Friday, November 13, 2009

Showing My Support

Even though I STILL want to homeschool Goose, I am showing my support and doing my best not to be such a bitch to everyone, meaning Lance, about Goose being in school. I don't think I've even mentioned any of my frustrations lately on this blog. Good for me, I'm learning self control. I guess it's about time I learned some lessons in life. Still, I would hate for anyone to think for one second that I am happy about the situation yet. BECAUSE I AM NOT!!!

I purchased a Rogers sweatshirt which means I probably need sweatshirts from Lamar and Memorial soon! (presents children!) Goose is so proud when I wear his sweatshirt.

I also went on a field trip with the school. It was fun except for the tie-dyed t-shirt we were all forced to wear. His teacher wasn't too thrilled about the shirt either. And we had to pay for them. Yesterday, Goose asked if I would go on all his field trips with him. I guess I'm glad to know he misses me and wants me around.

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