Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Super Saints- Saint Lawrence

Super Saints met early this week to discuss St. Lawrence. The kids were way more interested in playing today, but they still managed to color a picture, make holy cards and help with making sack lunches for people in need. Saint Lawrence cared for the sick, poor and abandoned. In an effort to show the children how they can help people, we made a sack lunch to deliver to the homeless that we encounter all too often on the streets of Houston. Each child was able to help in some way, whether dropping chips into a bag or making a sandwich. Each family took a couple of bags to deliver. Hopefully, the children will learn how important it is to help everyone and to treat them with respect.

Saint Lawrence, pray for us and those in need. Help us to be loving and see Christ in everyone we meet. Never let us look at someone with disdain due to their state in life. Help us instead to be loving and caring to everyone.

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