Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Need for Prayer

Is it bad when the priest offers prayers for you after you leave Mass a couple of minutes early with a screaming child?

I used to go to daily Mass Monday through Friday. Then the Baby Hulk came and let me know that this wasn't going to work with his schedule. He just wasn't quiet ever. I figured he'd grow out of it. He hasn't really. Instead of crying during Mass, he falls to the floor when the priest he likes isn't there. "I don't like this priest!" I told a friend about that, and he said he sometimes feels the same way. And I suppose I do as well. No David is the worst of all. For me to attend Mass at all, I almost have to go into the cry room because he is so loud in general then starts shouting NO if you take a church missal away from him. I try to start in the main chapel, then move to the cry room if the boys get noisy. (And because the Baby Hulk is so vocal about his dislike for daily Mass and certain priests, I have cut my week to just two Masses. That isn't asking a lot considering the grace all of us gain. Like maybe a mom who doesn't scream all day when she has the chance to start her day like that.)

Yesterday was a Mass day. And it was so bad. No David screamed from the start. It was so loud that I had to cover his mouth while getting to the cry room and the priest noticeably started talking louder. Usually he will stop crying in the cry room and start wandering around, something that drives me crazy about cry rooms, but not yesterday. He cried the ENTIRE time we were in there so that I heard nothing at all. The Baby Hulk sat in his pew like an angel waiting for us to get a blessing. No David stopped crying long enough for his blessing, but then as soon as we returned to the pew for what I thought would be three more minutes of Mass, he started screaming again. I just left. I had had it with him and couldn't even wait for the final blessing. I was so flipping mad. Mass is supposed to help not make my day worse. I was so angry at my kid, I couldn't even look at him.

This morning at the gym, I ran into a lady who told me she saw me yesterday at Mass. She then told me how Father had everyone pray for mothers, esp mothers who have four boys and are pregnant that try to go to daily Mass.

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