Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick House

I had such grand plans for the week, and four cancelled play dates later, I am thinking about what could have been a great week. Goose was sick on Sunday, but it seemed like he would be at school by Monday morning. He ended up missing all but Thursday, which meant we missed our picnic in the park on Monday, a play date Tuesday and swim lessons on Wednesday. By Thursday, Baby Hulk was sick so we cancelled our date with the twins for today.

It's Friday evening and Lance is at the Rockets game, and I'm stuck at home with what is now three sick kids. One who won't fall asleep. Thankfully, Squirt has managed to stay healthy. Goose has been sleeping since 2 pm. I'm hoping this doesn't mean he will wake up in the middle of the night ready to do something. I'll admit it now, if he comes to my room wide awake, I'm giving him the remote control.

I'm a big meanie when it comes to bed times. I'm a huge believer in schedules, and my kids know it. I can't stand the stalling that occurs with Squirt and Baby Hulk at bedtime, and the subsequent crying from the Hulk when I won't stay in his room. But when the kids are sick, I'm completely different. It doesn't seem so bad to lay down until they fall asleep or let them come to my room to sleep with me. As I reflect on the small changes that occurred with Kobra this week, (turned his car seat around and his climbing on tables), I am more grateful for the chances I have with the little ones to hold them until they fall asleep and read the same stories over and over. I prayed the rosary tonight for healing, but I also prayed in thanksgiving for the opportunities God gave me this week to be a better, more loving mother that doesn't always have to follow the rules. I used to pet Squirt's hair until he fell asleep. I know all too well that these days with the little ones will be over soon enough. It's hard to appreciate these moments when we're woken up in the middle of the night, or when the kids are super whiny, but I am thankful for every opportunity to spend with my kids, especially those in which I can just love on them.

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  1. Yes, I think my favorite time with Kate is in the morning when I crawl in bed with her to wake her up, and she's sweet and groggy. It's the only time she still enough to get close to her.