Monday, November 9, 2009

When Did Michael's Become The New Walmart?

Ever since I started hosting Super Saints, I have made a weekly trip to Michael's. While there are times that I browse the store, I usually have a specific list and pick up the items immediately. Then I wait in line for at least fifteen minutes. What the heck? It drives me crazy that there is always just one lane open despite the fact that there are always five people waiting in line. I'd boycott the store like we have done with Walmart, but my only other option is Hobby Lobby, a store further away and with the same line problems.

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  1. Hobby Lobby and Michael's have the same strategy to increase sales by PURPOSEFULLY keeping fewer cashiers at checkout. They have profiled their customers and decided that these folks will pick up other items while waiting in line. They are told to keep at least 5 people waiting. If more, they fear people will walk out, like on a Saturday. They would never have a self checkout... its not about staffing issues, its about upsell.