Monday, October 4, 2010

On The Feast of St. Francis

It would appear that the more children I have the less I care about dogs. In fact, at this point in my life, I would be so happy without a dog. There, I said it. I feel horrible about it. I used to fly home with my Casey from law school. She was my carry-on bag and sat under the seat in front of me. Of course, she had to stay with whoever I was staying with during my visit.

What was I thinking? First, anyone who plans to come see me: NEVER bring your dog to my house. While I realize that people put up with me and my dog, I promise, I won't put up with your dog. And if you come with a dog, plan on it staying outside. It doesn't matter how big, small, trained or perfect your dog is, it's NOT coming in my house. Here is my belated "I'M SORRY" to everyone who I forced my sweet, perfect Casey on. (Although really, she was such a sweetie and she was oh so perfect.)

I would like to think that Casey dying had such an effect on me that I can never really love another dog like that again, but that would be a lie. The reality is that I have four kids and a husband who all need a lot of attention and I don't have any leftover attention for pets anymore. Maybe that's bad, I call it honest.

I try to play with Lola (and this weather has made it much easier to do so) and won't get rid of her for two reasons: I don't give pets away and I can't stand kids that are p****** around dogs. If I have a dog, I figure my kids won't be the annoying ones. I do love that No David seems to love Lola as does the Baby Hulk.

In honor of St. Francis, I have made a vet appointment for Lola. I hope she appreciates this. Does this make me a better pet owner?


  1. This is random, and completely off-topic, but did you get your walls painted so you can go get your shelves??

    And you arent a bad pet owner. Those people that treat their animals better than their families FREAK ME OUT. I love animals, but jeez, people come first!

  2. We have yet to pick out a color. Get this...we have three samples, and I told Lance I wanted him to paint three big, like really big, lines on the walls so we could pick a color. I figured the bigger, the better b/c that way we could really see what we liked and we would be more inspired to get moving on this project. He painted three tiny lines in the upper corner of the living room! SO...this weekend, we pick. Then paint. I am dying to get my overpriced IKEA shelves.

    Lance did take Lola to the vet, and she is fine. I feel bad b/c she is now (for the past year) an outside dog, but I just don't have it in me to clean up after yet another person. I'm more than fine with doing this all alone, but I draw the line at having to vacuum dog hair and clean dog slobber on a daily basis!

    And I agree, people really do come first. I have no problem with saving animals, but come on, let's be nice to humans as our starting point.

  3. Haha. That's funny. How are you supposed to pick a color if you cant really see them BIG on the wall?? Good luck choosing!