Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daybook~ November!

For Today...October 31, 2010

Outside My's dark, and I think or rather hope that nobody rings my bell again. I understand wanting to get that last bit of candy, but seriously, don't ring my bell after 9 pm. Especially on a school night!

I am listening to...the Get Up Kids.

I am wearing...a blue shirt, denim capris and my new St. Gerard medal.

I am grateful for...a little boy who skips, loves football, Snoopy and reading, a husband who insists on taking me on a date, the reminder of my teen years, an eager reader, a little boy who says "mama" in the sweetest voice ever and a girl who still loves my boys enough to tolerate being thought of as a teen mom.

I am thinking...that life just passes by way too quickly. I can't believe another week has come and gone. I wish I could just stop things for a bit.

I am praying...for friends who have suffered losses, patience, and to win the lottery.

From the planned again, but somehow we really fell off the wagon once the actual meal was finished. The desserts are starting to kill me and Lance. Why do we love desserts sooo much?!

From the learning rooms...We're onto E week. We're studying electricity, and the Baby Hulk wants to make colored eggs. I have made a schedule for each week this month, and I'm really excited about what we'll be studying to supplement our time together. Dinosaurs were so awesome, esp ending with our field trip and digging for fossils with Dad today. The Baby Hulk is so proud of himself with his reading and this week we start writing a couple of letters outside of his name.

Around the house...don't hold your breath, but I think we have a paint color. At this point, I don't care, I just want the damn thing painted. That and a new garage!

On living the liturgy...Tomorrow is All Saints Day. Goose already completed his project today. We have friends coming over tomorrow to celebrate with the BH and No David. I found the coolest project for the Day of the Dead. I am hoping to make it and then Tuesday, we plan to list all our deceased family members and pray for them as a family. And of course, we have St. Martin de Porres' feast day this week too. LOVE this sweet saint.

One of my favorite things...finding old friends. I finally contacted an old friend, who I went to my very first concert with...I was laughing out loud as I read his email. Of course, all I did as far as catching up was to send him here. Really nice of me! can you let us down like this???? My son faithfully watches football now, and the first thing he asked today was "who won". He doesn't understand what losing to Baylor and Iowa State means, but he will soon.

A few plans for the week...Braces for Squirt!!! Playdates for the BH and some learning with mom.

Picture thoughts...

Goose with his ever faithful companion, also dressed up. Two streets did this to him!

This picture describes this child perfectly!


  1. That last picture is awesome! I think Im like that now when my coworkers bring in their leftover candy. Because I refuse to buy any, and being in an apt I dont get trick or treaters to buy candy for, thank goodness.

    Paint color chosen?? Whoo hoo! Hopefully that means shelves!

  2. Come by Casa Zierlein and you can have the rest of the candy here. By 7:30 this morning, I had already had four pieces of candy!

    So Lance says today...I think I want the color a bit lighter...UGH. Shelves in a week or so...

  3. Ive been good today...Ive only had one baby ruth so far!

    Haha...just pick the color, hire the painters and get it done one morning, and then say "surprise!" when Lance comes home. ;)

  4. SNACKS!!!! SNACKS!!! Too Funny!!