Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Daybook~ Sick Again

For Today~ November 16, 2009

Outside My Window...It's damp and warm. I haven't checked the weather for the week, but I am hoping that it finally cools down. I would love to put the boys in some winter clothes.

I am listening to...Liz Phair and Tivo beeping in the background. I hate the sound of the fast forward on the Tivo. It drives me crazy.

I am wearing...boxers and a t-shirt.

To be fit and happy...I feel like dirt again! I am so over being sick every other week. I'm off to bed as soon as I finish this entry. Maybe getting more than six hours of sleep will help. I'm working out regardless though! I have great workouts planned all week long so I'm hoping to sweat the sickness out. Does that even work?

I am thankful husband. Today he really pissed me off, and I was so prepared to stay mad at him all day, maybe even tomorrow. Even after he apologized. But something wouldn't let me stay mad at him. I guess it's his example. No matter what I do, he doesn't hold a grudge and I am so blessed to have that lesson. I can't say that I have been so forgiving with other people so I am glad he has taught me how to act.

I am reading...Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime by Ray Guarendi. Lance and I heard him speak this week and bought two of his books in hopes of raising perfect kids. (Yes, in addition to the other books I purchased!) There is no perfect answer to raising children, but this guy offers pretty sound advice and also made me feel like we were doing okay, basically that we're not too strict.

From the kitchen...we haven't planned the menu yet, but it will be healthy and simple. We have one week before Thanksgiving and all the heavy eating that comes with it. Plus, we're leaving town which means eating out a lot. I am hoping to eat really well this week before leaving.

I am thinking...about my friends. I have some friends that I haven't been able to talk to lately, and it makes me so sad. The fourth kid really did me in as far as the phone goes. Besides family, I only talk to Marivi and Paul almost daily. And this week, I only caught both of them twice. One of the reasons for the blog was so I didn't have to keep a list of things to talk about when I was finally able to talk to my friends. I know we all have hectic lives, but I miss talking to them so much.

I am creating...Another blog for Super Saints. I am going to make progress this week, I promise.

To Live the Liturgy...We are focusing on Christ the King this week at Super Saints. The kids continue to love Super Saints and are really learning something. Advent starts soon so I am trying to prepare the children.

I am praying...for peace and patience. I really want to be patient, but then something pisses me off and all my plans go south. This week, I am getting up early and praying before my kids wake up, not while I'm getting them dressed.

On Keeping Home...I was bad this weekend, I never really cleaned the house. Of course, it's neat, but I have to clean really fast tomorrow before Super Saints. As always, I want to create a home for my children. Their home will always be clean and neat, but I want them to have so much more than a clean place to play and sleep. I want them to have memories of a loving home.

One of my favorite things...when people do what I tell them to do! Ha!! Seriously, I do like when Baby Hulk goes to bed without screaming though. Makes me more patient. So really, one of my favorite things....crossing things off a list. I am such a list person it is ridiculous. Tonight, right before The Gap closed, I managed to buy Squirt some pants for Christmas. Usually Lance has this job, and it happens two days before Christmas. I am so psyched about this and so is Lance.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
  • Super Saints
  • The Zoo
  • Shoe Shopping for Squirt and Goose (Christmas Shoes)
  • Making my Christmas card
  • Making blankets for my newest Godson and Kobra
  • Finishing my Christmas shopping
  • getting better
  • going on a date during the day with my hubby! We are going to see two movies this week
A picture thought I am sharing

The Black Plague's first album cover

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  1. Nicole I want to hear about the "near fight" in Church this past weekend! Lance was so funny this morning tatlking about it. I am the same kinda Mom to my boys...NOBODY messes with them if I can help it! All four of em hubby, sons & grandson!