Friday, October 29, 2010

My Boys

This morning I was telling Squirt about last night's mass and how awesome it was. How moms are so important that God even gave Jesus Mary for a mom rather than have him descend from heaven. Such a nice moment until a black corvette drove up next to us, and I totally lost him. I wanted to say, "dream on".

While I get giddy over Goose reading nonstop and talking about going to reading camp, Lance's proudest moment was this week when Goose wanted to watch football on the drive home Sunday and today when he wanted to watch football on TV.

Today the Baby Hulk and I were making pumpkin bread, and he told me he wanted to learn how to make it for his baby sister. Could he get any sweeter? Now if he could just stop his fits...

And No David...let's see, he hasn't hit anyone this week, made super ugly faces. Okay, really, I have a cute story. The kid LOVES pillow pets. These things are a bigger racket than silly bandz. Every kid wants one and then two, (I will admit they are super soft), and No David is no exception. I bought one for Christmas, which he found. I hid it again only to have him find it again, and Lance gave in and gave it to him.

Correction: No David has taken the time to throw all the magnets off the fridge at me for not giving him piping hot pumpkin bread. Another time for me to think how lucky these kids are that I don't believe in spanking.


  1. Sounds like HatchetMan had a child today that was NOT AT ALL HAPPY! Lemme guess No David? Just listened to podcast cause I missed it earlier! Sounded like our grandson Ethan earlier tonight!
    Hang in there!

  2. I had totally forgotten about that segment! HachetMan was pretty annoyed with me for letting him run around the house screaming. This happened right after he tossed the magnets at me, and I told him to go away.

  3. Sorry, but the magnet part made me freakin crack UP!

  4. That child is going to kill me!!!