Monday, August 3, 2009

Ice-Age vs. G-Force

Should there really be a difference to a fourteen year old about which of these movies to see? I don't think so, but MY fourteen year old threw the biggest fit because we picked G-force instead of Ice-Age for our family movie this past weekend. I mean, really, what fourteen year old cares about either of these movies? They are both PG and both received below average ratings, not that ratings had anything to do with his aversion to seeing G-Force. So Squirt doesn't look as ridiculous as I thought he was acting, I will say that he is dying to see Ice-Age because he has seen the other two Ice-Age movies, and he wanted to see this third one. Good reason, just go another day. The little kids had already seen Ice-Age, and I wasn't about to pay movie ticket prices for a movie they had already seen.

My oldest was so upset about this and threw such a fit that he is now without his cell phone, laptop, iron gym, guitar and camera. We had had such a good week, being super patient and enjoyable all around, but when he couldn't suck it up for the two hours total it would take to go to and from the movies and then said the following, "I am fourteen, I should be able to see what I want", well, the week didn't end well.

I was just so disappointed in his behavior, the pouting, the back talk...I'm also disappointed in the grown-ups behavior as well.

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