Sunday, June 14, 2009

Red Toenails

Friday night was take 2 of Terese's birthday dinner. Despite still feeling sick, I had a blast. Birthday dinners with Cindy, Terese and Carter are something we all look forward to. Lance accuses us of making up birthdays just so we can spend time together. Since we all have busy lives, sometimes our dinners don't happen until a month or two after said birthday. Lance says if we can't get it together within a week, we should lose out on the dinner, but there is no way any of us would agree to that.

We went to Piatto for dinner and had a great meal starting with the fried asparagus with crab meat. While we always enjoy the food, it's the catching up with each other that we love so much. Before we could post pictures online, we used to share all of our vacation pictures over our meals. I've never known anyone but our group that would willingly look at other people's vacation shots. We share stories of work, kids, politics, family members- the good and the crazy. We talk so much that we are the last people at the restaurant, then we sit in the parking lot talking more.

Cindy and I have both decided we need to start including our men when we get together, but not for birthday dinners. These nights are just for the four of us. Happy Birthday Terese!

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