Monday, June 1, 2009

Rice Music Joke

This morning Baby Hulk and I went to Rice Music Camp. It's a Mommy and Me camp for an hour, and I thought it would be a good way for us to spend time alone. Plus, EVERYONE raves about the camp and the director. I had been encouraged to take Baby Hulk to camp to get "face time" with the director so that I could make the cut for classes in the fall.

During roll call, the director learned each child's name immediately so I was slightly impressed. She then called all mommies out and gave us a check mark for being present. Next it was dads- check, then grandmothers- check. Grandfathers...big pause. There happened to be an older man in the room who was NOT a grandfather. Oops. How do you politely say you look old enough to be a grandfather? Caretakers- check. The director then looked at these two ladies with twins and said "are you two mommies?" The nanny explained who she was without realizing the implication of the question. Finally, it clicked in and the nanny was embarrassed. The director said something about being up with the times. The director next turned to me and asked if I was a Mommy or Nanny. Anyway who knows me can imagine how happy I was. I guess since I'm Mexican and my child looks like a porcelain doll, I must be the nanny. Who is this lady that I needed face time with?

Just Saturday Lance and I were talking about how we don't think anything about him being white and me being Mexican. Are we in the minority?

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