Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Baby Z

Today I caught you staring at me. Just looking so intently at my face as if you were trying to figure me out. I couldn't stop staring right back at you. I want so much not to forget any second of your sweet life. I know how it goes...I will forget lots of the details I so desperately want to hang onto because we will make new memories, you and I together. But I know I will remember how your face looked today. I wanted to capture it for everyone to see, but alas, it is only a picture imprinted on my heart. I love you, my sweet little girl. Mom

PS: you are 4 weeks old tomorrow! I still can't believe you are here.


  1. Nicole-All I can say is I love this blog post. As we have talked about treasure every single moment of Marianna being an infant along with everyday with the boys. Believe me this time with your children being young passes too quickly.
    So Marianna is a month old tomorrow how about somemore pictures?!?!
    I know you have nothing else to do!

  2. Ugh, break my heart. I can't believe my 'baby's is 7 1/2. Everyone told me it would go fast but I didn't listen. Now I wish I had two more. :-(