Wednesday, January 20, 2010

40 Reasons

Today is Lance's birthday. (1/21) It's the big 40. First him, then me in six more months. 40 seems much different today than it did when I was growing up. Not quite so old now, especially since we have such young children. It's often times easy to point out one's faults, and I'm no different than most people. So today, I want to make sure that Lance knows just how much I love and appreciate him. No complaining, I promise. (And believe me, he will tell me if I break this promise today!)

Lance, here are 40 reasons why I love you with my heart and soul. (I so don't usually talk like this. In fact, this entry makes up for all the cards I never give.) Marrying you was the best thing I have ever done in life. Sure having my kids is a very close second, but without you there are no children, there would honestly be no happiness, that is how happy and content I am in our life.

I love you because...
  1. you always make me feel special, and I know I come first with you.
  2. you would rather spend time with me than anyone else.
  3. you always try to surprise me, but can't hold out more than 24 hours.
  4. you bring me fresh flowers about every two weeks.
  5. you are Catholic and a practicing one at that. This was such a deal breaker for me. You want our children to have Faith. are not a GSer!!!
  6. you are such a good father.
  7. you read to the children in a British accent.
  8. you don't let me walk all over you. Although sometimes I wish you would! :)
  9. you love your parents.
  10. you love my parents.
  11. you are compassionate to those in need and are teaching our children to see the person in everyone.
  12. you are willing to travel the world with me and hold my hand at the same time.
  13. you are smarter than me.
  14. you are funny, in a smart way and not a slap stick way.
  15. you are sexy, esp while playing Golden Tee and Gallop Racer...remember when.
  16. you are willing to provide for us and sacrifice so I can stay home with our children.
  17. you do homework with Squirt because I don't have the patience.
  18. you are willing to step in when I lose my patience no matter how annoyed I might get at you.
  19. you help with Super Saints every week from making copies, to running to the store, to making a craft to allowing us to host this club at our home.
  20. you love Pop Culture.
  21. you are a top chef.
  22. you are willing to try new restaurants,
  23. but aren't too trendy to forget the best place in town...Pappasitos.
  24. you love desserts as much as I do.
  25. you are in no way a user, no matter how handy it could come in for us at times.
  26. you never hold a grudge.
  27. you are not too proud to apologize to me or our children when you are wrong or lose your temper.
  28. we mostly think alike.
  29. you love movies even more than me. I know I never watch them with you anymore, but I do love this about you.
  30. you like to window shop with me.
  31. you take good care of me when I'm sick.
  32. you give great massages.
  33. you are not afraid to tell me what you are thinking no matter how inopportune the time might be.
  34. you love Paul and Brian.
  35. you gave me four amazing children. One more, right?
  36. you miss Lola and Lila and the others and you're not afraid to tell me.
  37. I can count on you always.
  38. you think I'm pretty.
  39. you taught me how to forgive.
  40. you chose me to spend your life with and raise a family together.
  41. and one to grow pull me aside to pray with me during the day.

I feel honored to be your wife, Lance. You are the best person I know. I hope everyone feels this way about their spouses. I am certain, at times, I don't deserve you, but thankfully, you look past all of that. And for that I am grateful. I can share anything with you: my hopes and dreams, my fears, my disappointments, my faith, and my life. I am yours forever. I love you! Nicole


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  2. You are the best wife in the world. I sure am lucky! I love you and I'm glad I get to spend my life with you too.