Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Food Wars

Last night, Lance made pork chops and rice for dinner. Everyone was happy except Goose who doesn't like rice. Because you know, he has had so much rice in his five years of life. As in he has NEVER had any rice since I stopped feeding him rice cereal. Lance made him put one bite of rice in his mouth because we have a rule that you have to try everything on your plate. (Such mean, unreasonable parents.) Goose proceeded to cry and leave the rice in his mouth for more than ten minutes. Frustrated, pissed, and furious, I finally sent him to bed vowing that he would eat the rice for breakfast. Has anyone else used this move before?

I was calm for nine of the ten minutes last night, then finally lost it on minute ten. I really don't mind if Goose eats peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch, but he has to eat what we make for dinner. We went through this same thing earlier this week when I tried to hide broccoli in his spaghetti sauce. He finally ate his food that night after everyone else was done and liked it. I reminded him of that experience during his fit last night, but nothing worked.

This morning, he had rice and pork chops for breakfast and loved it. No fussing at all.

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  1. Alec has filed this away and will eventually use it against you at some point in his life.