Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Super Saints- Saint John Vianney

Last Friday, Super Saints had another successful week. We discussed Saint John Vianney and the importance of priests. The kids had a beautiful coloring page to complete that some of the parents wanted to do on their own. The kids also made holy cards and thank you cards for our parish priests.
We hear a lot these days about a shortage of vocations and it makes me sad to think that some areas don't have a regular priest and that things will only get worse and that those of us in larger cities will soon feel the effects of this shortage. What can we do? Pray for vocations and talk about vocations with our kids. We all want our kids to be successful, but too often successful means one thing: financial security. We should also want our children to seek God's will in all they do. I hear tons of people say they want their sons to be fathers and not priests. I understand this, but most of all I want God in the lives of my children. I want them to seek His will, not my will. So if they are called to the priesthood or marriage, doctor, lawyer, etc. I only want them to seek God's will first.

Squirt has already told me that he asked God if He wanted him to be a priest and God said no. I am so proud that he even asked.

All my boys love our parish priest, Father Troy Gately. I think a relationship with your priest is vital for encouraging children to be open to a vocation. Father Troy has been there for our marriage, baptisms, confessions, celebrations of First Holy Communion not to mention just being a good priest. I am so thankful for him and hope he is there to celebrate the rest of our sacraments whether they are weddings or ordinations.

Saint John Vianney pray for us and all parish priests. Help us to encourage vocations in our families and support our priests.

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