Thursday, January 6, 2011

Donuts versus King Cake

Today is the actual Feast of the Epiphany. I managed to make a super simple version of a King cake. And by simple, I mean I opened a can of Cinnamon rolls and shaped them into a circle, frosted it, then put colored sugar on it. It tasted good, looked decent except the purple sugar turned out black.

I was pretty excited to share this with the kids tonight until Goose decided he wanted a donut. When I turned him down, he decided he was going to pout to get his way and when that didn't work, he didn't talk to me while driving home from the store. He told me he didn't want my cake, didn't like it, refused to remember what it was and so on. He continued sulking and proceeded to hit the Baby Hulk in the face when he dared to enter the playroom. What nerve.

He was finally able to leave the room and once he saw the King Cake, he realized that he did indeed like it and told me that he would have a piece. When I told him he wouldn't have a piece, he decided tears were in order. He gave a good effort, but in the end, he will have his piece tomorrow. I think he's over being mad at me, but I haven't checked to see if he turned his pictures of me in his room around. That's what he does to show me who is really boss.

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