Saturday, July 25, 2009

Catch Up

My mom sent me an email yesterday telling me very sweetly that I haven't posted anything lately. So for you mom...I love you!

I turned 29 39 this week. Squirt has been teasing me for the past several years that I am only 29. I guess I am starting to believe it. My husband made the day very special for me. Not only did he manage to surprise me with some great gifts, he hung up a banner and pictures of me and the boys all over the house before I woke up. He and the boys bought charms for my bracelet. The beautiful girl next door who is part of the family gave me the house charm telling me that she picked that charm because our home is like her second home. I also received a diamond L to wear around my neck from Lance. I have been asking for this gift for some time. How could Lance refuse me since I will wear it in honor of him and our love?

Lance bought an Italian Cream Cake from Empire Cafe for me. Italian Cream Cake is my favorite cake in the world. I'm not sure my kids liked it, but that's okay. I have managed to eat all but four pieces. I'm not sure I should be proud of that fact.
We spent my actual birthday with the kids and then on Thursday, Lance and I celebrated by ourselves. We had an amazing dinner at Flemings Steakhouse thanks to Maeve and James. James is a huge fan of Lance's show as evidenced by the dessert picture. Afterwards, we went to Cirque du Soliel and saw Saltimbanco. All this with a limo too. The night couldn't have been better. Thanks, Baby!
This week I purchased the Discover America State by State series. These are alphabet books about each state, for example the Texas book is L is for Lone Star. I had already purchased Texas and South Carolina for Goose, then decided I had to purchase every other state he has visited all in the name of our homeschool. (Never mind the fact that he might be starting school the regular way soon). I sent several emails to Sarah discussing these books, and in the end we both spent more than $150 buying books that afternoon. These books are great and my only complaint is that the Oklahoma book mentions football and the Sooners and the Texas book fails to mention the Texas Longhorns. Anybody else see something wrong with that omission?

I have a massive poison ivy rash that is driving me crazy. I came home from vacation with it and it only seems to be getting worse. I am now trying to use whole milk to help with the itching. I have a huge outbreak on my neck, and it looks awful. Please, please go away.

Baby Hulk had pink eye this week. Poor kid. All he heard this week was "don't touch" over and over. He was so good about getting his eye drops, well, mostly. It cleared up and nobody else in the house caught it. Yet.

My husband started a new show this week for Foodies called Southbound Food. The show airs at 6pm Saturdays on 1560 am. Bryan Caswell of Reef co-hosts the show and it is a great show. They give great information, but the show isn't boring or snotty. They plan to have some of Houston's best chefs as guests of the show. I guess Lance and I will have to try out new restaurants so he is fully prepared for the show. I think this would be considered a perk.

Just in case somebody kicks you while at the circus: Goose wore his shin guards to the circus last night.
One of my dearest friends in the world had a baby boy on June 26, 2009. Everett is so handsome and makes me want another baby right now. Stacy is one of my best friends for many reasons, but mostly because she knows all my secrets! Congratulations Stacy and Charles!

I think that's it for now...everyone is waking up from their naps.

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