Thursday, October 28, 2010

Field Trip

Today was Goose's scheduled field trip at school. Since we went to the same place last year, I decided to pull him out so we could take a day together. He wanted to visit the Dinosaur museum and Chili's for lunch. The museum fit perfectly with the Baby Hulk's science for the past two weeks. We had the best day ever. After dropping Squirt off at school, who couldn't skip due to testing, we went to visit Lance at the station. We went to Chili's and Party City in search of costumes. We found something for the baby, but it will literally go into the donation pile next week because it barely fits him now.

Despite the fact that the boys have been to this museum several times, they never get tired of it. We spent a lot of time in the gift shop. So many books we could add to our library. Lance held me and Goose to one book.

The Pendulum at the museum...I have been going here for years and waiting and waiting for one of the pegs to get knocked over. Today was the day!!!

Afterwards we played in Hermann Park until it was time to pick up Squirt.

Tonight, Goose went with me to Mass for expectant moms at our parish church. It was a beautiful mass for me, and Father Troy presented all the pregs with St. Gerard medals to wear. I loved that Goose went with me tonight.

And on the way home from mass, I stopped at Party City and found his costume! Yay for him, bad mom on my part considering it was after 8 pm. But you know what, I loved every second I had with him and for today, that is all that counts.

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