Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Daybook- A Fresh Start

For Today~ September 22, 2009

Outside my window...It is raining so hard. This morning, my umbrella almost flew over when I had to walk Goose into school. I always walk him into school, but this morning, I admit that I tried to just drop him off in the carpool line. He would have none of that! Makes me very happy! Thankfully, it stopped raining when I dropped off Squirt for his short little walk into school, but by the time we made it to Mass, it was pouring again. We were soaked getting into the church even with an umbrella. Extra Grace for us, right?

I am thinking...about how funny my three year old boy is. Yesterday, when he received his blessing during Communion, he asked the priest if he wanted to see his tattoo.

I thankful for...the opportunity to start over each day, the forgiveness of our Lord, the chance to get it right and make up for all my failings.

I am wearing...a green shirt and black shorts, (yes, workout clothes!)

To be fit and happy...I am really enjoying my new cardio classes. Now if I could stop the daily sweets, but they do make me happy!

From the kitchen...meatball subs and salad tonight, mustard coated chicken, asparagus and mashed potatoes tomorrow, then brats and burgers, Chinese fried rice and steaks. All set until Friday, then Saturday we'll go to a friend's house for lunch and a tailgate for dinner. I love having my meals planned for the week.

I am creating...plans for Super Saints and a fun alphabet study for Baby Hulk.

I am listening to...Baby Hulk slyly try to avoid nap time. He has now "snuck" out of his crib twice. He is acting oh so innocent while playing his recorder, thereby keeping the baby from sleeping.

One of my favorite things...reading with my boys. I love how much my boys love to read. Even Squirt likes it, although he doesn't like to be told when to read! Just yesterday, he gave me a short story to read that he read in class. He doesn't do that with his father. This is something we share together, and I love it. Baby Hulk just got a reprieve on nap time by asking for a story.

On keeping home...It's time to go through and change out clothes. I really don't like this chore, but with so many boys, there are a ton of hand me downs. Although Kobra being at the bottom will get new clothes this year as I am so sick of certain outfits.

Living the liturgical year at home...I love that Super Saints has encouraged me to really look at the Church calendar and see what feast day we are celebrating. Although we focus on one Saint in Super Saints each week, at home, we try to read about a new Saint daily. We don't always accomplish this, but we are getting there. If nothing else, I catch the boys reading about the Saints they have learned about and that shows me that something is sinking in about the Saints. Our focus this week is on the Arch Angels and Guardian Angels- this way we'll be ready to celebrate their feast days next week.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • swim lessons
  • waiting for our new china cabinet to arrive on Thursday!!!
  • confession, boy do I need it
  • Bible study with the mom's group

A picture thought I am sharing...


  1. Super Saints sounds like a terrific idea. Are your kids old enough to get something out of that program? It doesn't go over their head?

  2. It is a great program. I do believe that Goose and the Hulk are getting something out of it. I haven't posted about the last two weeks, (but will soon), but we went over the Exaltation of the Cross and St Helena. Just this morning, Hulk was asking about Helena finding the True Cross. Do they understand the implications of Helena and Christianity? No, but they get that she was searching for the Cross and how devoted she was. The main thing I want for the kids at this age is for them to understand love of Christ and people serving others like the Saints. I am so excited about this program and so are the kids. Each year, we will go in deeper and learn more.