Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Difference

And because I wouldn't be me if I didn't just get this off my tongue...but I am over everyone asking if I notice the difference between boys and girls. The answer is yes: she cries ALL. THE. TIME.

Everyone who has both boys and girls kept talking about how much easier a girl would be than my boys. So far, I'm just not feeling that. I have a daughter who refuses to sleep in her bassinet and won't go more than four minutes without crying if you aren't holding her. Where is the sweetness? My mom reminded me that No David cried quite a bit, but this girl has him beat by a long shot. I feel bad because there are times that I just can't hold her or sling her, and she literally cries nonstop. Then you hold her, and she immediately stops.

There has been one difference: she doesn't spit up like the others. That's a positive.


  1. Uh, clearly you didn't ask me. My boy was WAY easier than my girl. She was, and is, a holy terror. Cried all the time as a baby--I even broke my personal vow never to cosleep because she only slept on me. To this day, I have many positive adjectives to describe her--strong, smart, fearless, creative--but I wouldn't use the word 'sweet' or any of its synonyms to describe here.

  2. Those people are full of crap. You know what difference I noticed between my boy and girl? Cash had a penis. Otherwise, Audrey is teaching him to act exactly like she does. Cash actually was an easier baby because he rarely gets sick and Audrey had constant ear infections.

    Audrey has started sleeping with Cash in his room so his transition to a big boy bed has gone pretty well and we have our bed back to ourselves.

  3. Shea, I was the same, we are cosleepers now. I have to get some sleep.

    I know it's early, and I wouldn't be saying anything if people, you know all the ones who thought I would DIE if I had another boy wouldn't stop asking. Of course, I'm happy having my baby girl, but I haven't noticed any huge difference, including how I am bonding with her.

    So lucky about Cash, we had to finally move Goose to Baby Hulk's room last year b/c Goose was having to sleep on the floor just to get BH to sleep. And that was with No David in the room too.

    Maybe they can take care of the baby for me?