Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I Can Learn From My 14 Year Old

This morning started out great, then went downhill fast. I feel like we are always rushing in the morning. I'm not the timeliest person, but I do get my kids to school on time. (On time, but NOT EARLY.) I don't want that to change so every second in the morning counts. I was feeling so good about things this morning until Goose and Baby Hulk started fighting over who got to take out the toothbrushes. It ended with both kids crying after Goose slammed Hulk's fingers in the drawer. After these two calmed down, they started again because Hulk wouldn't help Goose carry his lunch box. During this time, the baby was screaming because he doesn't want to use a sippy cup. Frustrated with the others, I decided to get mad at Squirt too for something really small. As I stewed all the way to drop off Goose, Squirt kept quiet. I kept thinking about how he must think I'm such a bitch. If it had been me, I would have jumped out of the car as soon as I got to school. But not Squirt. He doesn't hold a grudge. When I dropped him off, he turned to me and said "I love you, I hope your day gets better, Mom." Then he got out and waited for our morning ritual of me rolling down the window and shouting "I love you" in front of all his friends. He still lets me do that despite the fact that it is so not cool to have Mom shouting at you from her car.

I'm calm now and am so thankful for a son who is loving and forgiving to me when I am so imperfect. He is such an example of how I should be with him.

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  1. What a loving child. We are the examples but sometimes God gives us examples through our children. You have a beautiful family.