Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daybook- The Countdown Begins

Outside My Window~ Sunny and humid, trying to keep my plants alive in this heat.

I am listening to~Baby Hulk and Goose fussing at each other. They are driving their scooters in the house because it is too hot outside. I can't believe I am letting them drive in the house.

To Live the Liturgy~Super Saints this week- We are focusing on St. Lawrence and making food for the needy. We had a great time last week and everyone was happy to be together again.

To Be Fit and Happy~ I have decided I need to change up my workout routines. I need something different with my cardio. I am not a huge fan of change, but I don't feel like my workouts are doing anything for me. Same thing this week.

I am thankful for~ my family. I love them so much!

From the kitchen~ Lance is making me a special meal tomorrow and tonight we're having bread and four kinds of cheese we bought today.

I am wearing~a blue and white skirt with a blue shirt and my diamond L pendant with white shoes! I bought two pairs of white shoes this summer, and Lance hates them both. He keeps reminding me that Labor Day is coming.

I am thinking~ of my grandmother that passed away last December. Today is her birthday. She would have been 99 years old. I love hearing the boys talk about Bisa and how she is in heaven.

From the learning rooms~ just some reading and the regular learning that comes from living.

I am praying~ for my friend Stacy's father who had a triple by-pass this morning.

On keeping home~ I want to always make sure the house is truly a home and that we are always loving and making good memories here. I've got the cleaning thing down, I need to focus on the other a bit. I think this is my goal for life.

One of my favorite things~ food and eating...HEB just opened a new store called Buffalo Market. It's a cross between Central Market and a regular HEB. This place is so crowded right now that there are traffic cops all day long. The parking lot was a nightmare, but it was so worth it.
A Few Plans for the week~ Yesterday I took Squirt and Chelsea to see the Terra Cotta warriors. I also bought my coffee table book while there, on sale!!! I am taking all the boys to see the trains on display from Disney's A Christmas Carol today. We have Super Saints tomorrow and then we'll relax the rest of the week. I have to buy school supplies, but I think I am avoiding that because I don't want school to start.
A picture thought I am sharing~ the boys were so patient on Sunday while we went furniture shopping. Thank goodness for these taxi cabs!

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