Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Golden Globes

I love movies. I used to watch them all the time. I'd go by myself and double bubble. Then I met Lance, who shared the same love of movies, and we would double bubble. Now, when we get a babysitter, I would just rather go somewhere nice and eat. I don't really watch movies at home much either because it's hard for me to concentrate for three hours when I could be doing something else around the house. But the Oscars are coming soon, and if I want to be able to complain about the winners, then I better start watching some movies. I am so behind.

I've learned that I have to watch Avatar. UGH. I could barely stomach Titanic, and now I am forced to watch another James Cameron movie.

Sandra Bullock just won a Golden Globe. I might puke. I am going to have to watch The Blind Side. I'm sure the movie is fine, just not my type of movie. I'm more into movies about Harlem teens getting beaten down by their family.

Did Heather Graham really just go up on stage with her freaking purse?

On a high note, the guys from Dexter won and so did Chloe Sevigny. I so love her character on BIG LOVE.

I have more details to discuss, but I have to discuss the show with my first movie partner, Paul.

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