Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Hate Too Strong a Word?

It all started in January when the Pittsburgh Steelers won their division and were on their way to the Superbowl. My father-in-law coaches for the Steelers so Lance and I were on our way to Tampa. I had a list of things to get ready for that weekend starting with a haircut. Just a trim, right above the shoulders. I still remember my hair right below my shoulders when I went in for a cut. That was almost six months ago. Now my hair is at my chin. The witch who cut my hair was crying when she came out for my appointment. I didn't think anything of it, I didn't think I was about to set in motion a punishment that would last a year. The witch cut my hair to my chin and it was so uneven that it was noticeable to everyone. I started hyperventilating, pulling at my hair trying to make it longer, trying to put it in a ponytail- impossible. Then I called the Salon and started bitching. I called weekly for a month demanding the lady get fired. I had to pay another $80 bucks to have somebody try and fix it, only to be told that there were pieces so short that there wasn't much she could do. Short hair was NOT the look I was going for at the Superbowl. I demanded that Lance instruct his family not to say one thing about my hair. Of course, they didn't listen and told me how good it looked. Let me tell you how bad it was...the other day, I went in for a hair trim again and my own father begged me not to cut it so short again. Like I had asked for that haircut. Another friend saw me two months after the haircut and responded that it wasn't so bad. When people talk about your hair, "not so bad" is not what you want to hear.

So why am I writing about this now after all these months? Because after letting my hair grow and finally being able to put most of it into a ponytail, I had to get a trim again to encourage new growth and to try and fix some of the problem spots that had grown long enough to even out. And guess what? I am RIGHT BACK WHERE I STARTED. My husband said it perfectly the other day, "Sandra screwed you for a year, maybe longer." I might start calling that salon again to get her fired for my hair still being this short. My new hairdresser tried to explain that it had to be cut short again to even out all the pieces. (I might add that she explained this AFTER cutting my hair this short again.) That makes sense except I don't want short hair, I would rather have uneven hair than this hair right now. PLUS, I have had two different people check out my hair and tell me that there are still uneven pieces. I want to wear a bag over my head and kill my former hair dresser.

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