Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Week in Review

1. Today is Squirt's birthday! To celebrate we went to Double Dave's with the family. Here is a picture of our favorite dessert, the chocolate chip pizza. The manager couldn't believe we ate the whole thing.

2. Look who is standing:

3. Friday was my dad's birthday. We went to Pappasito's with the young kids while Lance and Squirt went to the 8th grade graduation banquet. My poor dad had to wear a sombrero while the waiters sang to him. If anyone knows my dad, this is SO not him, but he was a good sport since the boys were with him.

4. The Rockets won their game on Thursday, and we were so hopeful about today's game. So hopeful that the whole family wore red today. Then reality set in and the kids ran away because dad was scaring them.

5. Baby Hulk has now decided that he can pick up Kobra just like the rest of us. The only problem is that he picks him up by his neck. I just informed Squirt, and he is so angry about this. Squirt is so protective of his younger brothers and people picking them up. He gets really uptight about it so much so that he pulls me aside to discuss the situation with me. And when I use the word situation, I am not exaggerating.

6. Goose and Baby Hulk were playing together, and I could hear Goose being really bossy with the Hulk. Soon Baby Hulk was crying, and I asked Goose what happened. He paused and I reminded him to tell the truth. He said, "fine, but are you going to yell at me?" I promise I am working on the yelling thing.

7. Baby Hulk's cute new move is to yell "mama, mama"when I'm talking to someone. Once I turn to him, he says, "I love you!" He's a smart one.

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