Saturday, January 16, 2010

District Inspection

For the past several years, Squirt has had it in his head that he is going into the Army. He decided to join JROTC at his high school to see if he might want to participate in ROTC in college. He has worn his uniform each week with such pride. He is even teaching the younger boys some commands. This week he had district inspection during which the head guy (forgive my ignorance of the proper title) came to inspect the entire program. Each cadet had to be dressed perfectly and answer several questions. Friday was the BIG day.

On Wednesday, Squirt couldn't find his belt buckle. He freaked out and couldn't eat that night. Then after he went to bed, he couldn't find his socks either. He was a little happier on Thursday once he realized that he turned in his entire uniform to be cleaned. He had to be at school on Friday at 6:30. I dropped him off, and he didn't seem nervous at all. By the time we arrived for the ceremony, he was nervous. Not too nervous to show off his little brothers, but you could sense some anxiety.

We couldn't hear what questions were asked, but we did hear the main man say "are you sure" more than once. It didn't seem like a good sign to us, and Squirt's face was miserable. It was so sad, and he had to stand at ease, which is pretty close to attention if you ask me, for almost an hour.

Finally, the names were called. Squirt passed his inspection and received the coveted Gold Cord. Lance and I are so proud of our son. If he chooses to continue along this path, I know he'll be a great asset to the Army. We love you and are so proud of you, Squirt.

Showing off little brother

Watching big brother

Intense questioning


The Gold Cord

Colonel David helping with the Gold Cord

Kobra was even interested

Thanks for supporting me twice in one day, Mimi

Proud Parents


  1. Wow he is really looking handsome! You guys should be so proud of him and his commitment. I was wondering when we were going to get something on the oldest since you don't talk about him much.

    Double Rods,


  2. Wow, can't belive how big he is!! Joseph was in ROTC and he really enjoyed it.