Sunday, June 21, 2009

Did Our Parents Feel Like This?

I am so not a fan of Hallmark Holidays EXCEPT when it comes to Mother's Day or Father's Day. I mean really, how can I not like a day dedicated to ME? Anyone who knows me well knows how I feel about my birthday. While most people get over their special day once they hit their 30's or have kids, I still love my birthday. I feel like it's a day all for me and God help those that forget my day or don't do something to make me feel special. Bad, yes, but I'm honest and everyone knows how I feel about this.

Back to Mother's Day and Father's Day...another day that in theory I should love, but in reality it just never works out to be what we expect. I won't get into my Mother's Day this year, but it is enough to say that I understand why some women think that Mother's Day should be a day spent alone. Lance thought I was being incredibly selfish when I muttered that comment this year, until today when he decided that Father's Day might best be spent alone.

We should have known something was wrong when Kobra cried the entire twenty minute ride to church. It was the longest car ride ever with Baby Hulk yelling at the baby to be quiet. Then Lance realized that he left his socks at home, so I took all the boys into church while he went to Walgreens to buy another pair. I didn't think I was doing too bad with the kids until I heard someone behind me say she felt sorry for me. Baby Hulk and Kobra proceeded to fidget and fight over a book for most of Mass. Lance and I took turns standing in the back of the church with the kids. We were having a late lunch so we decided to stop at Costco for samples to hold us over until we met our family. No problems there except it was boiling hot, and the kids were running away from us.

We finally met at Maggiano's at 3:00 for a late lunch with family. We really like this restaurant, and I was prepared with incentives for the kids. Too bad our waiter was so slow that all the treats were gone before our salads arrived. Baby Hulk wouldn't sit still, Kobra was crying in the high chair and Squirt disappeared twice during the meal. To say our stress level was high is an understatement. Of course, this is mostly our fault for taking our kids to a restaurant for more than an hour and a half during nap time, but what could we do? We wanted to spend the afternoon with family and sometimes we get off our schedule. So Lance and I had the pleasure of walking outside in the Houston heat with the kids hoping and praying for the meal to end.

And that's when he said he understood how I felt this year. So what did I do? I told him the same thing he told me in May. Thankfully, my husband is a much better person than me, and he went inside and changed his attitude and finished the meal on a high note. I would have sat and sulked outside, but not him. He is such a good man, he can admit when he is wrong or has gone overboard, and he lets things go. I am so thankful that he does not hold a grudge. He inspires me to be a better person, but most especially a better wife and mother. He has taught me so much as a parent and I am so blessed to celebrate Father's Day with him.

Back at home, Baby Hulk got in trouble for pushing Kobra over and was sent to Goose's room to cool down. He did just that and then peed all over Goose's guitar. ON PURPOSE!

What a day! Thankfully, we have three down and only one more to go...

Happy Father's Day, my love. You are the best father and I am so blessed to be raising these boys with you! I love you!

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