we had such a good experience yesterday. I don't know that I'll go back again, but I am open to it. I do know that I'll be using the rest of said gift card at Pappas Bros.
Do you think I need to worry that somebody said Quick Weight Loss Center has a new client in Kobra? I blame the culture we live in today on his eating habits. I do admit, he's sort of a pig.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Should I Be Sad

I just remembered that I have the perfect Easter outfit (as in shirt) for Squirt. The only problem is that it doesn't match (color wise) what the rest of the boys will be wearing. I told him this and asked if he wanted to match his younger brothers. He said no! I assured him that was fine, but reminded him that I won't be making the same concessions for him at Christmas. He rolled his eyes at me! How I long for the days when he wanted to match his brothers. I guess I would be more worried if he wanted to match at age 15.

Crazy Lady

During Super Saints yesterday, I heard this really loud sound. At first, we thought it was the baby crying, then we heard Lola barking. Lance went outside to check it out and found out it was just our neighbor screaming at our dog. Not yelling at her to be quiet, but crazy, psycho screaming at her. Honestly, I think her screaming is what made Lola start barking.

A dog barking gets on my nerves as much as the next person, but this women is over the top. This is now the second time I've heard her screaming at Lola. The first time, Lola started barking at her because the lady was on the other side of the fence. Dogs bark, especially if they are trying to protect the house. I am sure that is what Lola was trying to do. If she wanted Lola to stop barking all she had to do was get away from the fence. Now maybe she was working on the yard near the fence. Fine, I would have put Lola away, until she screamed.

The thing is I can't stand Lola. The only reason she stays is because I don't give away pets, and I don't want kids who are scared of dogs. (Seriously, I hate when kids act all wimpy around dogs.) This crazy neighbor has made me start to like Lola. I guess that is a good thing.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Daybook~ Holy Week

For Today...March 29, 2010

Outside my's dark. Today was a perfect day. The sun was out all day long, but it wasn't hot. I could get used to this weather. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the sun. I plan to do the same all week long.

I am pj's.

I am listening to...nothing. All the boys are in bed. I just finished a great conversation with Jessica. It was nice to actually visit without one of the boys distracting us.

I am praying for...a friend who is having surgery tomorrow, another friend for peace, and my family, most especially me. Does that make me selfish? I think I need it the most right now.

I am thankful best friend and our outings. I love getting together with Marivi. And I love that our kids have so much fun together. Goose is missing his time with the twins this year.

From the kitchen...this is two weeks in a row that I have no menu planned. I need to get moving on that. Plus, I need to plan our meals for the Triduum. I know that I want to make homemade pretzels with the boys on Friday, but that's about it.

On keeping home...I read somewhere that during Holy Week, women cleaned the house from top to bottom Monday through Wednesday so they could focus on the liturgy the rest of the week. This sounds like a great plan, except I already missed today. looks like I will be a cleaning machine for the next two days.

To live the liturgy...Is there a better week than this in the Church? I don't think so. We started yesterday celebrating Palm Sunday. We made hand print palms and hung them up. Today in Super Saints we made a Stations of the Cross box. Inside the box we have a symbol for each station. We also prayed the stations together. We'll focus on the beauty of the Triduum and then celebrate on Easter Sunday. I look forward to Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Vigil Mass with the family. Although, I'm not sure who will be coming with me to Mass on Saturday!

Around the house...Lance and I still haven't tackled the desk. He said he had the whole thing planned out. Not sure what that means, but I am hoping to put this whole desk cleaning thing behind me. I am also going to start looking for those shelves I want soon.

Kobra this a little bully when it comes to food. No surprise considering who his parents are. This kid will scream if you don't feed him fast enough. It's quite obnoxious.

To be fit and happy...I've been feeling really down because my body doesn't look how I want. It's a totally annoying girl thing, and I know it. But that doesn't stop me from wanting the perfectly flat tummy and toned arms. I had this amazing workout this morning, then went and had a burger, then tonight sweet Jessica brought me some candy and a DP. How could I refuse? I'm done with my king size Twix bar and coconut M&M's. Tomorrow, I won't have any sweets, I promise.

One of my favorite things...organizing. I'm so OCD at times, it is annoying. Lance tried to remind me tonight that I'm more than a taskmaster, and he wasn't trying to be nice about it.

I am hoping...that I have a good end of Lent. Just a few more days.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

  • Super Saints, check
  • zoo with twins, check
  • park
  • confession for me again
  • swim lessons
  • buy boys pants for Easter did I miss this?
  • buy Squirt shirt for Easter Sunday...again, how did I miss this?
  • read books to boys, rotate Lent books out and have Easter books ready for Sunday
  • color eggs on Saturday
  • decorate house for Easter on Saturday, this seems late, but there are 50 days of Easter starting this Sunday
  • get baskets ready, which means buy candy
  • bake some sweets for Squirt who gave up sweets for Lent
  • Long Masses Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • relax...please!

A picture thought I am sharing...

At the zoo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How To Train A Dragon

My little Picassos

Look closely and you see BH's writing attempts

Ice Cream after walking so much

Aren't they so cool?!

Perfect Sunday

I should say perfect weekend because we really had the best time. Friday, I had dinner with my brother and his family and then my mom watched the kids while I went out with my best friend. Lance was at Reliant watching the tournament in the best seats! I have to say I was slightly jealous, especially after today's game at Reliant. Saturday, we enjoyed lunch at one of my favorite hamburger joints after the boys had their games and music. I really wish the weather would stay like this forever.

Today, we went to the Bayou City Art Festival. I love art festivals. My parents used to take me to these all the time when I was a kid. I loved the Westheimer Art Festival. (Today's festival is an off-shoot of that festival.) It was the best time. It was in Montrose and there was art, food and drink and loads of fun. Then something happened and they split up the festival. The art moved downtown and the party stayed in Montrose. To say I loved the street festival is an understatement. It was the best party in town. Oh, the memories! And blackmail pictures!

We went to the festival this morning so that we had time to enjoy ourselves before Lance had to go back to Reliant. It's pretty cool watching the kids at a place like this. Everyone has their own taste in art, and they are no different.

After lunch, I took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon while Lance went back to Reliant. They were so cute, and the baby behaved like an angel! BUT, can I complain about paying 32 bucks for a freaking 3-D movie? For one adult and two kids! WTH? And quite frankly, I didn't think it was that good. I guess I couldn't get past the price of the movie.

We finished the night by making hand palms to celebrate Palm Sunday. Overall, a perfect weekend. I hate Mondays!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Madness

The boys are having a blast with March Madness. For whatever reason, the boys picked Butler as their team, (after Texas lost.) Since Butler was playing against Murray State last week, they have been trash talking. They are really excited about the Final Four next weekend. It has been such fun to listen to them learn about basketball and bond together over their new favorite team. I think their understanding of basketball is better than mine. And no, they didn't root for any of the Big 12 teams to win. In fact, both kids got in trouble today for saying that K-State sucks. (I was proud, Lance, not so much.) My guess is that they will root for Baylor tomorrow, but only because Lance will be rooting for Baylor. If I told Baby Hulk that they beat Texas, he would hate Baylor, no exceptions. He's smart like that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bye To The Pity Party?

One of the things on my list this week was to receive the sacrament of Confession. I hate to say it like this, but I guess I can check that one off. Last night, Lance and I went to Confession together. There were twelve different priests to choose from, both face to face or behind the screen. We got there super late, which actually worked in our favor because I only had a few people in front of me. Lance and I don't go to the same priest because I normally go face to face and he goes behind the screen. He always wonders what the heck I say during confession because I seem to take a long time. Last night was no exception.

Here is what I got from the priest last night. And yes, I know that by talking about it or rather him, I already need to get my butt back to confession again, but then, I am always in need of confession. So...I confessed my sins, one of my larger ones being my anger towards God right now. I know it's not right, but it doesn't change my feelings. I am HUMAN, and I feel the need to relish in my failings right now despite knowing I shouldn't think this way. After I was done, the priest began to give counsel, something I was very happy about because often you can leave confession wanting something more from the priest. He told me "things could be much worse, I should hear what he hears in his office." And my favorite, say "good-bye to the pity party." Honestly, I could have gotten that advice from my brother. In fact, now that he knows a priest has told me that he probably feels he has free reign to do so anytime I complain.

I understand to some degree what the priest was saying, but I am not a huge fan of the "things could be worse" line from anyone. I know that, but the fact that something could be worse has never once made me feel better. Not when I was kid hearing about starving children in Africa or now as an adult when people say things like "at least you weren't further along". I get it, life can suck sometimes.

So where am I? Back to Confession again before next week. I was telling a friend that I am sticking with the same priest from now on during Confession, and she agreed that was probably the best thing to do.

I did get something good from last night though. (Actually, my full unloading was very good for me!) I was confessing my not too pretty tongue with regard to my language and gossip. He told me what a shame it would be if that kept me from entering the Kingdom of Heaven one day. I think I did a better job today than yesterday. Now that is something to be happy about!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Daybook~Back To School

For Today...March 23, 2010

Outside my's beautiful outside. The sun is shining and it will be in the 70's soon. I love this weather and plan to take full advantage with the boys.

I am workout shorts and a red t-shirt. Getting ready to go to the gym soon.

I am listening to...BH and Kobra scream at each other. It goes like this...Kobra screams and it upsets BH so much that he starts shaking and screaming. It's kind of funny because Kobra has a smile on his face the entire time.

I am praying friend's son who was bit by a dog. All those in RCIA. AND me.

I am thankful for...last week and the fact that despite my own personal misery, I was able to really enjoy the boys.

From the kitchen...Lance and I were planning the menu and it went nowhere. He's on a diet and nothing sounded good to me. Last night we had chili dogs and tonight I have dinner plans so the kids get something super easy again. I will try and make up for it the rest of the week.

I am creating...plans for next week. Holy Week starts this Sunday and I want it to be special for the kids.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty...I'm having a bad year. It started in August and keeps getting worse. There are pockets of good, but not many. The fact of life is that there are ups and downs, moments to earn Grace. The problem is I don't want the Grace right now. Here's hoping I can open up to start living again.

Around the house...I finally did a good clean and have started on the Lenten cleaning. Lance cleaned out his side of the closet and the blinds are looking really good. I think we're avoiding the desk and baseboards.

One of my favorite things...Scones and Pistachio muffins. I love cranberry orange scones. I need to learn how to bake these because I am going to go broke buying them from Starbucks. I have been eyeing these Pistachio muffins for the past two weeks at the store. I finally broke down and bought a few for yesterday's Super Saints meeting. I thought the green would go with Saint Patrick as a snack for the adults. I ate one before anyone even showed up. The problem is they are the size of a softball. Afterwards, I ate another one.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

  • dinner for Carter and Cindy
  • confession
  • swim lessons
  • doctor appointments for the boys
  • art festival
  • movies for Goose
  • play outside

A picture thought I am sharing...

My handsome boy last week

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I had one more post for today, as if I needed to write anymore. It was going to be about how Squirt and I went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid and loved it. What's even better, he chose me to go to the movie with over Lance. Ha! Then, I walked into his room to find a toy and it was a mess. As I checked out the mess, I saw his glasses. THEY. ARE. BROKEN. AGAIN. And he doesn't even wear his glasses anymore unless his contacts are bothering him, which is never. HOW, I asked, did this happen? Why weren't they put away? How is it that he can break his glasses more than twice a year, every year since he was six? I finally see the good part of the most recent miscarriage : I can have a XANAX. God knows I need one because I am livid. I think he's happy he's at CCE at this point.


My bet, this will be Squirt's FB profile picture soon.

Scenes From A Week

We didn't go out of town this week, but instead relaxed and took it easy. I even took a couple of days off from the gym so we wouldn't be rushed in the morning. We had park time, play dates, the middle boys went to the Rodeo carnival, Squirt got to see a friend who lives on the other side of town and we went to the Arboretum. Just the right amount of fun for the boys. The big boys are still playing, enjoying these last few hours of freedom. They have been outside all afternoon and haven't fussed once. They have really enjoyed their time together this week. I am so sad for them to go back to school. Sigh. Here are a few (okay, a lot!) of pictures from our week. Enjoy, mom and dad.

Painting ladybugs with dad.

Playing with the twins. I love that my boys love my best friend's kids.

Daddy hard at work on our Easter platter

Is that paint in my house twice in one week, Jaclyn?!

Not sure what I am thinking.

Learning about the Trinity

One of four reasons we keep this damn dog!

Enjoying time with mom
And dad

Dad showing off. Notice BH taking the ball from Kobra in the background.


Here it is...the real me. The one that is completely judgemental of others. On Friday, all these people found out that their Lenten obligations were set aside due to the Solemnity of St. Joseph falling on a Friday. The celebration takes precedence over fasting. Yay! I was happy since I was going to Double Daves and that meant I could feast on something other than cheese pizza. BUT, I actually took the time to celebrate St. Joseph last Friday. I have yet to hear any other stories of certain people doing the same. It drives me crazy, like everyone thinking going to Mass on Ash Wednesday is the end all, but then they don't fast that day and they miss every Mass during the Triduum.

Of course, being the judgemental one, I probably need the prayers of St. Joseph more than anyone else. Except maybe Pelosi who referenced the wrong feast day on Friday. Does anyone see Confession in my near future? Yes, me too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Month of Birthdays

I think I need a book of horoscopes. Do Cancers get along with Pisces? They must because I have five birthdays in March of people I love!

It starts with my sister-in-law. Thank goodness I love her because I LOVE my brother. It goes like woman will ever be good enough for my four boys. That line of thinking started with my brother. I am so happy that he has a wife that loves him and is a good mother. It's funny when you look at couples and see the inside jokes they have. You want to know what they are saying, but at the same time, you're happy that they have something just for them. I see this a lot with them.

Then there is Stacy. I have a couple of partners in crime. She is one of them. There are few people who know it all. And even though a lot of my friends think they know it all about me, they don't. But Stacy does. Period. Dear Lord, never let me cross this woman! EVER. And I don't just love her because I've told her all my dark secrets, I love her because we think alike from our love of 90210, bean and cheese nachos and reading good books. She is the only person who gets it when I say "damn, I wish I were your lover." She has been there in person for the good and bad of all of my pregnancies, no matter how busy she might be at work. She finds the time to come hold my hand during the best and worst of moments. And for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you my dear friend for last week.

Then there is Carter. Carter is Terese's man. It started with me and Cindy as friends, then I met Terese, Cindy's best friend. And the three of us started doing dinners, then Carter started joining us. To this day, when we make plans, Cindy calls me and asks if I am inviting Lance. It's not that Lance and Martin aren't welcome, it's just always been the four of us: Carter, Terese, Cindy and me. We joke that Carter has a halo. He listens to girl talk, walks me to my car after our dinners and is just an all around great guy. He is a great listener and loves hearing our stories.

Next is Danielle. I met Danielle in law school. We shared a love of cooking and soaps. Danielle gives me her opinion even when I don't want it, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad. The best part, I can tell that I don't agree with her. Even though I don't get to talk to her often because she works so much, it's like no time has passed when we do talk. I know people always say that, but with her it's true. Despite living in different cities, I've been lucky enough to see her the past two years and will see her next month! I'm Godmom to her daughter which guarantees she is stuck with me for life.

Last is my friend Cindy. I met Cindy at my former job. It's funny that we're such great friends now because we didn't talk for the first two years we worked together. I don't know what got us talking, but once we started, we couldn't stop. No matter what the topic, Cindy and I can chat it up: sports, soaps, gossip, work stuff and so on. I used to Tivo soaps...there, I am the first stay at home mom to admit it: I watched soap operas! And lot of them. And I eat Bon Bons. (BUT, I don't anymore!!!) Lance would always ask if Cindy and I were talking about real people or our stories. Since having Kobra, I have gone weeks without talking to Cindy. We play phone tag, leaving important information on the phone or in an email. It totally stinks because I love talking to her. This week, I had the pleasure of spending two days with her. And we are doing our birthday dinner next Tuesday for her and Carter! Very happy about that!

Happy Birthday to all my Pisces friends. I am blessed by each one of you.

The Feast of St. Joseph

Daddy and all his boys!

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph. And what a great feast to celebrate. When planning Super Saints for the month, I didn't want to miss celebrating this saint. I asked a friend for a suggestion, and she told me to make an altar. She sent pictures from her church which were amazing. Our church doesn't have such a celebration so I found something online where we could make our own altar for this important feast day. Goose colored all the pictures, and Lance and I put everything together for the kids. The boys really liked the history of the altar and wanted to knowwhy certain things were represented on the altar. Quite frankly, it was a great learning experience for me too.

I had each boy take a picture with the altar and say a prayer for their father. I included so many pictures because the three little ones tried to explain different parts of the altar. I love getting confirmation that something is sinking in with them!

We really enjoyed learning about St. Joseph, and I hate to put his books away so soon, but Lent isn't over yet and I am really slipping at this point. I am hoping that if I try to keep my kids focused on Lent, I will become more focused again. We will revisit St. Joseph again in May.

St. Joseph, pray for my husband and our family.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There's a New Zierlein in Town

Congratulations to the newest Mrs. Zierlein! My brother-in-law got married today in Vegas! They landed last night, went to the courthouse for their marriage license and were married by 9 am Vegas time. Mike and Lisa are a great couple. They compliment each other well and are so in love. Lisa has lived in Austin her whole life and is moving to Houston because Mike started a new job here last month. When someone asked her if she minded moving, her only response was that she wanted to be with the man she loved. Lance and I couldn't be happier for these two. Welcome to the family, Lisa! We love you both!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Daybook~ Spring Break

For Today...March 15, 2010

Outside my's cool outside. The weather was perfect all weekend. I am hoping that it stays nice this week. We don't mind the cold, just please, no rain!

I am listening to...Little Einsteins. Goose loves this show. He loves to travel the world with Rocket and company.

I am wearing...burnt orange workout shorts and a black t-shirt. We are getting ready to go to the gym.

I am thankful for...the chance to spend time with my dear friend. Tonja and I clicked from the moment we met at a play group. She find friends wherever she goes, me, not so much. Since our first meeting, we have added two more kids a piece. BH and her second were born two days apart in the same hospital. I love Tonja and her family and so did my husband. This was the couple we could do stuff with...then they moved two months after our sons were born. I hadn't seen her since and quite frankly, since our last kids arrived over a year ago, we haven't spent too much time on the phone. It's like they did us in! Tonja was in town this weekend, and I had her all to myself for almost two hours! It was the best. Of course, I just miss her more, but I am so thankful for the time I did have with her. Lance and I are thinking a Michigan game might be in order for the fall.

I am hoping...that we have a great week. I hope the boys appreciate the time they get to spend together. I know I do.

I am thinking...that I hate the number five. I used to love it, but not anymore.

I am creating...plans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's feast. The boys have been reading nonstop about these two saints and are ready to celebrate!

To live the liturgy...Lent was going good, now it's just going and that's it. Does it count if you blindly go through the motions?

I am buy some new plants for the planters I got for Christmas. I have four empty pots right now! Five, if you count the big one with a dead plant in it!

From the kitchen...I have some ideas for the week, but nothing set. I guess I need to get going on that. I think I had my fill of eating out this weekend. I have given up on trying new meatless meals on Friday. Every Lent I have these grand plans to make new dishes, but end up doing the EXACT. SAME. THING. So, I am not going to try anymore. These are our options and I'm fine with it: quesadillas, eggs and biscuits, pancakes or go find some fried shrimp.

On keeping home...I think it's time for major overhaul.

One of my favorite things...I have four: ages 14, 5, 3 and 1.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • the park
  • get together with the twins
  • the rodeo carnival
  • get together with the Culpeppers
  • Austin
  • St. Patrick's party maybe

A picture thought (or two) I am sharing...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break

The kids are on break from school this week. We're not going out of town, so we're trying to find some fun things we can do together. We have some plans with a couple of friends, but overall, we just want to have a relaxing time together as a family. Baby Hulk loves having his brothers home from school. He really misses them when they are at school. We started off Spring Break by spraying silly string in the yard. Baby Hulk wasn't too fond of the activity, and his screams brought the weird old lady behind us driving around the block to see what all the screaming was about. (She must drive around the block a lot between me and BH.)

This afternoon, (as in we left the house at 3:30 pm) we went to Kemah. I can't say it was the best plan we've ever had, but we still had a blast. Squirt was spending the night out with a friend so he didn't join us. In a way it was good because he wasn't there to let the others know that we really didn't do much. We went without cash figuring we'd find a money machine. We did, but it didn't work. So we walked around and around, trying to figure out what to do. By the time we found cash, we were starving, but most of the restaurants had an hour wait for a table for five. We played a few games, then finally ate at Cadillac Bar. Basically, we drove over an hour to eat an okay meal, play over-priced games and walk around until 8 pm. Oh well, we had a blast just being together, and that is what really counts, right?

I think they were copying Kobra

Watching the seagulls

Feeding the seagulls

Friday, March 12, 2010

Parental Advice

Yesterday, I got an email from my dad thanking me about my efforts not to park in parking garages! I thought that was funny. What is funnier is that I give a lot of the same little tidbits that I received from my parents to Jessica and Chelsea. For example, Jessica is now driving, and her gas is paid for. Therefore, she should NEVER ever run out of gas. When I got my first car with a gas card, the rule was always keep your tank above a 1/4. If my parents got in the car and it was lower, I got grounded. To this day, I have never run out of gas. I'm working hard on this one for Jess! Chelsea is leaving for Spring Break soon, and I can't harp enough about her not going off alone and calling for whatever trouble could happen and so on. Who knew my parents were so smart that one day, I'd be using their lines on other kids?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parking Garages

Don't you hate it when you bust ass to get somewhere and it doesn't quite work out the way you planned? I had to give blood this morning in the med center. I got up early, straightened my hair, put dinner in the crock pot, got the little ones ready, and managed to get out of the house without yelling at anyone. I dropped off the kids and was at the med center by 8:15. I drove straight to the valet parking and NO ONE was there. What the heck? I hate parking garages. My parents have always told me never to park in them so to this day, I don't. I think they are creepy and getting kids in and out of car seats in a dark garage by myself isn't a safe idea. BUT today, I had to do it. So I did, and then promptly went and complained at the front desk. When I left the building, someone had parked so close to me, I had to climb in from the other side. I wanted to complain again because with valet parking that never would have happened.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Early Bird

I know this is a joke coming from me, the person who is always late, but I think there is such a thing as too early. Today I had to pick up Goose from school at 2 pm and there were four cars in the carpool lane already. By the time I got him out of class about ten minutes later, there were ten more cars in line. WTF? Don't these people have something better to do than wait fifty minutes to an hour in the carpool line? The kids get out of school at 3 pm. This is just DUMB to me.

And no, I am never late picking up my Goose. After having him gone all day long, I don't want to waste one single minute with him. I am waiting for him as he walks out of the building at 3 pm, and I don't have to get there an hour early to be waiting for him.

Writing Skills

BH has been asking how to spell things lately. A sure sign of his brilliance to me! Finally, Lance decided he needed to attempt to write his name. I was so excited because he practiced with his finger first and seemed to know what to do. I was certain I'd be able to read his first attempt at writing his name. And I could. It was typical for a three year old, and I was so proud. UNTIL I realized that he wrote it with his right hand and not his left hand. I'm a lefty, as is my brother and friend Stacy, two of my favorite people. I want a left handed kid, I can't explain it, but I do. It must be a left handed person thing. Of all our kids, BH has shown from the beginning that he was going to be a lefty: eating, throwing, grabbing with his left hand. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this. How could I have been so wrong about this?

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Daybook~ Giving Up Winter

For Today...March 8, 2010

Outside my's Monday and we have Super Saints, so of course, it is raining.

I am listening to...the baby babble and BH scream and fuss. That is what he does. Don't ask why. Right now, I don't even care, I just wish he would stop.

I am yoga pants, a black workout top and a longhorn fleece. Getting ready to run to the gym.

I am thankful for...a husband who called me this morning to pray with him before I started my day. What an incredible man! Thank you, God for this amazing gift. Help me to be more appreciative of him.

I am praying...that I don't kill BH today. He freaked out last night because I wouldn't let him sleep in my room/bed and continued to scream and cry for almost an hour at 3 am. Won't you pray for his safety too?

From the menu planned yet. I have to get working on that! I am thinking roast tonight though. That's a start.

To be fit and getting ready to go to the gym. Workouts make me happy. Desserts make me happy too. Maybe I'll splurge this week.

Super Saints this week...St Joseph altars. I am really excited about preparing an altar so we are ready to celebrate next week.

On keeping home...Lenten cleaning...desk and baseboards will get done!

Towards Rhythm and beauty...there is a rhythm that goes like sleep at night and are up during the day. You sleep in your own room. I will be happy when my kids who all slept through the night within three months follow this rhythm again.

One of my favorite things...movies. I saw so many movies last week. It reminds me of dating Lance. We loved going to the movies. I think I'll start watching movies as they come out rather than waiting until the end of the year and rushing.

I am thinking...what the eff is wrong with the Academy that would give Sandra Bullock an Oscar over Meryl Streep? It makes no sense at all. BH picked a bad day to keep me up all night.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • Super Saints
  • doctor visits
  • Stacy's birthday
  • Maria's birthday
  • relax

A picture thought I am sharing...

my T-ball boy

what a difference a week makes

92 push-ups in two minutes