Saturday, October 3, 2009


I hate change. This could be the quote that defines my life. How sad is that? What's worse is that my youngest kids seem to be following in my footsteps! Here at Casa Zierlein, we are trying to implement some new changes. No more pacifier for Baby Hulk. No more diapers for the Hulk, and Sippy Cups for Kobra. These changes are not going well so far.

Actually, I am not giving Baby Hulk credit as far as the potty training is going. Especially considering that my form of training for the Hulk is pretty much around MY schedule and not his schedule. A few accidents, but overall, I think he has done pretty well considering that we haven't stayed at home and done the "potty every twenty minutes" thing.

The pacifier is another issue. It's totally our fault that Baby Hulk is still addicted to this thing. We were lazy parents that didn't care if he used the paci. At two, I told him that he could only use the paci to sleep and sometime this summer, I told him he couldn't use it at all anymore. We went cold turkey and after almost two months, he continues to scream every time I put him down for a nap or to bed. You can imagine how easy this makes it for Kobra to sleep since they share a room. As recently as this afternoon, I caught him in Kobra's crib sucking on his paci. And yes, I am allowing Kobra to use a paci. It seems I will never learn!

And my dear my little Kobra...I have been giving him a sippy cup for several months to get him used to it without any success. Finally, this week, I decided he had to start using a sippy cup or he would be the laughing stock of Houston like Suri Cruise for still sporting a bottle at 2 years old. (Okay, maybe nobody snaps photos of me and my child at the park, but this could all change seeing as my hubby was named best sports talk show in Houston! (Again.)) Thus far, Kobra has developed an attitude I didn't know he had. As soon as he sees his sippy cup, he starts shaking his head violently and screaming. If we put it near him, he tosses it. There is no such thing as a leak proof sippy cup no matter what the label claims. I have milk spots all over the floor from his fits of fury. I am worried about dehydration because he is barely drinking at all. But most of all, I am worried about losing my cool. It drives me crazy that he won't even try to drink from any of the 5 different cups we have purchased so far. Not to mention, any of the different style cups we have borrowed from others in our attempt to get him off the bottle. Here's hoping tomorrow brings more success!

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