Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What More Can Happen

Monday a glass bottle broke as I was trying to get out the door. I stayed calm.

Tuesday, we discovered the dog was gone as we were trying to leave. We finally had to leave to get the kids the school. We last saw her in front of psycho lady's house.

This morning, some guy hit me with his Honda accord. No damage to my car, some to his. Happened a block away from school, major language problems.


  1. Wait, did the dog come home?

  2. nicole i wish i could "like" your comments on here. my dad told me he saw lola in your drive way! and i saw drake chasing after her as i was leaving. i cant belive she went into the crazy ladies yard! im actually surprised she made it home alive... has the crazy lady done anything lately?

  3. She was waiting for me when I got home, then immediately took off again. And started going through someone's garbage. Everyone on the street is going to hate us. She now barks more than I yell, which is saying a lot.

    We just hear the crazy lady grumbling a lot, but I am worried about her spraying the boys when they get too loud!

  4. we wont hate you!:)
    oh my goodness, she's crazy, but im sure she isnt THAT crazy!
    (at least i hope not!)
    thanks again for taking pics tonight!!