Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Mother

Today we celebrated my mom's birthday. Her birthday was during the week, but she wanted to wait until the weekend to celebrate so all her grandchildren could be with her. Something must change once you have grandchildren because Lance and I would honestly prefer a nice meal alone. I mean, really, who wants kids fussing, crying or fighting on your special day? Certainly not me.

I have the best mother: she's not afraid to give her opinion about anything, to tell me when I'm being a bitch, (although she doesn't use that word), she helps with my kids unless she is sick, and loves good food and movies, things I like. Lance loves her too and misses those days when we used to double bubble and get food. She was a great mother while I was growing up. I can't really describe why except to say that I was always happy to come home from school to see her. I loved her cooking and wish she cooked more often now.

Last winter after my grandmother died, my mother came and stayed with us for about a month. We had the best time while she was here. Lots of wine and desserts. I think we spent at least 60 bucks a week on desserts. I'm not sure we should be proud of that. We spent a lot of time talking and it was great for the kids to be around her. Once she left, we all missed her more than I thought we would.

Thank you mom for being the best mother in the world and the best grandmother to my children. I love you so much!

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