Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Professional Eater

I've been worried about No David's eating habits for a while now. The kid eats nonstop. He wakes up asking for a waffle and wants a snack as soon as he walks through the door. Before the baby was born, it was easy to delay the snack because we were at the gym five days a week. But since I couldn't take the baby to the gym until she was six weeks old, we were coming home before 8:30 and No David would walk to the fridge or pantry asking for a snack. Sometimes, he wanted lunch.

Sure, I would try and give him something healthy like fruit, but the kid won't stop. Then he starts crying when I won't give him food. I understand his frustration, at times I feel like crying because I want something sweet. He also tries to take food from his brothers something that doesn't go over well with any of them, which leads to more tears. And while he's not overweight, he has certainly not missed any meals.

And quite frankly, he's hard to be around while I'm trying to lose weight. Since he woke up from his nap, he has had two skittles, two bowls of grapes, fruit chews, popcorn with me, four carrots and he still wants more. The problem is that I've been eating with him this entire time. It would seem he gets his willpower from me.

While writing this entry, he has opened the fridge three times and the pantry twice.

I did find inspiration to stop eating sweets though: Val Kilmer. Seriously, what happened to that guy? And please don't tell me he has some disease that makes his face look like he's been stung by a billion bees. I would have to feel bad.


  1. I think Snacks and Cash are headed for Kobyashi/Joey Chestnut level rivalry.

  2. Think we can make some money off of them?