Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smiling Jack

The one thing I wanted when we went on summer vacation was a family picture. I had the perfect outfits planned for the picture and the perfect person to take the picture. My friend Sarah was willing to take hundreds of pictures if that is what it took to make me happy. Well, we didn't get one family shot this summer. The one time we tried, Squirt refused to smile. It might be a cross between being a teen and thinking family shots are dorky, but it is mostly the fact that he hates his teeth. He needs braces and is getting them this year, but until then I just want a smile and not a smirk for family shots. I was so annoyed and totally jealous that Sarah's family seemed to take perfect photos every time someone snapped a camera.

The way family pictures go is for me to get everyone stressed and uptight for the photo and for dad to threaten everyone to smile so that mom is happy. Really makes for a Kodak moment. Two weeks ago we used the timer and took several great shots with everyone looking at the camera. It was not without fussing or eye rolling, but I was still happy that we were making progress. All but one child was looking and smiling at the camera.

Today at Baby Hulk's birthday party, I had my sister-in-law take some shots of us. I said one thing to Squirt beforehand about smiling, and God must have been smiling down on my family. I have five shots to choose from and Squirt is smiling as big as he can in each shot. FINALLY! (And yes, I told him how happy I was with his smiles today!)

We only have five of six looking at the camera, but with three of four kids five and under, I think we're doing pretty good! CHEESE!

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  1. Great picture! I can't believe how big the boys are getting!