Monday, November 30, 2009

My Daybook~ Giving Up Bath time

For Today- Monday, November 30, 2009

Outside my window...It's chilly. Yay! It was supposed to rain most of the day, but thankfully, it stopped and we were able to enjoy some time outside this afternoon. It should be cold most of this week, so the kids can wear sweaters!

I am listening to...Dexter. I love this show, but this season is giving me the creeps. I can barely stand to watch it without getting too freaked out by John Lithgow. I am like a little kid running in and out of the room.

I am yoga pants and a longhorn fleece.

I am thankful for...the opportunity to spend time with a dear friend who doesn't live in Houston any longer. I met this friend at church five years ago, and we just clicked. She understands me, isn't judgemental, isn't a GSer, but loves the church and totally understands why Lance had the final say on Goose's school. She had a big surprise for me too...she is pregnant with number 5! We had a short visit, but it was so nice to catch up with my friend.

To be fit and happy...After eating nonstop in Pittsburgh, I came home ready to get back on track. I'm not trying to lose weight, just maintain, which can make me pretty obsessive. I took two classes on Saturday, then came home and ate so much food I thought I would get sick. We went to the tailgate on Sunday morning and then tonight I had cake. For the rest of the week, I'm working my ass off and not pigging out!

I am reading...two books right now, plus tons of cooking magazines. I'm looking for new recipes to try. I'm still reading Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime and really enjoying it. I read Sarah Palin's new book, and all I can say is I hope she didn't pay her ghost writer a lot of money because that person did her no favors.

From the kitchen...I planned the menu for the week. I can't say it's totally healthy, but at least we have a plan and there won't be any excuses to eat out.

I am thinking...that I hate bath time. EVERYONE I know loves giving their kids baths. My kids hate it, which makes me hate it. They don't like water running over their faces, so they spend the entire time screaming. At first, I'm patient, but screaming and crying really gets on my nerves and then I don't feel sorry for them anymore, then I get mad, then kids go to bed without books. It's a bad cycle, and I've decided the only way to stop it is for me to stop giving the baths.

To live the liturgy...Advent has started! And while I'm not as ready as I want to be, I have some definite plans and have already started doing things with the children. I have been talking about Advent with my children for a couple of weeks now and today we focused on this during Super Saints. I am glad I decided to hold off decorating for at least the week so that the kids can focus on anticipating Christ.

I am creating...a cool craft for Super Saints next week. I really hope it turns out for the kids.

I am praying...for all of the wonderful priests I know. I really love our parish priest. Our family followed him to our current parish. I am also lucky to have three really good priests at the church closest to our home. We see these priests at daily Mass, and they are so nice to me and my not so quiet children.

On keeping home...I finished the deep clean before putting up all my nativity scenes. I am hoping to create a wonderful place for us to live our faith during Advent and Christmas.

One of my favorite things...taking trips. I love to travel, always have, always will, no matter how much I hate to fly. I am hoping for a trip to LA in early January (just one more game to go), then Chicago in March, then...who knows what. But I am already researching where we might go for Spring Break and/or Summer Vacation. Thankfully, my husband loves to travel too. Just not always with the kiddos!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • Santa pics with the two youngest
  • swim lessons
  • three more gifts
  • buy my Christmas and party outfits
  • make my Christmas card, already bought the paper and printed the cards
  • celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas
  • start planning LZ's birthday
  • check out my new washing machine

A picture thought I am sharing...

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