Monday, February 7, 2011

Stumbling At The Finish Line

I had the best surprise on Friday: No David decided he was ready to be potty trained. I was pretty excited as I've never had a kid who decided on his own to potty train. And I'll admit I'm pretty lazy about the whole thing, waiting until the boys turn three before starting. While I don't like changing diapers, I don't mind it like some do. When people talked about having two in diapers, it didn't matter to me.

Yet the thought of No David on the toilet was a great thing.

We were doing so good, no accidents. On Sunday, we made it to church, through church and home. He was so proud to wear underwear. This morning we dropped the boys off, went to the gym, grocery store and made several stops at the bathroom. At each stop, he was successful.

Then we came home and he has peed twice in the house, not the toilet.

Is it bad that I'm ready to give up and wait until he turns three? I either want him trained or not. Nothing in the middle. Here's hoping this afternoon is better.

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