Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daybook~Mother Mary

For Today...February 13, 2011

Outside my window...the weather is beautiful. It was so nice today. This afternoon we played outside just because we could. Finally.

I am yoga pants and a shirt I plan to donate really soon. It's featured in the pictures below and I had no idea how unflattering it really is! Also, my Grinch slippers. I think these slippers reflect my mood this past week. Hopefully, my heart will change like the Grinch's did soon.

I am listening to...Cracker.

I am praying...a million Hail Marys. This week has been the hardest as far as parenting goes in a while. I am so tired of saying "tomorrow is another day." I just want today to be the day that I'm a great parent.

I'm also praying...for Squirt's surgery tomorrow. It will hopefully be quick and with an easy recovery, esp since he has work to finish tomorrow night.

I am pondering...the idea of joy and how it relates to my life. I think I have it figured out and how to keep it coming.

From the kitchen...tomorrow we'll have filet and fingerling potatoes with fresh green beans. The rest of the week will be healthy so I can reach my goal. We have a wedding, the Old 97's, (hopefully) a listener event, and Paul and Brian within the next month. So a healthy diet is in order.

To be fit and happy...OMG. While I was gone they changed the spin class and now we watch our RPM's and stuff and I'm ready to DIE. It is killing me and older women are flying and I'm ready to leave the class. I swear, spin was easier 9 months pregnant!! I am hoping spin shoes will make me ride faster, but that is probably wishful thinking! Regardless, I love being back at the gym.

I am reading...Small Steps for Catholic Moms. It's perfect for me as the steps I take as a mom are so very small these days. I finished The Hunger Games series. LOVED IT. Shea, you need to read this now and give it to Will in a year or so.

From the learning rooms...we are SLOWING down quite a bit. The Baby Hulk and I are having some problems lately. I have found that as I've backed off, I catch him reading on his own. We're on N week, for the second week in a row, and talking Nutrition. Very, very limited work.

One of my favorite things...reading with Goose. I can't explain how much I love this. Just sitting on the couch together and reading whatever is around the house.

I am hoping...that this week is a good one. I need a good week, for confidence, to know that I really am a good parent.

I am thankful...Marivi is back home! She's been on vacation for a week, out of the country and we haven't talked at all.

A few plans for the week...celebrate Valentine's Day, swim lessons, a visit to Forbidden Gardens, relax and watch some documentaries with my hubby!

A picture thought or two...

Baby Z is starting to smile! I commented how she doesn't spit up at all, and then today she had reflux and the cute picture of her smiling shows a big wet spot. Nice. But she was smiling so I had to post it. I posted the second picture so Chelsea and Stacy could see how awesome her dress really is since the first shot didn't show that. And lastly, there she is looking at daddy!


  1. Cute baby girl! We seriously struggled with The Sheriff and reflux! It's finally under control. (We think!)

    So is that book at devotional? Reading something daily? Or just a complete read?

  2. Thanks! Hoping the reflux is just a quick bump for her. The boys were so bad that NOBODY would hold them b/c their clothes would get covered in spit up.

    The book is really's a daily reading: quote from a saint, a prayer and action to take. Actions range anywhere from bake cookies for your kids, finger paint, don't say "just a sec" all day to say the rosary, clean out closets. There is a virtue for each month. I have found it to be more helpful to use the prayers a few days at a time rather than one per day for various reasons,but mainly, I forget to read it daily and some are more relevant for my life. Lance likes it as well despite it being a "mom's book".

  3. When can I come see her?!? I just have to hold her. I have Hunger Games on my Nook, which is progress, but haven't started. Any day now.

  4. Did your boys take meds for it? We put Wyatt on prevacid (which we are still on but ready to try to get off--doc says wait until 9 month appt). Jacob isn't a fan of the meds at all but he wasn't gaining weight as a newborn very well because of reflux.

    "tour guide" for my prayer plus something to try to do daily to hold me accountable.

  5. No David was on meds, but it never seemed to work. They weren't miserable, just constantly soaked with spit up. The problem for us with the meds was trying to give it 30 minutes before eating. Once he got the medicine, he was screaming for his bottle!

    Since I wrote this, she has spit up even more. So hoping this ends soon. She does seem a bit fussier than they were with the reflux.

    Shea, get reading! I need to talk to someone besides Squirt about the book.

  6. LOVE the dress and the smile! Oh, and for the record, I held Sebastian at work with my lab coat on-talk about faith! :) Ladybug couldn't be any cuter-even Uncle Big C is under her spell!