Monday, October 25, 2010

Daybook~ Really???

For Today...October 25, 2010

Outside my's cloudy. According to the weather calendar the Baby Hulk has been keeping all month, there hasn't been any rain in October. It's supposed to happen this week. (It might have rained over the weekend, while we were gone.)

I am workout clothes. After spin we came home and immediately started school. It is so nice when we finish before lunch. And really, there is no reason we shouldn't finish pre-school in less than two hours, including breaks!

I am listening to...small feet running around the house.

I am grateful for...weekends away with my family. I would be miserable without them.

I am thinking...about this quote from mass: Prayer is like love, you can't live without either. So true, but how to keep the prayer going when it seems stale.

Really????Halloween is Sunday and we have one costume, sort of. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? It's not happening today, so now we have less than a week and nothing.

I am wondering...if some relationships are worth it.

I am praying...for my little baby and that my sinus infection leaves. Having a fever put a definite cramp on my weekend.

From the planned, trying to eat healthy. Of course, there will be pumpkin bread and banana bread before we even get to the candy.

From the learning rooms...last week was a great week. I am more and more convinced of the BH's brilliance! Most of the time! I'm just so happy that he is excited about reading. He isn't great, doesn't recognize words yet, but he sounds out his little books each day without an attitude. For that I am grateful. I might get this teaching thing down. I am trying to convince myself not to buy a math curriculum, but I so want to for him. I am forcing myself to stop at Costco and buy one of the pre-K books they sell. There is nothing wrong with review, right? We're still on Dinosaurs, and we'll end this week with a field trip to the Museum with Goose joining us. Goose is also "studying" Mozart this week.

Really????While every school in the city was having parent teacher conferences over the last couple of weeks, our teacher decided not to say a thing to any of us about scheduling a conference for Friday, the day that was designated for such conferences at our school. WTF??? You only get a conference if your kid isn't doing well, I guess. I have no idea, going straight to the principal on this one.

Around the house...paint color change again. Maybe one day, I'll have a new living room.

One of my favorite big or small. It doesn't matter. I love getting away. Except for the part where the kids don't fall asleep unless all the lights are off. I suppose at some point we're going to have to actually pay for a suite so we have more privacy than when throw all the kids into the shower.

Really????Texas, you lose to Iowa State, really? I hope all of the players and coaches are embarrassed. Yes, I am that kind of person, I don't feel sorry for them at all.

On living the liturgy...getting ready for the Feast of All Saints. I have a neat idea planned that I hope the boys will enjoy.

A few plans for the week...orthodontist consult today, Halloween crafts, field trip with Goose, find costumes, Mass for pregnant moms

A picture thought I am sharing...

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