Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Daybook~July 28, 2009

Outside My Window~ Sunny and Humid. I can't complain though because we are finally getting the rain we have so desperately needed.

I am listening to~Quiet. Two boys are sleeping, two are playing quietly and my hubby is working. I should be reading my new book.

To Live the Liturgy~Super Saints this Friday. The boys continue to love our group and have already asked me when their friends are coming over. We have been reading about St Ann this week too.

To Be Fit and Happy~ I have decided I need to change up my workout routines. I need something different with my cardio. I am not a huge fan of change, but I don't feel like my workouts are doing anything for me.

I am thankful for~ my husband. He is the best person I know and always wants the best for me and our family. I love that he cares so much about us.

From the kitchen~ We have a menu planned for the week. The goal is to stick to it! I am trying to make sure we have lots of fruit. My favorite fruits are in season, and I want to take advantage of it.

I am wearing~blue shorts, a green top and crocs, so not exciting.

I am thinking~ that poison ivy sucks. My entire body itches and it is driving me insane. So much for whole milk doing the trick.

From the learning rooms~ Classical Music: I am so excited about this. I have been trying to implement music into our lessons all year. While ordering some gifts for Goose on Amazon, I found some books on introducing the Orchestra to kids. I ordered three books, even though one was more than enough. We started last week, and it didn't seem like he was really interested in it. Yesterday, we listened to Carnival of the Animals, and again, it didn't seem like Goose was interested. But today, during lunch he wanted to listen to the music again and told Baby Hulk all about the music, which animals were represented in the music, etc. We have also been immersed in all things Texas and Magic Tree House this week. We are also starting vocabulary lists. Do I have to send him to school???

I am praying~ for patience. I really need to work on this, BADLY.

On keeping home~ tomorrow is my cleaning day. The house is what most people consider clean, but I need to really scrub and dust. I love dusting!

One of my favorite things~ the sound of my sons playing together.

A picture thought I am sharing~

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