Friday, November 13, 2009

No Talking

My dad's best friend has been inviting him to go on a silent retreat for at least fifteen years. My dad has promised to go a few times, then backed out at the last second. This year he promised to go and try to maintain silence. He was pretty worried about what he would do the entire time. I'll admit it's not easy being on a silent retreat. I'm not as holy as some of the people. As much as I want, I don't have it in me to just sit and pray nonstop in Adoration. I know what a blessing it is, but it doesn't matter. My mind would always wander, and I'd start writing in my journal and not about the retreat. I knew my dad wouldn't be any different, but I'm still glad he went. Some spirituality is better than nothing, right? So far, I have received two text messages from him. I am not responding because it's supposed to be a silent retreat. My brother said he has received several messages as well. My last message was a bit of gossip he received from someone at the retreat. Are they passing notes?

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