Tuesday, January 25, 2011

XM Radio Sucks

A few months ago, I wrote about XM Radio and how they steal your money. I was really frustrated, but not too worried about the 305$ that they charged to our credit card without my consent. I had faith that our credit card company would deal with them, and I'd have my money back soon enough.

Isn't there something about only having faith in God? Well, I'm not sure even God could get money back from the POS known as XM Radio. Today, I received a letter from our credit card company informing me that while they will still fight for us, they have yet to resolve this matter. XM has sent in information stating that we never cancelled service in the MANY calls we made. What liars. How do they train these people. Never once did I tell them I wanted to continue service. It didn't even work in my car! In fact, I was more than clear that if using their service would save my life, I would rather die. Lance was clear. But it doesn't matter because we are still effed. (Do I really have to start curbing my cussing just because Squirt has finally figured out that I have a blog? Shouldn't he be learning in school rather than reading my blog there?!)

With Lance gone, I was sure Baby Z's constant need to be held or No David's constant need for food would do me in. Nope, it's a letter that has taken me over the edge. I have to rethink strategy. They will not get my money. And while I am at it, I will try and get anyone I can to cancel their service too.


  1. I am also dealing with Sirius/XM's dishonesty. I called today to cancel my service at the end of my current subscription (5-26-11) and was offered a 3 month "free trial" of XM everything that was supposedly good until 8-26-11. Upon reviewing my online account they have it completely screwed up and charged me for the XM Everything for the duration of my existing subscription only to then credit me the 3 months of the service which simply put me right back to my subscription ending 5-26-11. What a total bunch of crap!! I will be keeping an eye on my account & will begin calling to cancel long before I start incurring charges. This should be an interesting ride..

    Thank you for listening....Andy in Pennsylvania.

  2. I've been dealing with XM for four days what a joke of a company. Tell all the people you don't like to buy stock in XM. Because the stealing will have to stop on day . You can only stop XM by phone an there phone system sucks big time .

  3. I have been dealing with their insane billing system and have been on the phone with them over a dozen times without any success. Finally I turned off all of my radio's and still get bills from them.

  4. I see I'm not the only one who has had XM radio issues. I got a XM radio for a gift but I have never put in my car nor used it. I get a bill the other day saying I owe 50$ and my bill will be refered to a collection agency if I dont pay it. After several phone calls and A LOT of fustration I got the bill removed. I was temped to put the radio in my car but after talking with and dealing with their customer service I will NEVER use this company.

  5. I to have had the displeasure of dealing with their customer service. I will pay the early cancellation. Fee and be done with them. Renew your credit and debit card so they can no longer charge to them. Send them a money order and keep them from being able to get to your accounts. Otherwise, they will continue to abuse them. Let's keep up the fight to get rid of these jerks.