Friday, March 4, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

Well, we finally broke down. After all the babies and storing excess breast milk in freezers all over the city of Houston, we purchased a freezer. Just what I always spend $700 on a freezer after all our recent medical bills (right now totaling a mere $6000, and counting since we are still waiting on Squirt's second surgery bill and doctor bill. Kids are expensive!)

While I know having a huge stand alone freezer is going to come in handy once the Baby Hulk and No David start really eating, I hated breaking down and buying the freezer right now. But it was a necessary purchase. I already have milk stored in my neighbor's freezer and was about to start making the drive to Kingwood when both my parents informed me that they didn't trust any of the three freezers I have used in the past to store milk.

So with our freezer on the fridge/freezer combo in the kitchen completely full by Saturday, Lance finally went to Conn's. Then came the news that it would not arrive until Thursday. FABULOUS. Can you say pump and dump? Cause that's exactly what I had to do every day. At least 30 ounces went down the drain every day starting Sunday.

And I didn't even get to get drunk or take Xanax during this time because, well, I had to take care of five kids and being hungover just wouldn't have worked. So I have dumped my milk from all week long. And I'm kind of sad about that.

I have now stored 38 bags of milk, which takes up the entire top shelf of new freezer. Once this freezer fills up, I'm selling my milk. YUP. That's right. Not donating, selling. If I donate, they turn around and sell it, so why not me? Yes, I know the milk banks have to runs tests and such, but guess what? I have to pay for the pump, I have to pay to store it and it's my freaking time and I have five kids to put through college. Wouldn't that be awesome to actually pay for college by selling breast milk? I've checked it sells for up to $3 per ounce. Of course, to make that money, I think you have to sell to the fetish guys who like breast milk. I talked to Lance, and we both agreed that if it comes down to selling excess milk, we have standards. We're not selling to freaks.

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