Tuesday, November 16, 2010

XM Radio=Thieves

I am so freaking over XM radio I could scream. I so want to lose it with the customer service people, but what good does it do when all they have to do is accidentally hang up on you mid-scream. Then you get to wait another ten minutes on hold before actually speaking to yet another moron. Ten minutes on a good day. We bought the Escalade about five months ago and it came with a free trial of XM. We were already planning to transfer the service from our previous vehicle, but something didn't work right in our car. XM said it was the wiring, and since I have yet to find time to take out three car seats and get to the dealership, I had pretty much given up on having XM in my car.

Then the assholes decided to charge my credit card for three years service without my knowledge or consent. WTF? I called and they said it would be taken care of. That was over a month ago. The second time we called, we were told it would be ten business days. Last Thursday, they were going to expedite things so that it would be fixed within twenty-four hours. Of course, during all of these conversations, they tried to throw in several deals to keep our money. Do I have the money back on my credit card? Of course, not!

I am so over it. I love, love, love channels 54 and 47, but no more. I will listen to the same songs over and over from my IPOD before getting XM again.


  1. When you're done with them can you call priceline for me. They booked us in a hotel that shared a parking lot with a strip club and just minutes before we arrived the desk clerk was held up.

    The manager denied everything we told priceline and still haven't gotten our money back.

  2. I can only imagine how helpful priceline was. Don't give up hope though, I do have one friend that managed to get his money back from priceline. Of course, he found hair in the bed. Is that worse than a hold up and strip joint?