Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Promise

I had Lance take at least 50 shots of me so I could post a picture of what 30 weeks looks like on me. Delete, Delete, Delete. I am all belly and boobs. 46 pounds worth to be exact. I can safely say that at least 20 pounds are in my chest. My dear little girl, I promise you this: if you inherit my chest, I will let you have a reduction the first time you ask. I won't make you wait until you are 40 plus years to get one. You can hold me to it. When I say I know the misery you are going through I will be telling you the truth and I won't make you deal with it.


  1. NICOLE-OMG! We just saw you last week for the OLD 97'S concert & you looked AMAZING! Wally said to me "When is their baby due?" Told him & he said "she does not look like you did when you were pregnant!" Then said I remember you being much bigger! THANKS a lot my husband of ALMOST 28 years! JACKASS! Maybe it was not the orange marker on No David's face that got Rhett's attention last week! Post the damn pictures!

  2. Denise, you're too sweet. With the boys I carried the weight EVERYWHERE. It drove me crazy. Now it's completely different, which makes me think it's def. a girl! And you have no idea what Lance said I looked like the other day. Sometimes, you can be a bit too close as a married couple.

  3. I totally agree on the chest. I so want to get mine reduced. If I lose 30 pounds that's how I'm going to reward myself.